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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Making a Mole Hill & not a Mountain (hopefully.......................)

 I've finally tackled the earthworks for my Skaven for the siege game at BOYL 2014.

Does it look like an earthworks? Nope.

Is it what Erny wanted? Probably not.

Does it fit the criteria of an entry and exit point for my Clan Snicket? Yes, I think so.

When Erny asked me to make this I wracked my brain to come up with something that would work.

How do I make something that goes down on a flat surface?

Only way I could work out how to do it was to go up first so I worked out I was going to need to build up in order to go down. So it's going to be a bit of a hill, I'm afraid I can't really avoid that but I'm reasoning that Skaven may create something akin to a mole hill anyway (maybe they've got a big Clan Moulder mole digging their the tunnels?).

It's a bit big so I hope it's going to be OK for purpose as it shouldn't take up the whole battlefield =(

So, here's it is unpainted:

It's not got a pointy top like a mole hill but that's mainly so minis can perch on top.

I've already painted it with textured paint:

I just hope it dries over night as I'm running out of time. I haven't decided yet if it's a real mole hill looking thing as I can't decide if it should all be bare earth or if I'm going to flock it. Suggestions would be very welcome.


  1. Looking good compadre. I think you should primarily use talus around the entrance with some larger stones around to represent the earth that has been removed. I also think it would good if you cut out some gouges on one facing to appear craggy and give some variety. I also think it would be cool if u used some wearhering powder blacks and browns to represent the skaven explosion which caused the gaping hole.
    Best of luck

    1. Only just seen this comment - opppps lol