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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Gob Shoters

Here's my next batch of Gobbos for "The Battle for Maugthrond Pass" scenario I'm running at BOYL2016. I need 32 of these guys, two 12's and an 8. I've not quite done all 32 yet but I'm not far off.

I'm posting them up a little later than I'd hoped after struggling a little to get as much painting time in as I'd planned. I'm still roughly on track to complete in time for the event.

First up are seven of the 12 Goblins needed for the first mob, "The Fang". I've painted these chaps up in the yellow and red scheme I've chosen for the Broken Axe (Grom's own tribe). The remaining 5 of these guys contains the unit champion who's a rather special mini for me for nostalgic reasons. I can't wait to get him painted up and added to the rest of the ladz.

 Now "The Stingers", a unit that will be 8 strong when finished.

And now, after once again falling in love during painting as I did with their spear armed counterparts, a unit of Iron Claw stikkas, here representing "The Claw". These Olley Gobbos are awesome minis and I'm going to have to scour ebay to get some more to eventually bump them up to 20.

This chap is going to be the unit champion and I think it's cracking mini, full of malice. I've not yet come up with a name for him, any suggestions would be greatly received and considered.

A few more Gobbos and I'll of done all of them and I can move onto either the Elves or the Orcs, not sure which yet, probably the Orcs so I have all of the Greenskins done by the end of June.

Thanks for reading, any comments greatly appreciated.


  1. Looking good. Bob did some gob is for ralpatha that would go well with the iron claw boyz at a cheaper price.

    1. I may need to investigate then!

      Thanks for the "looking good" comment, coming form someone with a lovely looking O&G army like yourself it means a lot, oh and just generally because praise from a sibling is always nice =)

  2. Lovely work on those mini's for your oldhammer take on a 4th edition scenario.

    How about calling that Champion Sneertooth?

    1. Why thank you sir!

      Sneertooth? I like it! Although he needs a Gobbo name first so he'll be (insert goblin name) Sneertooth.


    2. I ain't unleashing no lion..................