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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dungeon Bash Minis

Myself a few other members of OGRE (I assume I'm a member, I've never paid a sub or anything........) will be meeting at Erny's Place, (not this one but his actual gaff, the one with the kitchen that appears in a lot of his photo's, being his brother I can verify it does indeed exist and is not a mythical land) for a dungeon bash.

Erny's putting together rules for this that he's bashing together from 3rd edition.

I'm going to be playing a Wizard character and the mini I've selected is this one from Otherworld Miniatures (

I'll be painting mine up as a Grey Wizard (yeah, I know colour magic isn't strictly speaking 3rd but hey ho, it's Oldhammer not Rulehammer) because I love the manipulative nature of a Grey Wizard, secretly moving chess pieces in the furtherance of the "greater good" (a very useful plot device too!).

I also picked up the following minis because, well, because they're rather gorgeous to be honest.

Can't wait for them to arrive so I can begin my paint splodging of the Wizard!


  1. Love that wizard with the skullcap, looks just like Merlin from Excalibur and in a great pose too.

    1. I made a similar observation on the Forum, great mini and perfect for the role of a dungeon bash wizard.

  2. These guys look as good as Erny's kitchen, if not better.

    1. Ooooooo strong words there;

      They are stunning so I hope they'll be a joy to paint.

  3. We should all get T-shirts printed with "I've gamed in Erny's mythical kitchen" printed as a mark of honour. ;-)

    Really looking forward to this game and seeing what you and everyone else has done with their characters.

    1. He's my brother, there's nought mythical about that kitchen to me matey (apart from how my Sister-in-Law lets him get away with painting in it!).

  4. There's a magical place
    We're on our way there
    With minis in their millions
    All under one roof
    It's Called Ern-ys Place!!

    Soon after worktime
    When dice rolling calls
    Erny’s speed painting helps
    paint up orcs, goblins, humans and elves
    From ceiling to floor

    Bowmen, Borderguards and Pikes
    Skellies, Zombies and Trolls
    Bats, Spaceships and Trikes

    There's Millions says Erny
    All under one roof

    It's Called Erny’s Place! Erny’s Place! Erny’s Place!

    1. I'm blaming antipixi................................. (looks around shiftily)

    2. Who? Me? What I do???

      (Love it!!!)