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Sunday, 30 August 2020

Snickit's Tail - The Call of Command Army Challenge

So I've decided for the next 12 months to take part in "The Call of Command Army Challenge" with a 4th Edition Dwarf Army.

Now this may be a little odd as only just a couple of years back I painted up an Imperial Dwarf army for 3rd Ed (although I will happily use in later editions). The issue I have whilst painting the Imperial Dwarfs is that they have a different aesthetic to the Marauder Dwarfs that came along at the end of 3rd Ed that became the 4th Ed staples.

The Marauder Dwarfs had a mixture of Empire Dwarfs (Dwarfs who live in, and adopt the Empire's dress and customs) and "Clan" Dwarfs. I may be being picky but this feels very different to the Perry "Imperial" Dwarfs (Dwarfs of the old Dwarf Empire, these guys have a "Saxon" feel).

My new army will be a "Clan" Dwarf style army, however, this is a separate challenge for me this year, I have a plan to also paint up another Army as my main Army challenge for this year (more on that to come in a later post). This means I will only paint 1 unit a month for this new 4th Ed army so should be easily manageable. My aim, come August 2021 is to have the units painted to run "The Battle of the East Gate" scenario from the 4th Ed Dwarf armies book at BOYL 2021.

The following list should allow me to cover all the bases for that army but fit neatly into 2000 points. Photo's of each unpainted unit also accompany. As this is a subsidiary project I'm keeping the cost down and mostly using Harlequin/Black Tree Design miniatures. This isn't a compromise at all as that's exactly the thinking behind this range when it was released, they were a 4th Ed contemporary range that were released as a cheaper alternative. The sculpts aren't quite as good and the weapons are a little big but that adds a little more charm to the range. 

Here's the photo's:

Astute observers may notice the following:

  1. My General has a hammer not an axe.
  2. My Longbeards include a musician and a normal warrior.
  3. My Thunderers Standard is lacking somewhat.
  4. I'm lacking a Dwarf Hero (the scenario has 2 Dwarf Lords)
Answers to these points are all very simple:

  1. I'm going to convert him, most likely with the big axe head from the 6th Ed plastic Dwarfs.
  2. I do have replacements on order but they haven't arrived yet, until they do these two will proxy.
  3. See above.
  4. I have another Dwarf to represent Lord Duregar but as he's not being painted specifically for "The Call of Command Army Challenge" I've left him out but I'll be painting him too, in fact, he may well get painted up before my minor conversion of King Belegar.
I've also ordered a couple of Harlequin/Black Tree Design cannons and will likely replace the 4th Ed Cannon with a Harlequin/Black Tree Design one when they arrive.

So, that's part of the year ahead worked out..............................


  1. Dude this is going to be fun to follow! 🍺

    1. Cheers Bud, hopefully nothing will disappoint.

  2. Good luck - looks like it'll be a sight to see :)

    1. Thank you, I'm looking forward to the challenge.

      I also need to build the scenery for the scenario so all in all it should be a busy year.

  3. Looking forward to following this. I always wanted to collect a 4th Ed Dwarf Army but my mate got there first :-( here we are some 30ish years later and I've just ordered some of the very same BTD Dwarfs to start my army :-)

    1. Sounds good, we'll have to compare progress.

  4. This is great! I'm currently painting Skarsniks forces at the same battle. If I get it all finished I'll see you across the battlefield at BOYL '21 😀👍

    1. Funnily enough that was my plan for my other Army for the year but yes?, tgst would be rather awesome!