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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Stripping's Fun

I've often experimented with stripping.

It often doesn't go as well as I'd like.

I recently got some pointers from others from the online community.

Mr Rab and Whiskey Priest both swear by the Fairy method.

So I tried it

I've started small.

I want to savour it and work it just right.

I have to say, Fairy Power Spray on minis apparently works a treat!!!!

Yeah OK I could do a better job but it's a good first effort.

There's a few tasty treats here from a Marauder Cold One, a 4th edition Chaos Sorcerer to the Minotaur but these two are my favourites:

That Rat Ogre is the harder one of the two original Jes Goodwin sculpts to lay your hands on so getting rid of the horrendously think layer of dark brown paint that covered him when I picked him up on ebay dirt cheap is a real bonus!

The paint on the Slayer was even thicker. He's an old Marauder sculpt but not one I'm familiar with, he can go with the other old slayer sculpts I have that I think were part of the Norse Dwarf range. I only have 6 of them at the moment but still, it's a good start.

Lastly, just for 24_Cigarettes (sorry Bud) I have a few Clanrats cleaned up, three of them are his favourite Skaven Clanrat mini but he's having trouble getting his hands on them. Sadly I need these ones Matey as I've recently switched to using Clanrats only armed with spears in my army and I need a few more to bulk up the units but I'm not that far off I think I need about another 15 for my purposes.

Next for the dip will be some Pistoliers and some unarmoured 5th edition High Elf Archers.


  1. Ya I've only ever taken Clanrats with spears. The 1/2 point is ridiculous, you get +1 to an already high initiative and every other model in the second rank being able to fight is just the icing on the cake. I've only got 60 with spears but that's all my lists call for. But those 4 that you've shown are the coolest spear armed Clanrat figure.

  2. I've got shed loads of 'em. I always used to use just spear armed ones but I felt bad not using the hand weapon armed ones. Now my collection is so big I tell myself I can't use everything!

  3. Told you! Lots of nice fresh lead for you to get your teeth into.

    1. Oh yes indeedy.

      There is a reason for my turn to stripping old lead, I need to save some cash so I have to slow up on my spending. More on which coming up..............................................