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Thursday, 21 August 2014

I can't think of a title

The Snickit burrow will be invaded for a couple of weeks by a friend in need of a bed for a week or two which means my hobby room is now once again filled with the junk that was living in our guest room. I shouldn't really call it junk because it's actually the still unpacked boxes after moving home at the start of the year. Why is any of this relevant to you good reader? Simple, my paints are behind a wall of boxes so it's unlikely I'll get much painting done in the next couple of weeks - D'OH! That's my Nordlanders halted before they got off the ground!
I've decided to use this hiatus from the paint splodging to finish a post I drafted a few days back, prior to Mr. Rab posting up this and beating me to the idea of of a project list!!!!!
The gist was that it appears that my calendar now works slightly differently, instead of running from January to December since last year it now runs between BOYL’s.

So what does my painting list consist of:

  • The troops to play “The Battle of Maugthrond Pass” 4th edition scenario.

  •  Crack on with my 4th edition High Elves.

  • Convert and paint up my 3rd edition Treeman destruction protocol.

  • The Renaissance minis (Nordlanders) I picked up whilst at the Foundry.
  • Finish my 3rd edition Dwarfs

This doesn’t mean all I paint will appear at BOYL 2015 (although they may) more that it’s my targets to get done before the two weeks building up to the event where my furious painting of Skaven reinforcements will begin in earnest.
On top of all of this I also need to look at how to float Clan Snickit on the ocean. Ideally I'd have slave galleys or paddle ships worked by rat ogres. Not sure how I'm going to work that one but if I want to join in the salty sea dog fun at BOYL 2105 it's a must. 

Apparently this won't be taken seriously.........................

Right, I'm off to scope out some ships to steal and paint Skaven symbols all over.......................


  1. This looks very promising. Love that high elf dragon. Looking forward to seeing much more of this!

  2. coolio, if I gavitate to anything else (other than random Skaven stuff) then you have my permission to send the Eshin adepts after me!

  3. Actually I love the Sponge Bob ship - just couldn't resist the rats/sinking ship joke on the forum ; )

    Can't wait to see your anit-treeman device - the Laurel and HArdy pic made me chuckle!

    Quite excited to see the Maugthrond Pass scenario being done - that artwork definitely got the nostalgia glands firing, even with the strange curly talons on the Griffin that looked like they needed trimming by a good vet before they started in-growing. Always felt sorry for those wolves about to be swiped by a vicious Elf axeman too!

    Good luck with the Nordlanders once you get your painting space back,

    1. Cheers Dude. The Griffon claws seemed to become reality with the Griffon the Blood Island set, very curly!

      The Elf Axeman is one of the things that made me fall in live with the White Lions of 4th, awesome mini's!

  4. Can't wait to see your wood chopping machine!

    Although you're going to be one angry rat if people leave their treemen at home! ;-)

    1. Not really, it'll slice and dice many other things too. The main function is "Gribbly Smashing".