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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Clan Snickit

I recently joined a Skaven group on Facebook and it's really odd seeing posts by younger Skaven fans that don't even know Jes's models exist but it does make me feel like a wise old Sewer Tyrant.

I took a few photos of my own horde and posted them to Facebook a few months back but finding old posts there is very hard so I thought I'd stick the same photo's into a blog post.

As usual my photography skills leave a lot to be desired but this will have to do for now,  It's also something that Orlygg and Chico have both said in the past that I haven't shown off enough on my blog so I'll have to get some better photo's done as soon as possible.

So, here it is, Clan Snickit in all it's foetid glory (or at least it would be if I were better at photography).

All my current painted Skaven

My main Clan Rat block including Warlord Varl Snickit himself, his ever (un)faithful Army Standard Bearer Neek and Grey Seer Vasqueel.

Another Clan Rat block armed with spears.

A bunch of Wizards, the chap in the centre is my Warlock for 6th Ed where they need techno gubbinz to cast spells.

A block of Plague Monks that only uses two minis and one of those is only used once as the Champion!

Plague Censors. The ones on big round bases are for 3rd Ed where they work like Gobbo Fanatics and use big template bases

The Plague Monks

Poisoned Wind Globadiers.

Another unit of Clan Rats also with spears

A gun line of Warpfire Throwers. (Never ever ever use this formation, spread them around!)

Slaves with hand weapons. in 3rd Levy troops have to be deployed with as many ranks as files so my Slave units are used at 25 strong (i.e. 5x5)

Slaves with Spears. In 3rd just being armed with shield is worth it as little of regular(ish) strength reduces saves.

Storm Vermin for 3rd Ed. In 3rd double-handed flails count as double-handed weapons not flails.

I haven't finished painting all of my Slaves but I should have enough to finish off two more units of 25 along with these painted stragglers.

Gutter Runners

More Clan Rats

My Black Skaven (3rd) or Storm Vermin in later editions and are armed with halberds.


The original Vermin Lord mini from 4th Ed

My Jezzail Gun Line

A few Rat Ogres RRRRRAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Still the best Rat Ogres EVER!

Giant Rats on 25mm bases for 3rd Ed

The Army Centre

To the left

To the Right

As said, not the best photo's but at least it's got me back on my blog.

This is a really great article by Orlygg if you want to immerse yourself in Skaven Lore

Lastly, if you're a Rat Fan and you've never read this article by Andy "The Horned Rat" Chambers then get it read:

Now, time to paint up some more Dwarf Things to "Kill-Kill"..................................


  1. Now that is what I call 'an army'! They look great all fielded together like that and the painting really holds them together as a force. A good range of miniatures too, with no ghastly plastic CAD crap. Now, if this is your painted stuff what on earth is in the leadpile?

    1. "Everything counts in large amounts".

      I think all of Jes' originals are there somewhere with the exception of some of the smaller Giant Rats abd one of the Plague Monks that also can double as a Grey Seer. The lead mountain is big but a lot of it is middlehammer so you may shudder should you see it.

  2. (Un-)holy moley, Dave! That is a horde worthy of the council of thirteen. I begin to suspect that you and your brother are almost single-handedly responsible for the scarcity of oldhammer miniatures...

    1. Ha ha ha, Erny's Lead Mountain makes my pile look like a molehill!!!!

  3. Good job on Clan Nick It ;) More Skaven than you can wave a Rat at.

  4. Brilliant. Have you managed to play a game of 3rd edition with all that? Reckon it would be hard finding an opponent that had enough figures to play against your army. Even with skaven being cheap I would have thought that army is well over 5000 points worth.

    1. Oh yes indeedy, there are many in the Oldhammer community, not the least of which is my brother Erny.

      In 2014 at BOYL (Bring Out Your Lead) we produced this game (scroll down in the blog post for the game photos)

      and then in 2016 we produced this megaladon of a game:

  5. Impressive. Most impressive.

    I'm interested, as you obviously have minis from 4th and mention that you play 6th, why no Doom Wheel?

    1. Honestly? Because I despise it. Along with the Warp Lightning Cannon. I don't like introducing troop/artillery types to plug gaps. Generalship should do that.

      Plus the Doomwheel is cliche and demeaning. I don't mind poking fun at my army but for me the Doomwheel is a lazy joke at best. I just don't like it. Can't stand it.

  6. great to see such a classic army - I too have a Jes Goodwin / andy chambers mix of Skaven that I still play in 8th WFB

    1. Yeah, same as, only thing I won't play with it is "age of 40k in fantasy land dizzy" cause, well, because I don't want to. Can't be arsed with all the rules you seem to need just for your own army let alone someone elses.