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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Thank Gob, Nearly There

I've nearly finished painting Gobbos for "The Battle for Maugthrond Pass".

Well, in actual fact I've now painted enough to represent all Gobbos that I need but I want to add a few more to make the mobs playable outside of the scenario.

First up are the last few recruits to the "Bone Mob". I still need to add shields and a Standard.

In the scenario the "Bone Mob" is 16 strong with no Champion, Standard Bearer or Musician. I've now painted 20 Gobbos for this mob in order to take them up to minimum needed for a Gobbo unit in 3rd Edition.

Here's a few close ups of the Champion.

He looks like he may need to be high level officer, a right hand Gobbo/rival to Grom within the "Broken Axe".

The whole unit looks rather cool.

Next up are some more stikkas, firstly four more members of "The Fang Stikkas" who in my interpretation of the scenario are also member of Grom's own "Broken Axe" tribe.

I still have a leader for these guys and I'm child like excited to get him done, but only because he's a memorable mini from my childhood.

Next up is a single addition to "the Stingers", another mob of stikkas.

This is the smallest mob in the scenario at 8 strong. Outside of the scenario they'll be absorbed into the 12 strong "Fang Stikkas" (I'll also come up with my own name) and this will make the minimum 20 strong requirement needed for stikkas in 3rd Ed.

Last up are 3 Iron Claw Gobbos.

The spear armed dude will go into "The Iron Mob" for the scenario. The stikka will go into "The Claw Stikkas" and actually takes them up to 14 strong, 2 more than I need but I actually want to obtain 6 more to round this unit up to 20 also.

The central chap will be the leader of my Iron Claw Gobbos outside of the scenario.

Armed with a sword and a ball and chain this guy looks like a real menace.

Here's a shot of the lovely bright orange colour I've chosen as one of the two colours for my "Iron Claw" Goblins (the other being Army Painter Wolf Grey). I know some people won't like my "uniforming" of my Goblins but I just tend to find a limited palette  speeds up my painting time and is a little more pleasing to my eye.

That's your lot for tonight. As usual, it's not gonna win Golden Daemon but I'm more than happy to take them to the battlefield.

Thanks for taking the time to indulge me, any comments or constructive criticism you care to leave below is very welcome.


  1. Nice work! I think my favourite is the Bone Mob's champion, you've captured his goblin cunning well :)

    1. Too kind Sir, I love that model but I've also fallen in love with Bob Olley's Iron Claw Goblins over the course of this project.

  2. Quality work on some fairly underrated minis mate. Normally Bob's work divides opinion, but I've always found his stuff to be a joy to paint (if a little intimidating from time to time).

    1. Honestly Matey I don't think I appreciated his work until I started painting his Gobbos this month, suddenly I got it, his mini's are packed full of flavour and character. Are there more perfect sculptors? Yes, are there any that pack in quite that much character? Maybe not. I may have to look at his Black Orcs in the future. I'm defiantly a convert.