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Thursday, 30 July 2015


So here's the extra High Elves I've gotten painted up for BOYL2015. I had planned to do a nice unit if Reaver Knights/Shore Riders but then, as I was digging through the many boxes of unpainted Elves, something else caught my eye........................ Phoenix Guard!

I've loved these figures for a while but never really got on with painting them, which is weird, they have awesome weapon skill, a point higher strength and can have a 5+ armour save.

I also got a second Mage painted up.

Here they are together.

Now just to finish off my extra two Escher Gangers before leaving for the Foundry in the morning.

Tick tock.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Because a Warlord can never have enough Clanrats

I've been nowhere near as prolific as I was in the build up to last years BOYL when I repainted my Plague Monks and painted 6 or so Plague Censer Bearers, a unit of Giant Rats, a unit of hand weapon armed Slaves, 2 Warpfire Thrower Teams, 2 Rat Ogres, 4 or 5 Pack Masters, 6 Storm Vermin and 5 or 6 Gutter Runners. I can't remember how many exactly I painted but I do remember as was exceedingly time consuming because I was in a lot of trouble for ignoring Mrs. Snickit! That said, we soon made it up because a couple of months later we found out Little Snickit was on the way..................................

It's due to the arrival of Little Snickit that I've not gotten much done this year. After returning from dropping "her indoors" off at her parents last weekend I got back on Sunday with desire to get something done, after all one can not allow for the passing of a BOYL without removing something from the lead pile and adding it to the painted stash!

Here's my first batch of painted figs for BOYL2015, nothing too amazing, 7 more Skaven Clanrats with spears, 3 of which are 24_Cigarettes' favourite Skaven mini - don't hate me 24, I'm not really showing off (I've got a lot more of this mini already painted up after all).

I'm hoping to get two Escher Gangers, a unit of High Elves plus a High Elf Character done before Friday when myself and "Quick Ben" will be heading up to the Foundry with an eye on getting there at around about midday to meat up with Dear Brother Erny, the other OGRES and all the other Oldhammerers.

I'm hoping to get at least one more post in before then but of not then I look forward to seeing some of you there, come say "Hi".

Right, now I just need to try and remember where the jungle meat kebabs were sold...........................

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


I've got ages until BOYL2015, it's fine.

Sorry, what's that you say? Two weeks? AHHHHHHHHHHHH SHI.............................

OK, I've taken my eye off the ball, looking after Lil' Snickit (my first born) distracted me from doing anything gaming since he's been born.

I've actually spent a fair bit of time reading Dreamwave Transformers comics on my iPad and then that lead me to the Regenerain One stuff they did which brought me full circle to re-reading the U.S. orginal comics. When I was a kid I was obsessed with Transformers and bought the U.K. comic regularly and have enjoyed seeing how the U.K. stories worked themselves into the much smaller U.S. output. Basically the U.K. comic was weekly as opposed to the monthly U.S. version so they had to write a lot of extra stories but had to try and make these fit with the U.S. continuity. Sometimes this worked, sometimes not so much with characters still walking around in the U.K. continuity that were dead in the U.S. version.

Anyhow, that was a distraction - see, I even got distracted writing my blog by going off at a tangent talking about it!

So, I have about two weeks to get something, anything, new done. To be fair I did plan for this eventuality. I managed to pump out a stupidly huge amount of painted minis in early 2015 so I can't grumble too much, I probably painted more in those few weeks than I've painted in a year previously. I don't think I'm going to manage anything this week or next but the week after (the build up to the event) the other half is taking Lil' Snickit away to see his Grandparents. So, in the week before I want to add something to my speed painted High Elves and maybe an extra Escher or two. I'd dearly love to finally get my Skaven's shields into a respectable state but I've needed to do this for the last few years and not managed it, time to cross my whiskers and hope..........................