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Thursday, 6 August 2015


OK, so in an arse about face way, here's an account of what I got up to on Day 2.

Before I do though I need to show you these two ladies:

These are the two Escher Gangers that I wanted to add to my Necromunda Gang (The Cleaning Crew) prior to BOYL. They were exceedingly rushed as they were painted in a couple of hours but I think they've turned out quite well.

I wanted to get them done as Quick Ben and I were planning a Necromunda game or two at some point over the weekend and I may of needed them, as it was we got one game in and I didn't need them at all but at least they're done now!

The game we played was a bit risky as the only table we could nab was out in the midday sun, nowhere near a speck of shade and it caused a fair bit of burnt skin and sadly, because it was so hot and blinding, we rushed the game a little (being of fair skin and near ginger hair myself and the sun don't really see eye to eye). Still, we got one in and that was the main thing, well, that and having fun.

There's not too much to write up about the game except that I was having abysmal ammo rolls. By turn two both of our Heavies were out of ammo and my Gangers weren't fairing much better. In the end I pulled off the same sort of trick I did in both of the two Warhammer 4th Ed games we played. One of my flanks crept a little forward before holding position, although two were gunned down by Quick Ben's advancing Gangers down this flank. On the other flank I used my "Tunnels" territory to set up hidden a little away from Quick Ben's deployment zone. With the Sun getting hotter I threw caution to the wind and ran from hiding out into the open and after avoiding a deluge of gun fire from a good portion of Quick Ben's remaining Juve's, Gangers and Leader, my own Leader (Rosie Lee) and her best two Gals (Taloola and Ayisha) took down enough of Quick Ben's Gals (he also plays Escher) for him to voluntarily "Bottle Out".

We both had fun and yet another win under my belt -"Huzzah!"

The afternoon saw my participation in "Forenrond’s Last Stand" run my Fimm with the able help of my Brother (Erny) I was quietly confident after winning this scenario with the Orcs and Goblins two years earlier at the first BOYL, an account of which can be found here:

Fimm was doing things a little differently though as he'd decided to do the scenario in 2D with the card counters found in the 3rd Ed BOB. This was really exciting as Erny and I used these card counters for our first forays into wargaming for quite a while. I was so excited that I forgot to take pictures so I'm unashamedly stealing Erny's pics - sorry Bruv but I'm sure you won't mind!

As you can also see the battlefield was a rather nifty 2D affair too, drawn out by Erny especially for the battle.

I don't want to steal Fimm's thunder and write the report for him so I won't give too much away except that it was over by turn 3. Now I've played it a few times but I think that may be a win in record for that particular scenario!

Much fun was had by all at BOYL 2015 and I even managed to get my win ratio right up. Now, I know it's not all about the win I know surely you can allow me a little victory dance can't you?

So.............................. who's up for doing it all again????????


  1. The purples and turquoise go very well together!

    1. Thank you, I thought so too, could be how I paint my Marauder Dark Elves when I get around to painting them!