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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

BOYL Day 3 - Varl Snickit Appears

Warlord Varl Snickit watched as the Man-things deployed for battle, forming a central fire base of Crossbowmen and Manling Gun with their old Warlock behind them.

One flank was mobile, possessing all of their cavalry, consisting of two units of Knights and one of Pistoliers. On the other flank deployed their foot troops, one large one with halberds and the other smaller in heavy armour with a cannon in support.

As each of their units moved into position so too did he set his plans to counter them. Snickit sent a unit of Clanrats to the flank opposite the Man-thing foot troops along with a small unit of Slaves and a Warlock. They had strict instructions to hold their position and draw the hu-mans towards them. Snickit placed no troops in the centre of his army. He had no desire to march his troops into a killing zone with no cover to hide from the missile fire. On the remaining flank Snickit deployed the strength of his army. If he could draw the cavalry out to this flank and the foot troops to the other then he'd of divided the Empire Army in three whilst retaining the main fighting strength of his army in once place. Here he had placed his personal Clanrat retinue, accompanied by the ever faithful/backstabbing Neek bearing his Standard. He also had another Clanrat swarm, his four Jezzails, the frothing disciples of Clan Pestilens - the Plague Monks, his Slave shield and Skurry, the Clan Skrye Warlock Champion who had sold him the Jezzails. With a thrashing tail Varl drew himself up to his full height, twitched his whiskers and gave the command to advance.......................

As the Skaven advanced they crested the hill in front of them.

 The Meatshield was goaded forward in front of Snickit's Retinue.

The Jezzails took up a position on top on the hill.

Vask's Clanrat Swarm moved around the hill and Fleabit's Unwashed Disciples moved behind.

On the other flank the Skaven took shelter behind the hill.

Skurry blasted off his Storm-Daemon, only for the Grey Wizard to read aloud a scroll and disipate the magic. Skurry let out a frustrated scream as he felt the energy drain from the magical halberd, he'd not be using it again today. In order to try and make up for this he used his magics to open a crevasse up between himself and the Pistoliers, one of whom fell to his doom.

The Empire's Knights moved towards the bulk of the Skaven Army.

The Pistoliers flee from a charge from Vask's Clanrat Swarm.

The Hellblaster, having no targets in range, moves forward.

The Empire foot troops move towards the Skaven troops........................

.......................... lurking behind the hill.

The Empire Knights charge the Meatshield, slaughtering them,they would then crash into Varl's Retinue who waited for them at the top of the hill.

The Skaven on the far flank continue to hold a tactical postion known to some as hiding/cowering.

The Hellblaster moves forward again, along with the Grey Wizard. At this point Skurry launched himself with Total Power at the Grey Wizard, slaying him in close combat, only for him to use the Winds of Magic to Escape.

Stalemate ensues as the Empire Knights keep slaying Clanrats but the numbers, Standards and higher ground keep the Skaven in the fight. Despite quaffing a Potion of Strength Warlord Snickit fails to slay a single foe.

With the trap sprung the Skaven move away.  A tune can be heard on the wind, a melody associated with the great thespian "Benjahmeen Hügel".

The Empire Troops are far from impressed.

The Slaves breath a sigh of relief as their miserable lives are spared.

Thrut lift's his spear high in celebration at a job well done.

The Helblaster finally fires at a target - Vask's Clanrat Swarm. They had been about to fire at Skurry but he Skitter Leaped away skant moments earlier to chop down the newly returned Grey Wizard again (that poor chap didn't have much luck at all this weekend, he died in both games, twice in this one).

After dispatching the Jezzails in close combat the Knights Panther prepare to charge the Plague Monks.

Vask's Rat Swarm, having not lost too many to the Hellblaster, prepare a flank charge of the Reiksguard Knights.

This charge, plus the Skitter Leaping Skurry joining the fight, routs the Knights.

Who would of had Plague Monks in their other flank after Fleabit single handedly slew the Knights Panther.

The Empire Foot Troops realise the game is up, they can't get over to the other sideof the battlefield fast enough to affect the result, especially with Thrut's Clanrats bearing down upon them.

Another win for Snickit - HUZZAH!

More importantly both Quick Ben and myself had oodles of fun, so much so that he's 99.9% certain that he's coming back with me next year!


  1. Lets hope he can paint his hero by then.

    Great report Bro and two wins too.

    1. There were comments that it was karma!

      Not to give ought away but there could be a reoccurring theme..................

  2. Nicely done on the win.
    More importantly it looks like a great time for both players. Painted and finished figs always perform better, hard lesson for the sons of Altdorf.

    1. This is true, however, I'd rather people didn't detract from Warlord Snickit's and Prince Tinnitus' amazing Generalship lol

      We both had loads of fun and Quick Ben was very gracious in defeat. To be fair I was maybe owed a win or two, all of our last few battles had gone his way and I was wondering where the next win was going to come from. That doesn't mean I'm saying it's all about the win but it's also no fun if you keep losing. I have a feeling next our paths cross Quick Ben will be redressing the win:loss ratio!