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Friday, 19 December 2014

High Elf Progress Update

My first unit is nearly finished. I'm really happy with how the paint scheme is working out. It's really simple but effective.

I'm planning something special for the shields, standard and champion. Hopefully I'll have them completed in time for my next update.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Lil' Snickit

My last post revealed I'm looking to strip old lead instead of buying up large swathes of old lead.

This is because I need to save a few pennies,


Well, I'm, exceedingly pleased to announce it's because the first Lil' Snickit is on the way, due to arrive at the the end of May/beginning of June - YAY!

To this end I have decided it's time to crack on with at least one of the multitude of projects I have planned but not started. With about 6 months lefts I've decided to prioritise my 4th Edition High Elves. I'm going to strip what I have at the moment and start again as the paint scheme I'd started recently (when I say recently, I mean in the last 5 years........) takes far too long so I've decided to go for something a lot quicker.

I'm going back to basics, a white undercoat (black is more effective but takes longer to get right) and a simple silver, white and blue colour scheme and an Army Painter Soft Tone Quick Shade Ink (not the dip, tried it, didn't like it). I will freely admit that this is not going to produce a Golden Daemon standard army but it'll make something I'm happy to game with.

I'm giving myself the 6 months and see how far I get.......................................... before I get distracted by another project................................ probably in a week or so.....................................

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Stripping's Fun

I've often experimented with stripping.

It often doesn't go as well as I'd like.

I recently got some pointers from others from the online community.

Mr Rab and Whiskey Priest both swear by the Fairy method.

So I tried it

I've started small.

I want to savour it and work it just right.

I have to say, Fairy Power Spray on minis apparently works a treat!!!!

Yeah OK I could do a better job but it's a good first effort.

There's a few tasty treats here from a Marauder Cold One, a 4th edition Chaos Sorcerer to the Minotaur but these two are my favourites:

That Rat Ogre is the harder one of the two original Jes Goodwin sculpts to lay your hands on so getting rid of the horrendously think layer of dark brown paint that covered him when I picked him up on ebay dirt cheap is a real bonus!

The paint on the Slayer was even thicker. He's an old Marauder sculpt but not one I'm familiar with, he can go with the other old slayer sculpts I have that I think were part of the Norse Dwarf range. I only have 6 of them at the moment but still, it's a good start.

Lastly, just for 24_Cigarettes (sorry Bud) I have a few Clanrats cleaned up, three of them are his favourite Skaven Clanrat mini but he's having trouble getting his hands on them. Sadly I need these ones Matey as I've recently switched to using Clanrats only armed with spears in my army and I need a few more to bulk up the units but I'm not that far off I think I need about another 15 for my purposes.

Next for the dip will be some Pistoliers and some unarmoured 5th edition High Elf Archers.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Snickit Goes To Geekdom Come

So as mentioned in my previous post I've cracked open the lid of my 4th edition Warhammer once more. When I started to sort out the cards in Battle Magic I stumbled upon a tragic error of my young life - elastic bands!

Now this may seem like an odd thing to realise was a mistake but elastic bands warp and degrade with age and lil' Snickit had bundled up the various magic item types and spell decks with the afore mentioned stretchable retainers. The result was rock hard elastic bands welded onto cards at the top and bottom of the piles.

I managed to remove offending bands without too much damage to the cards but it got me thinking about how to store them going forward and I came up with the idea of using trading card sleeves.

I may not be the first to come to the same conclusion but I haven't encountered anyone using the nifty storage method personally so I'm quite proud that my little brain came up with it and it works really nicely. It did however make my other half shake her head even more than normal at my odd geeky obsessions.

Oh well. Nevermind. I'm sure we've all dealt with the stare that manages to combine bafflement and disappointment in equal measure on many an occasion. Personally I think they look really nifty. Now my Magic Spells, Winds of Magic Cards, Magic Items and Chaos Rewards from "Warhammer Battle", "Battle Magic", "Warhammer Armies: Chaos", "Arcane Magic" and "Chronicles of War" all sit nicely together.

For those of you unfamiliar with "Chronicles of War" it was a supplement published in 1995 that collated several articles from White Dwarf together (most of them battle reports) and also provided a few extra magic items, most of them scrolls that had effects similar to Dispel Magic Scrolls but with weird and wonderful effects.

I bought a pack of 100 sleeves and once I'd completed these I had some left over so I did the same to my 5th edition Magic Items/Spells/Winds of Magic cards, only, I ran out so I needed some more sleeves so I've bought another 100 and I'm going to give "Dark Millenium" the same treatment!

Yeah I know I'm sad but be honest, you're the one reading this and wondering if you should do the same..................................

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Snickit's (Latest) Folly

Last weekend I was lucky enough to get some games in, and they were lots of fun.

On the Friday night I was joined by Whiskey Priest and my brother, Erny. We played a game of "Crooked Dice's 7th Voyage" rules to recreate an episode of the famous old TV show "Elizabethan Gothique" (what do you mean you've never heard of it????). We played it out on Colin's home made battle mat with a selection of his lovely painted minis. Colin posted up a write up of this game last week and his is an extensive one so, out of respect for the fact it was his also his game I'll direct you to his post here

Needless to say the game was lots of fun. Erny took on the part of the baddies and I was the courageous goodies. Sadly I lost the game in the end but that certainly didn't detract from the over all fun of the evening and I would certainly have a game of this again, in fact, a second game is in the offing at some point as I need to rescue my fearless leader, Sir Thomas Cocksure from the clutches of the evil Lady Giselle and her gruff henchgoat Hurtz.

On the Saturday my old friend Al arrived. to date he has no online moniker as yet and I won't sully this blog with some of his names from the past..................

We played two games of 4th edition Warhammer with 1000pts a side. One game pitted my Skaven against Al commanding Erny's Empire army, with the addition of his own Flagellents, followed by a second game with Erny's Orcs against Al and the Empire. We wanted to try and fit in a third game but time ran out and as Erny and I had played the with game Col the night before we felt it not so bad to not get in a Skaven Vs Orcs bash.

I know there will be much wailing, gnashing of teeth, beard strokes, scornful looks and tutting at the use of the 4th edition rules but for me there is a quaint & nostalgic charm to 4th edition. It was when I really properly started playing Warhammer regularly. Back then I'd play Erny at least once a week. I remember an early phase of playing 4th edition that would see Erny's Empire Vs a joint (but mainly Erny's) Orcs on a Saturday and then my High Elves Vs a joint (but again, mainly Erny's) Undead on a Sunday evening. It's cheesey and I love it, it has a speed of play and simplicity of rules that allows a game to take two or so hours that just doesn't happen in 3rd edition. We started at about 12 and by 5 we'd gotten two games in. Not bad at all really.

Sadly I did not take many photos but here are a selection with a brief write up of my game against Al. I didn't take any of the second game but this too was a close fought affair with the use of the "Bridge of Shadows" playing a major part in an Empire victory.

Snickit's Folley

Warlord Snikit leaned on his halberd, his tail twitched and his whiskers stood on end. His Clan was in dire need of recruits, recent exploits had dwindled their numbers especially that business at the man-thing city of Avalone! He was down to only a few Clanrats yet the ever faithful Neek still carried the Banner of Clan Snickit that was enough to frighten any man-thing, dwarf-thing or elf-thing and he could afford to hire the services of Clan Pestilens, a black clad adept of Clan Eshin and a smattering of Jezzails from Clan Skryre along with Moldy, the Warlock Engineer carrying that mighty enchanted halberd of his. If only he would unleash the storm contained within he would take it from the paws of the annoying rat, blast him to ash and be powerful enough to rebuild Clan Snickit. Sadly Snikit was all to aware that at present he needed agent Moldy to provide a magical edge until he could rebuild Clan Snickit.

Snikits gaze turned to the man-things. The centre of their position was held by a pack of man-things armed with halberds and two smaller packs, one armed with their inferior and under developed mini jezzails and one of what appeared to be man-thing plague monks.

Next to them a Warlock was clearly visible above them all, flaunting his higher status on a horse.

One one flank a unit of man-things on more horses that looked like they were running away already!

Then, on the other flank man-thing Stormvermin on more horses were hiding in small a village.

"Let them hide" thought Snikit, they're no match for Clan Snikit!

The game began with the Skaven advancing as fast as they could towards the Empire troops. The Jezzail teams loosed off a shot at the Wizard mounted on his horse, a clear target what with his being higher than the troops around him, two wounded and down he fell. Sadly, this may of been a mistake on the part of Clan Snickit as now the winds of magic would blow very lowly indeed - opps!

Moldy attempted to fry the Pistoliers with Storm-Daemon but sadly failed to cause a wound and then discovered he'd exhausted it's power - things were going from bad to worse!

The next few turns saw the Skaven hurrying towards the Empire taking a few wounds from the Crossbows but not many, Moldy managed to cast a Vermintide towards the Halberdiers but they had enough time to evade it.

The Pistoliers outflanked the Skaven position but were in the Jezzails sights but sadly, as often happens when a Skaven player needs them to make a shot they failed miserably and were routed in the combat the following turn.

Eventually we were close enough that the Plague Monks had to charge the Flagellents. I was hoping that the high number of attacks coming out from them would wipe them out fairly quickly but sadly the fight too far too long.

On the other flank my second unit of Clanrats was charged by the Reiksguard containing the Empire General. They lost the combat, despite the high rank bonus and Standard but amazingly they didn't break.

Moldy attempted to cast Wither upon the Knights but was unsuccessful (Al rolled a 5+ dispel) which would of hampered them in the next round, possibly even seen them legging it but it was not to be.

Warlord Snikit's unit of Clanrats charge in and sent the Halberdiers packing (Skaven General attacks + Army Standard Bearer attacks + Assassin attacks + standard+ ranks + Army Standard bonus + fear effect of the Dread Banner = Halberdiers run away). They also charged them again in later turns and sent them running again.

The Knights beat the Clanrats they were fighting and rode them down and the Pistoliers charged the rear of the Plague Monks and between them and the Flagellents the Plague Monks were reduced to small numbers. I still had my main unit left but not much else. At this point I conceded the game.

I honestly had a lot of fun and it was very nostalgic of my teen years and I'm defo going to be playing more 4th edition and I think this game has got me thinking of tweeks to my 1000pt list. I think I may not need the Dread Banner and to be honest the Assassin didn't really do much other than kill a Champion. The Plague Monks have a lot of attacks and hit many times but struggled to wound the toughness 4 Flagellents and this will be a huge issue fighting Orcs, Dwarfs and Beastmen. I feel I definitely need a Plague Priest in there with a strength boosting weapon or a Potion of Strength or even Bands of Power. I may also reduce the number of Jezzails or even drop them entirely. I'm also considering some little 1000pt armies of other flavours like High Elves and Chaos which is really interesting at such a low points cost........................................

Anyhow, cheers for stopping by.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Multi Player Mechanics

Boy Oh Boy!

Am I looking forward to this weekend or what????

Ummmmmmmmmmmm, well, yes I am as a matter of fact!

On Friday night dearest brother Erny and the infamous Whiskey Priest will be descending upon casa Snickit for an evening of gaming with some of Col's recently painted Elizabethan Gothic minis. For those of you who haven't seen these then hot foot it over to to check them out. Add in some beers and some munchies and Friday night is shaping up nicely.

Following on from Friday night's festival of blokey gaming will be Saturday's offering. Erny is staying with me for the weekend and one of my oldest friends, Al, will be joining us.  Al hasn't gamed much recently, his last piece of small lead man based fun and shenanigans would of come over 5 years ago, poor fella. I've recently managed to persuade Mr. Al to pick up his brushes again and he's even said he's bringing some Flagellents with him that he's recently finished (I'll post these up once I've seen them to try and entice blogging out of him!).

Erny has suggested that maybe we should start brining him into the Oldhammer fold with something familiar so we may have a bit of a bash at 4th Edition. Quick to play and suitably nostalgic, as it was the version we played the most as kids, I reckon this is just the ticket.

The only problem is that there will be three of us playing and all of us are going to want to join in the fun and not be a boring old smelly GM so either we play several games with one of us sitting out in turn or we play a 3-way game (ooo'eeer Mrs.!!!).

At first I was going to go for the former as it seems like the easiest option but now I'm not so sure and now I think we'll go 3-way.

For deployment zones I think we'll have to dice off for board corner that we can deploy in with the winner picking which corner, the second highest picking from the remaining three and the the lowest getting to pick from the remaining two.

I think maybe map deployment will best to resolve who deploys first and for an easy way of resolving the turn based sequence of play I'm going to introduce a random element. We'll dice off for who goes first/second/third each game turn with any tied rolls being re-rolled. I also think we may need to roll 3 dice for the winds of magic.

We may have to wing it on combats if we end up with any 3 way ones of these but in essence I think logic would dictate that only one side can win out of the three so the other two flee and the winner picks who to chase (if anyone) and if two draw and the third flees then he gets to flee safely whilst the other two remain locked in combat.

Anyone want to chip in their thoughts on my simple resolution of the multi-player issues?

Monday, 3 November 2014

Geeky Excitement

I can't decide if it's endearing or just plain sad that I'm geekily excited that my copy of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug - Extended Edition has arrived............ being honest, it's probably the latter...............

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Swapping the Rat's Tail for Plate and Mail

As those of you who follow Whiskey Priest's Blog will know we recently had a game of the Osprey game "Lion Rampant"  (and if you don't already follow this most excellent blog then why not? Get yourself over to and then come back here).

We found the rules to be very user friendly and quick to play. Seeing as you don't need many models to play it's perfect for an evening's gaming. I don't have any medieval types painted up (at present) so I made use of the Priest's amazing collection of minis. It has had me checking out the options for a quick retinue and as I have a bunch of 5th edition Warhammer Bret's unpainted (mainly Knights of the Realm, Knights Rampant and Archers) I think I've decided to use these as the basis with a pack of Fireforge Men-at-Arms foot to add some crossbowmen and foot retainers. Yes I know a lot of you are grumbling, stroking your beards and gnashing your teeth like a veteran Dwarf looking at a young beard running from a bunch of Gobbos at the prospect of plastic miniatures but they're a good cost effective way of getting the basic troops.

The game is played in turns by activating and perfoming an action with each unit. When you fail an activation the turn passes to your opponent (it reminded me of Blood Bowl and Songs of Blades and Glory). This leads to a lot of tension when it comes down to the rolls that will decide the outcome of the game (or even just that charge that you definitely want to get in but fail to activate). We both found it really weird that it's not a ranked up game, the figures deploy and move as skirmishers and unless you're used to units moving this way then I think it'll throw most people, try it and you'll see what I mean.

Whiskey and I also like the idea of the alternative retinues such as Robin Hood's Merry Men, Arthur and Mordred (fierce foot needing horned helmets made me giggle) and the Old School Fantasy. I like the idea of using some Warhammer Empire too, with Knightly Orders as Mounted Men-at-Arms, Winged Lancers as Mounted Serjeants and Horse Archers as Mounted Yoemen (or some Kriegsritter). Sadly I don't own any Winged Lancers but I have a hankering for some Foundry Winged Hussars (

Anyhow, here's some pictures of the game, it was loads of fun and definitely something I'd want to play again. It was also the first time I've played Mr. Priest and I have to say, as with all of the friends I've made in the Oldhammer community he was a Gent of an opponent.

My Mounted Men-at-Arms with a unit of Archers.

Serjeants and Yeomen


My objective, a cannon, being guarded by Whiskey's Serjeants and Crossbowmen.


Whiskey's Mounted Men-at-Arms, Archers and Yeomen.

My Leader Heroically challenges Whiskey's Leader to single combat.............

...............................and Bravely slays his opponent.

A closer look at Whiskey's Crossbows

His Footmen fled and rallied behind some houses.

Whiskey's Archers and Yeomen arrive to reinforce the cannon's defence

My Foot Men-At-Arms flee from the attack.

Our Mounted Men-at-Arms clash repeatedly, neither side gaining any real advantage

Our Footmen Clash.

Both run away

My Yeomen move into a position to strike against the troops protecting the cannon

A close up of Whiskey's Footmen

The cannon with it's Crossbow protectors

A close up of one of Whiskey's Knights, great paint job here.

Some Archers

My Mounted Men-at-Arms

The cannon position is heavily defended

I make an attack

but get repelled but Whiskey's troops also flee leaving a clear path to the cannon.

After a sting of failed activations from both sides the cannon is finally reached and the game ends with a win for me - yay me!
Right, time to work on painting heraldry...............................

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Deeply Sad News

It is with a heavy heart that I must report that Snickit off of Snickit's Tail will NOT be attending the Oldhammer weekender that is BOYL2015 because on that particular weekend he has to attend some wedding or other of a cousin of his other half - BOO!!!! HISS!!!!! and BOO again!!!!

It's rather annoying because when we found out when the wedding was to be held the weekender wasn't going to be that particular weekend but it's since moved! Whilst I can attempt to have them move their wedding I somehow don't think I will be successful in the slightest (selfish b*ggers.............).

I do, however, fancy a trip up to Foundry at some point before then though to make up for missing it so if anyone fancies joining me, and having a game or two on their lovely boards, then do let me know.

Righteo, I'm off to sulk.........................................

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Rehashing A Campaign System Part II - Injuries & Veterans

OK, I'm finally getting around to finishing off these campaign rules. I present the Veterans & Injuries section that will finish off what I started. Once again I should stress these are supposed to be a quick and easy system, nothing complicated here.


It has been previously stated that armies are chosen afresh each battle, however, if a general wishes he can use the same troops and characters from game to game. The benefit of doing this is that Characters and Rank and File can gain veteran status. There is a down side of course, veterans are only veterans if they are the same troops, reinforcing a unit waters down the seasoned troops and therefore you can only apply the veteran rules to units that start the next game with the same numbers as the previous game (after injury recoveries). Units that you "bump" back up to their starting number (symbolising reinforcements) lose any veteran status they may of gained.

At the end of the battle roll a D3 for each unbroken unit that is present on the battlefield and consult the Veteran table below. Add an extra 1 for each Standard the unit captured in the battle.

D3 Roll +1 per Standard Captured in the BattleResult
1-3Re-roll to hit dice once per battle
4Unit becomes a +1 Elite*
5Unit becomes a +2 Elite*
6Unit becomes a +3 Elite*
7+Unit becomes a +4 Elite*
* see WFB page 97

When using the re-roll of to hit dice a player can choose whether to use this bonus on close combat or missile attacks and ALL of the dice must be re-rolled, you can not only re-roll the attacks that missed. Of course a player risks the possibility of rolling an even worse set of scores so must use his bonus carefully. Each battle a unit survives gives another roll on the table and a unit is allowed up to 3 re-rolls in total. Further re-rolls beyond the allowance of 3 are lost. A re-roll cannot be used to re-roll a re-roll - only one re-roll at a time is allowed, and the player must abide by the second result.

If a unit gains Elite status the player can decide to make them either Shock Elites or Missile Elites. The unit also does not count towards the number of Elites allowed in the army by territories.

Elites that gain Elite Status via the Veterans table DO count towards Elites allowed in the army by territories because their base level is Elite.  Elites that gain Elite Status via the Veteran table that is lower than, or the same as, their present Elite level count the roll as another result of 1-3 (you can still only have the maximum of 3 re-rolls).

Veteran Characters

Just as an army has its battle-hardened elite regiments its characters can also gain renown in the eyes of their troops and develop heroic qualities. They DO NOT gain the bonuses of any unit they lead, instead they become veteran characters with bonuses as described below.

A character automatically gains a bonus each time he accomplishes a heroic feat. A heroic feat is one of the following.

Heroic Feat
1The Character is with a unit of troops that captures an enemy standard.
2The Character kills an enemy army standard bearer in hand to hand combat.
3The Character kills an enemy character of at least an equal level in a challenge.

The number of heroic feats achieved gives the benefits listed below.

Number of FeatsBonus Gained
1Veteran. The Character becomes a fearsome fighter and can re-roll all of his hand to hand combat or shooting "to hit" dice once per game in exactly the same way as a unit of Veteran troops. For each feat the character gains a further re-roll per battle up to a maximum of 3 times in the same way as Veteran troops.
2Skilful. The Character adds +1 to his WS & BS characteristics.
3Fast. The Character adds +1 to his I characteristic.
4Strong. The Character adds +1 to his S characteristic.
5+Furious. The Character adds +1 to his A characteristic.

These are cumulative so a character who has accomplished 5 heroic feats can re-roll his hits 3 times per battle, he has +1 to his WS, BS, I, S & A characteristics.

Losing Veteran Status

Once a unit or Character becomes elite it keeps its status from game to game against all players in the campaign until it is broken as a result of defeat in hand-to-hand combat, flees off the battlefield or until it is destroyed. It will then revert to it's normal status in Warhammer Armies automatically.

General Victory Bonus

If you win the battle and your General survives (after Injury rolls) then roll a D6 and consult the chart below. The chart gives a bonus to the General the next time he fights a battle. The General must be fielded identically to the battle he won (plus any Veteran bonuses). This bonus only applies to the next battle he fights in the campaign, it is not a permanent bonus.

D6 RollResult
1Respected/Feared. Next time your army fights all units within 12" of the General may add a further +1 to their combat result. This special ability lasts until a combat within 12" of the General is lost, after which the troops' confidence is shaken and the bonus ceases to apply.
2Motivational. Next time the army fights you can re-roll any one failed Leadership based test. This does not allow the unit to re-roll a failed re-roll from another source such as the army's Battle Standard - i.e. you can re-roll a failed test but not a failed re-roll.
3Mad Dog. Next time the army fights the General can add +1 to his own "to hit" rolls in hand to hand combat. This applies until the General takes wound or is forced to flee, after which the bonus is lost.
4Inspiring. Next time the army fights the General will permit Leadership bonuses over a greater area than normal. Add D6"  to the normal 12" effect range. Roll this dice at the start of the game to find out what your range bonus is for the duration of the battle.
5Famous. Next time the Army fights one unit within 12" of the General will automatically pass a Leadership based test it is required to take once per battle. The Player must declare he is using this ability before any dice are rolled for the test but no actual dice are rollled. The Player is not allowed to use the ability retrospectively once he has failed a test.
6Victorious. Once per battle add +1 to any combat result anywhere on the battlefield. You must declare you are using this bonus before fighting the combat - not afterwards. You can not use the bonus to boost a combat result once you've fought.


At the end of the battle roll a D6 for each Rank and File model that was removed as a casualty. On a roll of 4+ the miniature survived the battle with a minor wound. They may be returned to their unit. On roll of 1, 2 or 3 the poor fellow died as a result of his injuries (for Undead the magical energy animating the corpse holds on a 4+ or fades away and the corpse falls "unlifeless" to the floor on a 1, 2 or 3).

After a battle any Hosts dissipate, they can not be retained, they scatter and must be bound afresh.

Characters are not rolled for in this way, instead the following table is used. Any injury that results in a characteristic being is reduced to "0" kills the Character off and he ends up with a "Dead" result instead.

D100 RollResult
01-50Full Recovery. The Character makes a full recovery and can be used in the following battle.
51-53Eye Injury. The Character survives the battle with the loss of an eye (randomly determine which). A character with only one eye loses -1 BS. A Character with no eyes is blinded and is retired from service, therefore if Eye Injury is rolled for a second time count this result as a Dead result.
54-55Ear. The Character survives the battle with the loss of an ear (randomly determine which). A Character with one ear suffers no penalty but a Character who loses all of his ears is partially deafened and loses -1 from his Ld characteristic. Subsequent rolls of Ear after the second have no effect, treat the result as Full Recovery.
56-58Face. The Character becomes horribly disfigured and now causes Fear in Close Combat in all living creatures under 10 feet tall. Subsequent rolls of Face have no effect, treat the result as Full Recovery.
59-61Light Head Wound. The Character sustains head injuries which affect his mental processes. He loses -1 from his Ld, Int, Cl and WP characteristics.
62-63Serious Head Wound. The Character sustains serious head injuries which drive him slightly mad. Although his reason is questionable, his convictions are strengthened by his increasingly rational personality. The Character loses -1 from his Int and Cl characteristics, but adds +1 to his Ld and WP.
64-68Light Leg Wound. The Character survives but one leg is broken or badly cut. Although the Character recovers full use of his limb he suffers a permanent movement characteristic reduction of -1.
69-71Serious Leg Wound. The Character survives but one leg is badly injured and must be amputated. Unless the Character has more than two legs, the loss of the limb will reduce his movement by -2 and he can only move by use of crutch. This means he is normally unable to carry anything in both hands. The Character's I is also reduced by -1 because his disability makes him slower. If a character has more than two remaining legs the loss of a limb has the same effect as a Light Leg Wound.
73-75Light Arm Wound. The Character survives but one arm (or other manipulative limb) is badly crushed or cut. The Character recovers full use of the limb with but a minor permanent effect. He loses -1 from his WS and BS and -1 to hit in close combat when using a weapon that requires two hands.
76-77Serious Arm Wound. The Character survives but one arm (or other manipulative limb) is badly injured and must be amputated. Unless the Character has more than two arms the loss of the limb will make it impossible to use certain items. The Character can no longer use a shield or weapons which require two hands.  He loses -2 from his WS and BS.
78-85Light Body Wound. The Character has suffered a chest or abdominal wound. Although the Character recovers, his T characteristic is permanently reduced by -1.
78-85Severe Body Wound. The Character has suffered a deep chest or abdominal wound. Although the Character recovers, his T, S and W characteristics are permanently reduced by -1.
89-00Dead. The Character died either on the field of battle or afterwards of his wounds.

So there we go, if you've made it to the end then well done. I hope I haven't missed anything out. I don't think I have. I really hope someone finds the time to indulge me and gives this set of campaign rules a try. Could be they're brilliant, most likely they aren't and they'll turn out to be utter cr*p. That's fine, I'm not adverse to tweaking them or even forgetting about them all together but I just wanted to get the idea out of my head and put it down on "paper".

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Crow did what now?????

So my Dungeon Bash mini is as painted as he's going to be for the OGRE meeting in brother Erny's kitchen on Thursday night.

Here he is, my Grey Wizard now known as Randulf Schatten-Krähe;

Randulf is young for a wizard, probably late 20's or early 30's and I'd like to think I've shown this by giving him a ginger beard (he's supposed to be me after all). He's passed his exams and graduated into the shadowy Grey Order with flying shades of grey and has been sent out into the world to fulfil the Grey Order master plan, yes Randulf is an intentional shameless rip off!

Being a Grey Wizard means Randulf is a tricksy fellow, Grey Wizards are the Jedi of the Warhammer World, being a kind of secret order of peace keepers (after a fashion) and as such I see him as a manipulator within the group of adventurers, using the group to fulfil his Order's agenda. Does he mean harm by his subtle manipulation? Of course not, it's for the greater good of the Empire and mankind in general. Randulf just happens to find the jobs/quests/treasure hunts for the gang that just so happen to fulfil his mission and somehow manages to persuade the others to go along with it. He's certainly not the leader, he just happens to be the strongest voice of council.

I'm aware that it's far from a Golden Gobbo paint job, the face makes me cringe, I've tried to get it right repeatedly and the layers of paint show and I'm not sure if I can hack another ink job on it. Nevermind, he's fit for purpose and I'm happy enough to show him off.

 Next post will be to finish off those Campaign rules, promise..................................