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Friday, 19 December 2014

High Elf Progress Update

My first unit is nearly finished. I'm really happy with how the paint scheme is working out. It's really simple but effective.

I'm planning something special for the shields, standard and champion. Hopefully I'll have them completed in time for my next update.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Lil' Snickit

My last post revealed I'm looking to strip old lead instead of buying up large swathes of old lead.

This is because I need to save a few pennies,


Well, I'm, exceedingly pleased to announce it's because the first Lil' Snickit is on the way, due to arrive at the the end of May/beginning of June - YAY!

To this end I have decided it's time to crack on with at least one of the multitude of projects I have planned but not started. With about 6 months lefts I've decided to prioritise my 4th Edition High Elves. I'm going to strip what I have at the moment and start again as the paint scheme I'd started recently (when I say recently, I mean in the last 5 years........) takes far too long so I've decided to go for something a lot quicker.

I'm going back to basics, a white undercoat (black is more effective but takes longer to get right) and a simple silver, white and blue colour scheme and an Army Painter Soft Tone Quick Shade Ink (not the dip, tried it, didn't like it). I will freely admit that this is not going to produce a Golden Daemon standard army but it'll make something I'm happy to game with.

I'm giving myself the 6 months and see how far I get.......................................... before I get distracted by another project................................ probably in a week or so.....................................

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Stripping's Fun

I've often experimented with stripping.

It often doesn't go as well as I'd like.

I recently got some pointers from others from the online community.

Mr Rab and Whiskey Priest both swear by the Fairy method.

So I tried it

I've started small.

I want to savour it and work it just right.

I have to say, Fairy Power Spray on minis apparently works a treat!!!!

Yeah OK I could do a better job but it's a good first effort.

There's a few tasty treats here from a Marauder Cold One, a 4th edition Chaos Sorcerer to the Minotaur but these two are my favourites:

That Rat Ogre is the harder one of the two original Jes Goodwin sculpts to lay your hands on so getting rid of the horrendously think layer of dark brown paint that covered him when I picked him up on ebay dirt cheap is a real bonus!

The paint on the Slayer was even thicker. He's an old Marauder sculpt but not one I'm familiar with, he can go with the other old slayer sculpts I have that I think were part of the Norse Dwarf range. I only have 6 of them at the moment but still, it's a good start.

Lastly, just for 24_Cigarettes (sorry Bud) I have a few Clanrats cleaned up, three of them are his favourite Skaven Clanrat mini but he's having trouble getting his hands on them. Sadly I need these ones Matey as I've recently switched to using Clanrats only armed with spears in my army and I need a few more to bulk up the units but I'm not that far off I think I need about another 15 for my purposes.

Next for the dip will be some Pistoliers and some unarmoured 5th edition High Elf Archers.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Snickit Goes To Geekdom Come

So as mentioned in my previous post I've cracked open the lid of my 4th edition Warhammer once more. When I started to sort out the cards in Battle Magic I stumbled upon a tragic error of my young life - elastic bands!

Now this may seem like an odd thing to realise was a mistake but elastic bands warp and degrade with age and lil' Snickit had bundled up the various magic item types and spell decks with the afore mentioned stretchable retainers. The result was rock hard elastic bands welded onto cards at the top and bottom of the piles.

I managed to remove offending bands without too much damage to the cards but it got me thinking about how to store them going forward and I came up with the idea of using trading card sleeves.

I may not be the first to come to the same conclusion but I haven't encountered anyone using the nifty storage method personally so I'm quite proud that my little brain came up with it and it works really nicely. It did however make my other half shake her head even more than normal at my odd geeky obsessions.

Oh well. Nevermind. I'm sure we've all dealt with the stare that manages to combine bafflement and disappointment in equal measure on many an occasion. Personally I think they look really nifty. Now my Magic Spells, Winds of Magic Cards, Magic Items and Chaos Rewards from "Warhammer Battle", "Battle Magic", "Warhammer Armies: Chaos", "Arcane Magic" and "Chronicles of War" all sit nicely together.

For those of you unfamiliar with "Chronicles of War" it was a supplement published in 1995 that collated several articles from White Dwarf together (most of them battle reports) and also provided a few extra magic items, most of them scrolls that had effects similar to Dispel Magic Scrolls but with weird and wonderful effects.

I bought a pack of 100 sleeves and once I'd completed these I had some left over so I did the same to my 5th edition Magic Items/Spells/Winds of Magic cards, only, I ran out so I needed some more sleeves so I've bought another 100 and I'm going to give "Dark Millenium" the same treatment!

Yeah I know I'm sad but be honest, you're the one reading this and wondering if you should do the same..................................