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Monday, 23 February 2015

The Delivery Boys

It's Zacharius MacKormack aka “Pa” and his boys. As a staunch Cawdor Preacher Zacharius finds vagrant boys in the Underhive and puts them to work as his family/flock to redeem the other Underhivers. From Billy Bob blasting the heathens with his shotgun to Jethro gunning them down with his heavy stubber, they’ll make the harlots and the sinners repent whilst “Pa” preaches that the “Emperor Saves Us” (in a deep south accent) all the while a banjo provides the sound track..........................

They need more work but they'll do for now as I have other things to crack on with (YES I know the bases are pathetic!)

The Delivery Boys

Zacharius MacKormack aka "Pa"

Jethro (I've lost his back pack - D'OH!)




Billy Bob


Bobby Joe

These guys are actually just a back up Gang as I'll actually be running an Escher Gang in Erny's OGRE Sector Necromunda campaign, but I've yet to get them painted although they are now stripped, I've got two weeks to get them done.........................

Monday, 16 February 2015

Necromunda HO!!!!!

Erny's called an OGRE meet at his Place in a few weeks and the plan is to play some Necromunda.

After a bit of digging I've found out three gangs - Escher, Orlock and Cawdor.

Back in the day I started playing Delaque but struggled with the sneaky tactics (odd with me being a Skaven at heart) and switched to Escher. I made a very splodgy attempt at painting them so at present I'm stripping the girls (oo'er) for a fresh paint job.

In the meantime I decided to show my Cawdor gang the paint brush.

For some reason I decided to undercoat them brown, I'm not completely sure why.

Anyhow, I sprayed them yesterday and I've made a start, I think if I put a couple of colours on a night then I'll have them done by the weekend ready to make a start on the girls.

What it did lead me to wonder though was, how do people do bases for Necromunda????????