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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Clan Snickit

I recently joined a Skaven group on Facebook and it's really odd seeing posts by younger Skaven fans that don't even know Jes's models exist but it does make me feel like a wise old Sewer Tyrant.

I took a few photos of my own horde and posted them to Facebook a few months back but finding old posts there is very hard so I thought I'd stick the same photo's into a blog post.

As usual my photography skills leave a lot to be desired but this will have to do for now,  It's also something that Orlygg and Chico have both said in the past that I haven't shown off enough on my blog so I'll have to get some better photo's done as soon as possible.

So, here it is, Clan Snickit in all it's foetid glory (or at least it would be if I were better at photography).

All my current painted Skaven

My main Clan Rat block including Warlord Varl Snickit himself, his ever (un)faithful Army Standard Bearer Neek and Grey Seer Vasqueel.

Another Clan Rat block armed with spears.

A bunch of Wizards, the chap in the centre is my Warlock for 6th Ed where they need techno gubbinz to cast spells.

A block of Plague Monks that only uses two minis and one of those is only used once as the Champion!

Plague Censors. The ones on big round bases are for 3rd Ed where they work like Gobbo Fanatics and use big template bases

The Plague Monks

Poisoned Wind Globadiers.

Another unit of Clan Rats also with spears

A gun line of Warpfire Throwers. (Never ever ever use this formation, spread them around!)

Slaves with hand weapons. in 3rd Levy troops have to be deployed with as many ranks as files so my Slave units are used at 25 strong (i.e. 5x5)

Slaves with Spears. In 3rd just being armed with shield is worth it as little of regular(ish) strength reduces saves.

Storm Vermin for 3rd Ed. In 3rd double-handed flails count as double-handed weapons not flails.

I haven't finished painting all of my Slaves but I should have enough to finish off two more units of 25 along with these painted stragglers.

Gutter Runners

More Clan Rats

My Black Skaven (3rd) or Storm Vermin in later editions and are armed with halberds.


The original Vermin Lord mini from 4th Ed

My Jezzail Gun Line

A few Rat Ogres RRRRRAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Still the best Rat Ogres EVER!

Giant Rats on 25mm bases for 3rd Ed

The Army Centre

To the left

To the Right

As said, not the best photo's but at least it's got me back on my blog.

This is a really great article by Orlygg if you want to immerse yourself in Skaven Lore

Lastly, if you're a Rat Fan and you've never read this article by Andy "The Horned Rat" Chambers then get it read:

Now, time to paint up some more Dwarf Things to "Kill-Kill"..................................

Monday, 21 August 2017

Enter the Dragon

After a slight post BOYL break to remind my better half and my son who I am I'm back working away on my Dwarfs.

I've finally finished up my Iron Breakers. For these I'm using "Prince Ulthers Imperial Dwarfs - The Dragon Company". The large amount of armour on these chaps made them a no-brainer for Iron Breakers.

I should probably confess why they took so long for me to finish.I was a silly little Beardling and thought knew best. Silly silly Beardling. I tried to paint the tunics yellow and not red. I had visions of them  being different to everybody else's Dragon Company. Mine would be "The Golden Dragon Company".As I was painting them though something was wrong, nagging doubts crept in and I found it increasingly difficult to "feel" the paint job. I actually began painting them months before BOYL but it just wouldn't happen.

When I got back from BOYL gave in and painted the yellow half of the tunics red and instantly it looked right. Note to self, don't mess with a classic.............................

Yes I know, I need to do the standard.

Here's a wizard I painted just before BOYL but he's yet to be used and, in some ways more importantly, he's yet to be named. Suggestions welcomed. I began painting him yellow with my thinking being he's a "gold" wizard (not that colours come into it in 3rd). The green hat was just because I wanted a contrasting colour to the yellow.

Arnulf's Rangers were also painted prior to BOYL but did get used (and rather embarrassingly got chased form the field of battle by a unit of Gobbos, oh the shame.......................)

So,what's next?

Well Dr Legg has set us a new challenge for 2017/18. After our game at BOYL I said "2000 points for next year then?" "No" says Richard, "Let's do 3000 points plus baggage train".

Luckily with my Iron Breakers, Wizard, upgraded General (her was only a level 15 in my 1000pt army), the stuff I didn't use that was painted up and a few magic items here and there I'm already pushing 2000 points which leaves me plenty of painting time to finish another 1000 points of Dwarfs (I've got another 200 points almost done already). It also gives me plenty of time to work on my other BOYL 2018 project.........................................

Monday, 31 July 2017

Oh Yeah Baby, it's BOYL2017!

Bring Out Your Lead 2017, a festival of lead, beer, fun, friends & Jungle Meat (the traditional kebab of BOYL, partaken of true veterans of the event).

Nothing I can say can do justice to the sheer pleasure of being at the event but I will say many thanks go out to:
  • the Foundry & the Ansells for hosting
  • Gaj for his organisation & quality thoroughly enthusiastic co-generalship (I have never known anyone to be as vigorously positive when rolling dice)
  • Geoff, Harry and Chris for the amazing Heldenhofen table that I had much fun on
  • All my opponents over the weekend (there were many and I didn't catch all of the names so I am so very sorry if I miss your name off the mumblings amongst the photo's below, please point out my rudeness in the comments at the end and I'll edit you in!)
Enough of my drivel, here's the good stuff with the odd snippet of wordage amongst them where appropriate.

Here's Heldenhofen, stunning huh?

And here's the Rogue Trader sandbox - Helsreach, zany as heck and stunning to boot.

My first game of the weekend was against Richard Legg, a thoroughly decent chap. This was his Orcs and Goblins painted as part of my "I'm a Dad with no time or I'm a slow painter" challenge.

Two Large units of Orcs formed the bulk of the Orc Hoard.

The Orc General mounted on a boar

Gobbo Stikkas

Gobbo Spears alongside a Goblin Shamen

Arnulf's Rangers (painted the week before BOYL) form up to pepper the foe with crossbow bolts.

Helga prepares to blow the Orcs away as a legend has a sit in the background

Bron's Boar Spears and the Gate Smashers form up whilst the Legend looks on

Members of the Raven Watch take skirmishing position on the flank

Most of the Dwarfs move forward into defensive positions whilst others open fire, removing several Arrer Boyz. Note the Orc General making a flanking manoeuvre.

The Greenskins move forward
The Goblin Shamen uses "Flight" to move behind the Dwarf lines where he would wind blast Helga the Howler for the remainder of the game.

Battle is met as the Orc Arrer Boyz charge Bron's Boar Spears. The Rangers re-arrange themselves to accept the Goblin charge. Note the lack of Orc General on the flank. The Raven Watch got lucky with crossbow bolts and felled the beast.

Bron's Boar Spears skewer many Orc Arrer Boyz for no loss.

The Raven Watch flee the Orc Boyz charge.

The Goblin Spears chased Arnulf's Rangers from the field and then headed for Helga. The Boar Spears have repeatedly pushedback the Orc Arrer Boyz who refused to break. The Gobbo Stikkas and Orc Boyz close in on the Gate Smashers

The Orc Boyz and the Gate Smashers square off

The Orc Boyz taunt the Dwarfs, holding off the charge for the Gobbo Stikkas support.

Not waiting around the Gate Smashers move forward forcing the Orc's hand.

With the Boar Spears on the way back the Orcs charge. The Gate Smashers receive the charge and win the round but the Orcs refuse to break.

The Orcs are hit by Bron's Boar Spears in the flank and stand no chance in the ensuing slaughter (Hammerers are awesome). With the loss of the Orc Boyz Richard conceded the day. A victory to my fledgling Dwarf Army but more importantly a great game, a fantastic opponent and challenge for next year (more of that in a later post).

My Skaven run rampant in Heldenhofen. My first taste of Mordheim and I liked it!

OK, at this point I should apologise for a lack of photo's of my next game but I forgot until we had started playing and by that point I wasn't feeling like taking photographic evidence of what was happening. Saturday afternoon I played a joint game with Gaj against my Brother (Erny) and Justin Coutange (yet another totally nice guy and a friend made over the weekend). Each of us used 1000pts - my Dwarf's and Gaj's Empire Vs Chris and Justin's Wood Elves. The pansy pointy ears had a mostly skirmishing army that was impossible to get anywhere near. They stayed out of range of my crossbows and moved back if I moved forward allowing them to still fire but not me. I accept these are tactics for Wood Elves, but it wasn't fun. I'm used to losing but this left me feeling unable to put up a competitive fight. Ducks in a gallery. An exercise in futility. Moan over.

Sunday was another team up, it's here that I must apologise again as I did not make a note of the name of my team mate nor that of Erny's joint Warlord. Guys, if you let em know and I'll correct it on here.

Here's the pics, Dwarves Vs Orcs & Goblins that we didn't finish so not sure what the outcome would of been.

And then it was over and we all started to drift off back to all the deep dark places we crawled out from.

Thanks once again to all who attended and I chatted to (Nigel Stillman, who's a thoroughly nice chap, autographed my copy of Warhammer Armies) you all made it one heck of a weekend and I look forward to number 6 next year.