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Monday, 17 July 2017

It's a Small World Afterall

OK, so here's my latest update on the “I’m a Dad with No Time, or, I’m a Slow Painter” Challenge.

With time ticking down to BOYL2017 I really did need to get a wiggle on and over the last couple of weeks I’ve put the time in and managed to pretty much finish up my Imperial Dwarf Army.

Before we take a look here’s a recap of the guidelines to the challenge:

  1. This is not a competition. There is no prize. It's not a painting competition nor is it a tournament. It's a friendly little nudge to get the lead pile reduced.
  2. The army should be a compact little 1000pt force. My army will be selected from WFB 3rd edition and will adhere to army lists in Warhammer Armies. My original idea was for others to do the same. It still is really but people should feel free to use extra 3rd rules printed in White Dwarf such as Gyrocopters and Iron Claw Goblin Catapults and also Realms of Chaos. If you really want to collect a 1000pt force from a different edition then please do feel free but bear in mind that if you want to play games with a different edition at BOYL2017 then you'll need opponents playing the same edition.
  3. Compulsory troops and unit minimums are reduced to a third of the specified numbers (rounding up) so, as an example, a 3000 point Wood Elf Army should have 30 Archers but as we're playing 1000pts you only need to include 10 Archers to fulfill your quota of compulsory troops. Minimum unit sizes do not drop below 5.
  4. The Army MUST be painted (shields and banners included).
  5. The Army must be painted between now and BOYL2017. The minis can be stripped and repainted minis you have painted before this challenge but the repaints must be done in the "now to BOYL2017" time frame. If you have miniatures already painted you want to include then these are additional to you 1000pt painting target and you can pick your final 1000pts from all available painted models.
  6. Miniatures can be of any manufacturer and time period.
  7. I reserve the right to impose extra rules to this list should I see fit.

Now, without further ado, here’s the (nearly complete) Imperial Dwarf Throng of Thodrin Grumsson, Uncle to the King of Karak Durak.

(NB: yes I know I still have Standards to paint)

After a lot of teeth gnashing and beard pulling I've settled upon one of the old Dwarf Lord models as my General for the time being.

I decided this guy fitted in best with the rest of my Imperial Dwarfs as he had the clothing to support the halved colour scheme theme I unashamedly stole from Wayne England.

Armed with a double-handed sword he can dish out a fair bit of damage and has a high enough Weapon Skill and Toughness to survive a lot of damage thrown back at him.

Eventually this chap will lead my Longbeards once they're painted up and my real Dwarf King is added to the Throng.

For now though Thodrin leads the Kings Guard, unit of Hammers known as the "Gate Smashers"

The standard bearer and musician are taken from the Dwarfs I bought from Bood Wargames Miniatures ( and as soon as I saw them I knew where I wanted to use them, they fit in nicely alongside the Perry Dwarf I have used repeatedly to make my Hammerer unit - "C06 Falan Lukic Ketri Trollhammer".

The standard top depicts a Rams head (battering rams are used for smashing gates after all) and was taken off of a Black Tree Design/Harlequin Dwarf standard. and I think it looks rather nifty!

I was going to paint up "Prince Ulther's Dragon Company" as Ironbreakers, and to be honest I have them almost finished but after playing a few test games I realised that whilst my Army has amazing staying power it lacked the strength to deliver a knock out blow and Hammerers should give me that.

I'm also a stickler for uniformity as I find it easier to paint (please don't think ill of me), especially when mass producing units "quickly".

Here's a few new shots of stuff I've shown you before.

Bron's Boar Spears look resplendent on their new movement try allowing me to display all 21 (note Skolsson at the back necking back a beer, one of Bood's drunk Dwarfs sneaks in).

Flekki's Sharpshooters (I need a better name for theses guys) have been added to, they now number 15 as experience has taught me 10 crossbows wasn't enough. That said I'm not sure I can afford more than 10 in 1000pts when everything else has been added in.

Helga the Howler has done some terrible damage so far.

I have two more units almost finished. I have Prince Ulthers Dragon Company (I certainly can't afford a second unit of elites in 1000pts) and a second unit of Warriors, "the Raven Watch" that are armed with hand weapons. I definitely want to finish off the Warriors before BOYL to give me options. Only problem with options of course is the same thing as the benefit - working out what to leave out.....................................

Thanks for stopping by and reading my inane ramblings.

Please do leave a comment if you would be so kind.


  1. Great looking force mate, never been a good guy dwarf player but it almost makes me wish back in the day I was hehe

    1. Cheers Bud, maybe you need to break out your Chaos Stunties for a rumble then!!!!!

  2. They look great, wonderful army, nicely painted and well thought out. I like the Hammers with all the same miniature, and the Bell Bombard cannon. The army general looks the part, even if it is a temporary appointment! Nice to see missile troops in a wedge formation too. :)

    1. Awwww thanks Dude, it's probably the Army I'm most proud of, but then I think that's true of anyone.

      The more we paint the better we get so I guess logic dictates the latest Army should be "better" painted than previous ones.

  3. They look great man.

    Looking forward to seeing them in the flesh.

    1. Too kind Dude, should be there bright and early on Friday.

  4. Awesome work! Always great to see someone achieve a goal, especially when that goal is a painted army. Really great job

    1. Thanks Bud, it's been an ambition for about 25 years to own a painted Dwarf army and now that ambition is realised - WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!

  5. Congrats on making your mark on this army, 1000pts is quite a lot for papahammer, well done.
    I strongly recommend taking as many crossbowmen as possible; they're still dwarves in armour and can take shields, I've found in low point games that units which can perform multiple tasks are a huge asset. Just my two cents. Best of luck at BOYL!

    1. I totally agree and have some shields to finish off to attach to them.

      The extra Warriors were going to be my sacrificial unit (Fanatics/Plague Censer's anyone?) but a small unit of 5 skirmishing crossbowmen (allowed due to the reduced units sizes of a 1000pt battle) can fulfil the same job, arguably better, if they can survive the waddle in.

  6. Love it! Good luck on getting the force ready for BOYL. I recently found a bunch of half finished plastic dwarves I want to build an army around. I can't decide if I want to look for originals or go with Black Tree Design, Foundry or Bood for the rest.

  7. Thanks Dude.

    I'd go with which ever would be contemporary (or based upon that line) at the time, so if they're the plastic fantasy regiments unit go with Bood, if they're the 4th ed plastics go with Black Tree Design (cheap as chips at the moment too, I have a large 4th ed Dwarf army to get painted up featuring a lot of Black Tree Dwarfs).