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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Swapping the Rat's Tail for Plate and Mail

As those of you who follow Whiskey Priest's Blog will know we recently had a game of the Osprey game "Lion Rampant"  (and if you don't already follow this most excellent blog then why not? Get yourself over to and then come back here).

We found the rules to be very user friendly and quick to play. Seeing as you don't need many models to play it's perfect for an evening's gaming. I don't have any medieval types painted up (at present) so I made use of the Priest's amazing collection of minis. It has had me checking out the options for a quick retinue and as I have a bunch of 5th edition Warhammer Bret's unpainted (mainly Knights of the Realm, Knights Rampant and Archers) I think I've decided to use these as the basis with a pack of Fireforge Men-at-Arms foot to add some crossbowmen and foot retainers. Yes I know a lot of you are grumbling, stroking your beards and gnashing your teeth like a veteran Dwarf looking at a young beard running from a bunch of Gobbos at the prospect of plastic miniatures but they're a good cost effective way of getting the basic troops.

The game is played in turns by activating and perfoming an action with each unit. When you fail an activation the turn passes to your opponent (it reminded me of Blood Bowl and Songs of Blades and Glory). This leads to a lot of tension when it comes down to the rolls that will decide the outcome of the game (or even just that charge that you definitely want to get in but fail to activate). We both found it really weird that it's not a ranked up game, the figures deploy and move as skirmishers and unless you're used to units moving this way then I think it'll throw most people, try it and you'll see what I mean.

Whiskey and I also like the idea of the alternative retinues such as Robin Hood's Merry Men, Arthur and Mordred (fierce foot needing horned helmets made me giggle) and the Old School Fantasy. I like the idea of using some Warhammer Empire too, with Knightly Orders as Mounted Men-at-Arms, Winged Lancers as Mounted Serjeants and Horse Archers as Mounted Yoemen (or some Kriegsritter). Sadly I don't own any Winged Lancers but I have a hankering for some Foundry Winged Hussars (

Anyhow, here's some pictures of the game, it was loads of fun and definitely something I'd want to play again. It was also the first time I've played Mr. Priest and I have to say, as with all of the friends I've made in the Oldhammer community he was a Gent of an opponent.

My Mounted Men-at-Arms with a unit of Archers.

Serjeants and Yeomen


My objective, a cannon, being guarded by Whiskey's Serjeants and Crossbowmen.


Whiskey's Mounted Men-at-Arms, Archers and Yeomen.

My Leader Heroically challenges Whiskey's Leader to single combat.............

...............................and Bravely slays his opponent.

A closer look at Whiskey's Crossbows

His Footmen fled and rallied behind some houses.

Whiskey's Archers and Yeomen arrive to reinforce the cannon's defence

My Foot Men-At-Arms flee from the attack.

Our Mounted Men-at-Arms clash repeatedly, neither side gaining any real advantage

Our Footmen Clash.

Both run away

My Yeomen move into a position to strike against the troops protecting the cannon

A close up of Whiskey's Footmen

The cannon with it's Crossbow protectors

A close up of one of Whiskey's Knights, great paint job here.

Some Archers

My Mounted Men-at-Arms

The cannon position is heavily defended

I make an attack

but get repelled but Whiskey's troops also flee leaving a clear path to the cannon.

After a sting of failed activations from both sides the cannon is finally reached and the game ends with a win for me - yay me!
Right, time to work on painting heraldry...............................

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