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Saturday, 11 April 2020

Bringing Out My Dead

Since the last time I presented my Undead (painted for BOYL 2019) I've added a few more pieces so I thought I'd do a post that presented them in their current status.

This army is mainly painted up to be usable in both 3rd & 4th Edition Warhammer which really is my main area of enthusiasm in the hobby.

Undead became my main army in 4th back in the day as they were cheap. I was also a fan of the "High Fantasy" style of Undead. When they got split in late 5th I lost interest with the Vampire Counts army never really selling itself to me and Tomb Kings meaning I'd have to start all over again. The Necromancer only list in 6th had de-powered Necromancers so lost the feel I wanted. Playing 3rd and 4th means I can get back to the Undead I prefer.

I've probably gotten in closer than I ever have with my photography here and some of the painting is making me wince now, however, the reality that I keep telling myself is that I'm not Golden Daemon Standard Painter. I paint to a wargaming standard so that I can get armies painted

This is my General - Lothar the Black Hearted

In 3rd Ed I take this guy as a low level Liche to lead my Zombies as they have superior Psychology Stat boosts.

In 4th this guys is taken as a heavily protected 1st level wizard to try to ensure that 2 dice are always rolled for the Winds of Magic.

My take on Dieter for 4th Ed. I'm a massive fan of the "Revenge of the Doomlord" scenario so having him painted up is a must for me. As per usual for me I still need to do his banner.

The very first unit I always pick for my Undead is my General's Body Guard - the largest unit of spear armed Skelies I can afford. 

My Grim Reapers, essential troops in 3rd.

Oh dear, these two are lot blurrier than I thought

These are my Skelies for summoning.

My White Knight/Assault Group Zombies. Painted up as Nordland because that's what my own Empire Army is. I have a second unit to get painted up that I'm considering doing as either (or a mixture of both) Altdorf and/or Middenheim as those are the Empire Armies used by my Brother.

Not an original idea, I've seen at least two armies with Flagellents painted as Ghosts and I've unashamedly nicked the idea because it works so well.

Bat Swarms - these are Black Tree Design ones.

Ghouls, I'm still experimenting with these guys, never really used them before but the models are nice and characterful and that's a good enough reason to use them for me.

Carrion, I still want to add more, at least another four I think.

Two units of Skeleton Horsemen that, yup, you guessed it, still need their banners doing...........................................

My Chariots, this is another unit I really want to add to.

My Screaming Skull Catapults - very rarely on target but every once in a blue moon they'll pull off a wonder hit!

Well that's it, my current Undead Army, there are definitely things still to be added like a box or two of Nightmare Legion (primed and ready for painting) along with some Wight Cavalry. I also have something a little bit special sculpted by the highly skilled Geoff Solomon-Sims.


  1. Nice work. Love the way these gell together with the limited pallet.

    1. Cheers Buddy, that was the idea so glad it came across

  2. Nice looking oldschool undead!

    1. Cheers, that's a really nice comment, many thanks

  3. A fine Undead horde sir! Love those zombies in particular and the old plastic skeletons have never been beaten in my opinion - apart from by the old metal ones!

    1. Cheers Bud, those Skelies are awesome, some of my favourite minis forcarmy building ever.

  4. I echo the comment above. There is something most sinister about those older plastic skeletons that has never been replicated by newer editions, and you have painted them very nicely

    1. Many thanks indeed. The ones that followed were too big and the ones followed that just didn't "feel" right.

  5. Wow you’ve been busy, such an impressive collection the manticore and cation are especially impressive. Glad to see you’re still at it.

    1. Cheers Buddy, good to hear from you again.

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