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Monday, 24 February 2014

A Few Bad Men (and Beasts and Daemons)

So here, as promised, are a few pics of the rushed minis I did for last year's Oldhammer day day at the Foundry. The Slaaneshi stuff never made light of day as I failed to take part in the Warband bash. I must stress these were rushed and now as I look at them I think they need lot more work if they're going to join up with my Dark Elf ally contingent (which will hopefully soon be progressing nicely) to form the staring blocks of a larger Slaanesh army.

The Plaguebearers however saw action against Gaj as summoned generic lesser Daemons and along with the Jezzailachis pretty much won the game for me, so I apologise to Gaj if he doesn't particularly want to see these again.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

And The Winner Is............................

Dark Elves.........................................


Simple, I have some already so not too much of a cost outlay.

Secondly it's because I love the Marauder minis of them. I have done for years, helped by the Dark Elf Warband in White Dwarf 144. The only reason I haven't truly pursued an army of the evil pointy ears is that they were one of the Armies Errny coveted also.

The problem with not collecting armies my dearest Brother collects is that it leaves precious few options. It was one of the big instigators behind my choice and continued devotion to Skaven. I have now decided though that not treading on my Siblings toes can no longer be a reason for not collecting an army of minis that makes me smile (a wicked dark smile).

I plan on this force fulfilling two functions, they will primarily be an allied force for my Skaven but they will also form the basis of a Slaaneshi army that will have the Beastmen and Thugs added to them that I painted as my Warband for the previous "Bring Out Your Lead" that I sadly never got around to using. Once I've dug these out from whichever box they reside in post move I'll post them up. For now here's the rest of what I have already.

As soon as the weather abates I'll get out into the garage and give this lot a spray undercoat and start painting. I also have one or two irons in the fire on Ebay for adding to this little lot.......................

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Time for a Rethink...........

I said yesterday about painting up a new army for this year's "Bring Out Your Lead", the Oldhammerer meet up in Nottingham in the summer, and I had the idea to finally paint up the 3rd edition Dwarf Army I've been promising myself since I was twelve. Sadly a realisation dawned on me, the latest GW Armies book is Dwarves which means Ebay prices on Dwarf stuff will be at a premium for the next few months - D'OH!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, time for a rethink. One if my reasons for liking Skaven is that I very rarely see other Skaven armies, they're relatively rare. So, ideally, I'd like another rare army but not so rare as to cost a humongous fortune. That rules out Orcs & Goblins and any form of Chaos on the popularity front and Slann on the cost front. The aforementioned Dwarfs can be discounted at present for both reasons.

This pretty much leaves the three flavours of Elves, both of the Human nations and Undead. I already own a sizeable Undead army but I can't decide if that excludes them or pushes them to the front of the queue.


Anyone want to offer some sagely advice?

Saturday, 15 February 2014

TAP TAP TAP! Hello! Hello! Is this thing on?

I'm sat here in my girlfriend's parent's house typing this out on my phone. I've been busy moving and getting the house sorted post move which means the gaming, modelling and blogging has been neglected. Not good at all! It's time to get back on track.

I've just been reading one if my Brother's posts and he mentions he's going to paint a new army for this years "Bring Out Your Lead". Should this be my target to get me back on track? Maybe, just maybe.....................