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Thursday, 31 July 2014

BOOM - pop up update!

Time for a quick update on my BOYL progress.

I have yet to start my earthworks but I think I have it worked out in my head, best get it started as I now only have 1 week - opppssss.................................

My Army Standard for Neek hasn't been started yet either.................... this isn't going well.

Shield icons/designs were started but I was happy with them but I think I know how to rectify them and have something I'm happy with so I count that as small progress.

The two things that have side tracked me though are nearing completion, my Giant Rats....................

and my Plague Monks.

Right, time for bed, thanks for dropping in folks, it's appreciated.


  1. Nice job my verminous compadre very much looking forward to how the giant rats fare good job and best of luck I noticed your plague monks don't have a standard no relic banner for them?

    1. Chap in the front row next to the champion had on, but it's come off so a repair job is needed.

      I tend to go Bane Banner or Banner of Wrath but am going to trial either a Dread Banner or a Hellfire one.

      Relic Banners are awesome but I don't limit myself to just these.

    2. Honestly hadn't thought of either. I stick to talismanic and relic but good on you and good luck with your repairs

    3. Seriously consider Dread Banners for what fear can give you in close combat.

      Relic Banners for my Army go to Stormvermin, Black Skaven and the Army Standard.

      Plague Monks in 3rd aren't that good so they"re useful as a mobile magical piece.

  2. Looking good to me especially the monks!

    1. Cheers Matey, I started off just wanting to redo their robes but they're getting overhaul that will include a new banner if I can do something better than the poor effort they have at present!

  3. nice job on redoing the monks.

    they look so much better now