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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I'm dooooooiiiinnnnnggggggg it.............. God! You're sooooooooooooo unfair!

So after a late finish at work I didn't get as much time to crack on tonight as I'd hoped.

I've started my shield designs, they're very rough and they're certainly not ready to be shown yet. I don't mind them being rough as I imagine that they're splodged on by the Clanrats themselves.

I've also found some Clan Moulder Giant Rats that I've decided to add to my list of items to get done before BOYL 2014 because I'm worried I won't have enough to choose from..................................

Speaking of Clan Moulder here's some pictures of these guys so that this post isn't without pictures!


  1. Two posts in one day?! Madness I say sir, madness. I'm currently burning the midnight oil, or rum I should say trying to get some more figs up to gaming standard. Speaking of standards I'm off to the cottage or camp as many Canucks call it but I would love to have the BSB finished for Chicos latest challenge. Hope you can get yours done as well.... Never have too many skaven in a painting competition our vile race is usually lacking in entries.
    Best of luck!

    1. Strictly speaking they were on two seperate days but not much in it really.

      These guys are a mixture of painted within the last year and some as old as five or six or possibly older. I just wnated to add some painted mini's to the post and I realised I haven't really done any decent photo's of my Skaven, just some blury group shots so I decided to start showing them off. This means I'm probably opening myself up to much head shaking and scornful looks form much better painters than I but hey, these are a standard I'm happy to game with. I'm certainly no Golden Gobbo or Golden Daemon winner.

      Hopefully soon I'll have some new additions to show off but it's unlikely to be until Sunday as I'm out with work tonight (FOC - top night!) then out with the other half on Friday after work and in London all day Saturday - D'OH!

    2. *and some as old as painted up to five or six years ago or possibly even older.

    3. I hate an odd number of comments