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Friday, 20 May 2016

I'm a Turkey and I'm Voting for Christmas

I haven’t been completely idle of gaming related time absorption during my sabbatical from the hobby. I’ve gotten in a few games of “Frost Grave” with Erny and Golgfag and I’ve even painted a few things.
The painting involved a new Skaven Warlock to lead my “Frost Grave” Warband, more of which when I’ve gotten the Warband themselves painted up. I’ve taken the time to repainted my Talabheim Battle Masters Crossbowmen to be Middeheim* instead. I’ve also bulked up both the plastic Spearmen and Sword Masters for my 4th edition High Elves to 20 models including Musicians now. The latter was probably a mistake, at 16 points each these 5 minis are virtually 100 points on their own. In a small game this isn’t cost effective use of points and they’re very brittle only wearing light armour. I think they’re probably best off used in units of 10 to 12 and used as “damage inflictors” working alongside a phalanx of Spearmen (yes, I too can learn from history). Luckily when I’ve completed my BOYL2016 project I’ll have a second unit of 20 Spearmen ready to go.
Sorry there’s no photo’s of the above, they’re all packed away in boxes in the loft and the other half is not keen on me breaking them out right now but I’ll whip them out soon as I get a chance to take some snaps. What I can show you though is the last thing I’ve painted, a plastic Grey Wizard originally found in the Warhammer Quest game (I think, or could have been Talisman but I’m pretty sure it was Warhammer Quest) who was part of my Birthday present from Erny and I’ve always loved this model. The photo of him below shows him next to the metal Grey Wizard I painted at Christmas time last year. I admit you can tell he’s plastic but I don’t think it’d be that obvious when he’s waltzing around on the battlefield.


It’s a bit suicidal of me painting him up as he’ll most likely get used the most by my mate Alan when he uses his Empire Army against me and borrows these two. He’s obsessed with Grey Wizards (as am I after Erny described them as the Jedi of the Warhammer world) but his obsession is dangerous, or at least it is if you’re playing against him. His choice of Grey Wizards is mainly down to the various movement spells you can get in different versions of the game. He just loves slamming heavily armed and armoured Knights into my big blocks of Rats with them and in our current 4th edition loving frame of mind that means the most effective version of them all - the game changing “Bridge of Shadows” and more Grey Wizards means a greater likelihood of getting this spell – OPPSSS!

Time to invest in even more Dispel Magic Scrolls me thinks…………………………………

*The repainting of these lovely and expendable plastics is part of an exceedingly long plan to one day play the Storm of Chaos Campaign with my Son when he’s old enough should he ever be inclined. If you want to know just how long term this plan is then all I need to say is that he’s just turned one. So, that’d be a very long term plan then.


  1. So glad to see you back, the Wizards look great. Let's see the Frostgrave Warband!

    1. Ha ha, I've been using stands ins from Clan Snickit for now and my BOYL project will take up all my painting time for now but I defo want to get the Frost Grave stuff done, possibly to try out a different painting style for the Rats.

  2. Love those old Grey Wizards, mostly because of that very nice spell in 4th ed :D

    1. Horrid evil spell - I've been on the receiving end far too many times!