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Sunday, 22 May 2016

And so it begins..............................

................................................not with the glamorous silvered steel of the Elves but with the twisted spear of the Goblin.

This year at BOYL2016 I'll be running "The Battle for Maugthrond Pass" and my work on this project has begun. Sadly I've been away this weekend so not been able to get a great deal done but I've managed to get the flesh started on the majority of the spear armed Goblins that I need.

Considering I need 32 of these along with 32 Gobbo Bows too there's a long way to go on the Gobbos but I reckon with a good headwind I should be able to get them done!

I'll be picking out the remaining 8 I need for the scenario from this lot.

One thing that has leapt out at me is the names of the two mobs in scenario - the Bone Mob and the Iron Mob. With a large number of the Goblins I'll be using drawn from Bob Olley's Iron Claw Goblins ( was one of the mobs that they play tested with made up of Iron Claw Gobbo's too and hence the Iron Mob name?

Dunno, but I'll be putting all of my Iron Claw Gobbos into the one mob as a little personal nod to "The Claw". Although I only have 14, not the 16 I need. I may hit ebay afterall, or if anyone has a few and they want to trade/sell/donate (worth a try..............................) then let me know. I may need to see if Erny has a few to spare, I'm sure he has, he's got multiples of most Orcy/Gobbo things.

If I can get the first 24 done from the first photo by the end of the week then I'll defo feel like I'm on track.

If anyone wants a go at this scenario at BOYL2016 then let me know on this thread on the Oldhammer Forum

Ta Muchly All.


  1. I just received an all but complete copy of the 4th edition box in the mail today, with this scenario pack and all the leaflets.
    Really looking forward to having a go.

    1. I love the scenario, it reminds me of being 12 and opening the boxed set for the first time. We (Erny and I ) had been playing 3rd Ed for sometime with a couple of Regiments of Renown, a box of Fantasy Regiments plastics and smattering of Heroquest Figures, some lead minis from blister packs (and a few non GW minis) and a load of card stand ins. Suddenly here was over 100 minis in one hit! Marvelous!

  2. I have a bunch of iron claw you could use if you are so inclined however I also think I have some lead 4th ed goblins knocking about. I know I have a whole bunch of lead night goblin archers you could use, I know they aren't necessarily night goblins in the scenario but that is the way its always been shown.

    Given the marauder symbol is a skull I can also offer a bunch of marauder goblins for the bone tribe.

    Anyway6 good luck, excellent green start.

    1. I think I may have to use some metal Night Gobbos for archers anyhow as I'm about 8 short of the 32 and one of the three units of Archers is 8 strong so looks like that's the way I'm going.

      I'll nab a couple of spear armed Iron Claws if you don't mind, work out how much you want and fire them over.

      The Bone Mob I'll just use a mix of what I've got left.

  3. Good luck, I will follow your progress with interest. I'm starting my own goblin (mostly 4th edition Kev Adams) force next year. Been collecting the little green bastards for years and can't wait to start!

    1. I look forward to seeing them.

      I've always preferred Goblins to Orcs, not sure why, guess I prefer the underdog. Grom's Goblin Horde has been a desire for sometime (over 20 years!).

    2. Same here! I love the 4th edition goblins because they looked stupid and malicious, instead of just evil. Orcs are just big dumbasses.

      I have a few orcs in my projet but I'm keeping it to a minimum.

    3. Same, I'll defo have Orcs, just lots more Gobbos.

      I've got a nice big unit of the hand weapon armed Gobbos from 4th, these are some of my favourite minis ever.

    4. Also some of my fav, and they are susprisingly hard to find, too!

    5. I'll get them done sometime soon after BOYL2016 then to allow you to jealously drool over them then =)