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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Snickit went to Foundry and he bought..................................

Some Renaissance halberdiers, crossbowmen, hand gunners, brigantis, mercenaries and peasants (the latter two being the famous ex-citadel minis

I'm going to paint them up as Empire Nordlanders to form a chunk of the troops from the "Revenge of the Doomlord" scenario from the 4th edition Undead book. Sadly although I had this plan in mind when I got there the delicious minis coupled with the deals that Foundry where offering up I went a bit mad - oppppssssss!

All what I bought!

These two ex-citadel minis will be the fledgling forces commanders.

A spare musician and Champion who can be used as needed.

I haven't based this chap yet as I intend to convert him into a standard bearer

Brigantis to be used as Swordsmen/Ersatzsolder (in 3rd you need 30 for 3000pts but just 10 for 1000pts)



Landesturm (again, you should have 30 in 3rd for a 3000pt army but just 10 in 1000pts)


  1. This is going to be exciting to watch come together, and not to worry we all went mad at Foundry lol

    1. I'm hoping (although I doubt I'll make it) to have it done before Erny tries to fire up a new Orctober, he may not try this year but I have a sneaking suspicion that he will............................ (and we all know that with my first army love being what it is I know sneaking when I feel it)

  2. Nice looking figs especially the axe cradling champion and the halberdiers.

    1. They are indeed but for the life of me I can't find them on the Foundry website now. Probably a good thing, stops me buying more for now!

  3. I picked up those ex-Citadel peasants as well. Plus two packs of archers, a couple of cannon, Friar Tuck and Little John, some more feudal knights, a fistful of rammage, and a pair of hyena to use as chaos hounds. I think that's all...

    1. Mr. Rab went to Foundry and he bought...................................

      Yeah, I love having the games at the Foundry but it's deadly on the pocket, so many minis to buy - highest kill count of the weekend - the Foundry Till! =)