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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Multi Player Mechanics

Boy Oh Boy!

Am I looking forward to this weekend or what????

Ummmmmmmmmmmm, well, yes I am as a matter of fact!

On Friday night dearest brother Erny and the infamous Whiskey Priest will be descending upon casa Snickit for an evening of gaming with some of Col's recently painted Elizabethan Gothic minis. For those of you who haven't seen these then hot foot it over to to check them out. Add in some beers and some munchies and Friday night is shaping up nicely.

Following on from Friday night's festival of blokey gaming will be Saturday's offering. Erny is staying with me for the weekend and one of my oldest friends, Al, will be joining us.  Al hasn't gamed much recently, his last piece of small lead man based fun and shenanigans would of come over 5 years ago, poor fella. I've recently managed to persuade Mr. Al to pick up his brushes again and he's even said he's bringing some Flagellents with him that he's recently finished (I'll post these up once I've seen them to try and entice blogging out of him!).

Erny has suggested that maybe we should start brining him into the Oldhammer fold with something familiar so we may have a bit of a bash at 4th Edition. Quick to play and suitably nostalgic, as it was the version we played the most as kids, I reckon this is just the ticket.

The only problem is that there will be three of us playing and all of us are going to want to join in the fun and not be a boring old smelly GM so either we play several games with one of us sitting out in turn or we play a 3-way game (ooo'eeer Mrs.!!!).

At first I was going to go for the former as it seems like the easiest option but now I'm not so sure and now I think we'll go 3-way.

For deployment zones I think we'll have to dice off for board corner that we can deploy in with the winner picking which corner, the second highest picking from the remaining three and the the lowest getting to pick from the remaining two.

I think maybe map deployment will best to resolve who deploys first and for an easy way of resolving the turn based sequence of play I'm going to introduce a random element. We'll dice off for who goes first/second/third each game turn with any tied rolls being re-rolled. I also think we may need to roll 3 dice for the winds of magic.

We may have to wing it on combats if we end up with any 3 way ones of these but in essence I think logic would dictate that only one side can win out of the three so the other two flee and the winner picks who to chase (if anyone) and if two draw and the third flees then he gets to flee safely whilst the other two remain locked in combat.

Anyone want to chip in their thoughts on my simple resolution of the multi-player issues?


  1. Winging it is the way forward. Can't wait to hear about the results!

    1. I'll try and get some photo's and reports posted up on Sunday.

  2. When we play with 3 players, we usually go 2 vs 1, the more experienced player being alone. Of course the forces are equal sized on each side. Every time we tried to go with a 3 way battle one of us got hammered from both sides. Do tell us how it went and good luck!

    1. Interesting, I've got no issue the ganging up thing in this game but I think if I did multiplayer games regularly then it would get tedious.

      I'll see how it goes and post up the results and after thoughts.