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Sunday, 3 August 2014

My Life is Strewn with Cowpats from the Devil's own Satanic Herd..................................................

First coat of paint has gone onto the earthworks/burrow entrance/molehill and now I've realised that I've made a massive cow turd, I hope the more I add to it over the week it'll stop looking like it's fallen out of a bovine back side.

I've not been able to paint the inside yet though because I've discovered that the textured paint job isn't dry in there yet - D'OH!!!!!!

In other news I've finished off Neek. The Army Banner certainly isn't a master piece but it's better than not having one at all.

I've found a box full of unpainted stuff which was a nice find, I have a few other pieces dotted around in other boxes too but this stuff I'd actually forgotten about. I'm planning on getting all of this painted up after BOYL.

Overview of my find

8 Black Skaven (or Stormvermin for editions after 3rd)

A few Champion Models

and a few more

Giant Rats for 4th and later editions

Shed loads of Clan Eshin

Two more Jezzails and a couple more Poison Wind Globadiers behind them

8 more Plague Monks (and a Champion)

15 Slaves with hand weapons, I have 25 with hand weapons painted up (plus a load with spears) so if I get these guys done I'll have two units of 20 with hand weapons. Slaves are really poor but it's extra bodies to bulk the horde out.

Weapons Teams for 6th Edition. Note the cavalry bases they're mounted on, which dictates they're for 6th edition (and onwards). There are three Warpfire Throwers (originals) and two Ratling Guns. Ratling Guns are nasty little b#ggers in 6th and allow my Skaven to own the flanks of any 6th edition battlefield.


  1. Great find, great banner. Your horde is never ending!

    1. I've got more ferreted away elsewhere too - never enough painting time...........................

  2. Some nice patchy flocking and some foliage clusters for scrub and it will look fine, I've got spare foliage clusters if you need them. You need some skaven type screens to put on top to protect the workers even if they are slaves.

    1. OK, I think I know how I can manage the screens............................

      I can do the flocking but I may need to steel some foliage (I've got some but I just don;t know where it is, bring it with you and we can sort it out Friday when we get there. Doesn't need to be stuck on after all, can just be scattered over it.

      I also think I may paint up a few more Packmasters to act as "Slavemasters".