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Friday, 14 August 2015

Found at Last- Flamming Brilliant!

I'm sure we've all done it, lost a mini we need somewhere in the lead pile and you just can't find it until you stop looking for it!

For it was this Chap, a Bright Wizard (OK his plastic not lead). You'll have to excuse the rushed blurry pics.

I painted him about 8 years ago and was quite happy with my work but then, after playing some Advanced Hero Quest (solo games for my shame.....) with him just over 3 and a half years ago I tided him away and I hadn't been able to find him since.

Until last night!

Whilst scouting around for my Dark Elves (naturally after committing to paint High Elves and Goblins for "The Battle For Maugthrond Pass" scenario for BOYL 2016) I happened upon a box that I couldn't remember packing before we moved.Opening it up I found, to my delight, the mini I'd be hunting for for the last few years.

He needs a bit more work and I'll post up better pics when I've done him but now I want to paint my Empire up so I can use him - oh the fickle nature of being a gamer.........................


  1. Cool find. I love the old empire wizards from the different schools of magician always wanted the light wizard with the Egyptian look.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing him painted. If I may impose though, his hair looks a bit gingerish, it won't pop with the red robes, black or even white hair will really set off the reds in the paintjob. Of course you have the superior experience so you may know better than I.

    1. Cheers Dude, I Love these plastic Empire a Battle Wizards, mostly released for Talisman. I also have a Jade, a Grey, an Amber, a Gold, a Celestial and, of course, a Light!

      For me a Bright Wizard has Ginger Hair, just how it is in my head and in Snickit land the aesthetic in my head trumps all, would love to see your take on a Bright a Wizard, sounds eye catching =)

  2. Great find dude! And nothing wrong with solo games ;)

    1. He's a cracking mini, full of character.

      I bought a book a while back on the principles of solo wargaming a while back but never got around to reading it, I do have plenty of reading time on my hands at the moment, maybe it's time to brave the pages........................

  3. I too have some solo games myself that I haven't tried out yet i.e. the Dungeon and Dragons board games.
    And it's always great to find something you have forgotten about. It's like getting a new toy all over again. :)

    1. Ya darn tootin it is! I've finished him now so will post it up when I get a chance to take a photo during day light hours.

      Sounds fun, give them a whirl!