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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Watsit all abaut Gromie?

So that you all know what I'm banging on about I thought I'd best give you a quick run down of the scenario in question I'm working on.

The Battle for Maugthrond Pass is the scenario from the Warhammer 4th edition boxed set and pits High Elves Vs Goblins. The Elves have to defend the Pass of Maugthrond from the Goblin attack.
The Elf force is led by Eltharion, an Elf Lord riding a Griffon. Under his command he has two units of Spearmen (one 12 strong and another 8 strong), four units of 5 Archers and a Repeater Bolt Thrower.

"Eltharion" (not yet the Grim) riding the Griffon "Stormwing"

The Goblins are led by Grom the Paunch, a Goblin Warlord riding in a chariot pulled by 3 wolves.  The Army also contains an Orc Master Shamen called Blacktooth riding a Wyvern. Sadly, because the scenario boxed set was released prior to the later released Battle Magic, the Shamen has no spells as such but does have a Staff of Lightning to throw a little magic around with. The Goblin units consist of two units of 16 spear armed Gobbos and 3 of Archers (two 12’s and an 8). They also have a Stone Thrower crewed by 3 Orcs.

"Grom the Paunch" as his "original" concept for 4th edition, the miniature would be slightly different as the driver would be replaced by Nibblit, his trusty Banner Bearer.
 NB: the Eltharion and Grom used in this scenario do not use the special rules for these characters from their respective 4th Edition Army Books.
Blacktooth the Orc Shamen mounted on his War Wyvern "Doom Serpent"

Battlefield has a centrally placed village (represented, as usual in this sort of thing, by 1 building.................) with a hill placed north and south on either side of the village along the long edges of the battlefield. One the northern hill is a beacon and a watch tower (confusingly called the east watch tower). On the southern hill is a Magical Standing Stone (Blacktooth's objective is to destroy this stone, if/when he does his magical amulet is activated). There are woods in each corner of the battlefield.

The Goblins deploy on the Eastern table edge (one of the short edges) between the two woods in each corner. Blacktooth does not deploy with the rest of the Goblin Army, he arrives later in the game.

The Elves are even more split with Eltharion and three of the four units of Archers starting the game off the board. The remaining unit of Archers starts on the Northern Hill along with the Bolt Thrower. The Spearmen start in the village. On the Elves first turn only the Northern Archers (eee by gum) and Bolt Thrower can move. If they manage to light the beacon it affects when the other units are activated. Eltharion arrives in turn 5. The game lasts for 7 turns (so he best be used wisely when eventually turns up).

That's basically it in a nutshell. So, if you're coming to BOYL2016 are you gonna come have a go?

Grom's actual original portrayal, he even had his own regiment of renown not once but twice.


  1. I remember 4th ed with much fondness, it's the only edition of WFB I've ever played....

    1. Played most editions, is it my favourite? Dunno, they all have their plus' and minus'.

      I know it's one I remember with a lot of love and nostalgia and that is, for me, what Oldhammer is all about.