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Sunday 27 October 2013

The Packing Chronicles Part One

OK, it's a little later than hoped but here's the first posting of my packing lot, it took me a good hour to put all of these out and about 20 minutes to pack them away - please don't tell "Er in Doors" that ratio or I may die of the evil stare treatment........................

This posting, in keeping with Orctober is my Warhammer Greenskin collection. I will freely admit I need to get on and paint the vast majority of it (about 99% to my shame).

Anyhow, enough waffle from me, here they are:

The Overview

The Centre

This is the Gobbo Mob that will be the Broken Axe, Grom's Tribe
Grom himself, still not finished but I'm happy with him so far

Gigantic Spider Riders to add some character, I love these mini's
Another Gobbo Mob

Battle Masters Gobbo's to bulk out my Goblin content, Grom's Horde was a predominantly Goblin Horde after all!

For the sake of nostalgia if nothing else...............

Gobbo Stikkas, after Forrendrond's Last Strand I have a completely rebooted respect for these guys.

3 units of Wolf Boyz (I need three more Gobbo's for the final unit) and a massive unit of Savage Orcs.

Doomdivers, these guys divide opinion but I think they're nice and characterful so reason enough for using them, maybe use small stone thrower rules in 3rd.
A fledgling unit of Forrest Goblins, I started this unit before prices went mental, not sure I'm gonna get it up to 20 now due to expense
Same with these Spider Riders, although I may be able to get away with 5 so possibly I'll buy them and not let on how much it cost...........

Night Goblin Archers

Night Goblin Big Bosses and Shamen

A blurry Skarsnik and Gobbla. At some point I want to do the scenario from the 4th edition Dwarf book

Night Goblin Spears

Squig Hoppers, I think I may need a few more but hopefully I'll get some different ones, I always seem to get that one with the mace

Squigs with handlers

A mixture of Orcs in this unit

Lots of Orc artillery crew, I can't find their machines though, I had them somewhere, "Who's Zogging Nicked Em????"

Black Orcs. Nuff said.

This Guy will be Blacktooth

These guys need to be repainted, they're from my first Orc Army I painted about 10 years ago, you can tell from the bases.
Same for these Harboth's

The Marauder Orcs. Marmite. Personally I love 'em.

Rugluds, need finishing (like Grom) but again I'm really happy with them so far. I'm not the best painter out there but they make me smile.

Orc Warboss, Army Standard Bearer and two Big'uns. I have a load more of these Big'uns too, but like the artillery, I can't find them for the life of me, very frustrating

Two Orc Shamen

Two Savage Orc Shamen

One or two Stone Trolls along with a couple of Wolf Boy Big Bosses (and the plastic Night Goblin Archers in the background, again, like the Goblin Spears, included for nostalgia)


  1. Nice horde, digging the two units of trolls, backed up by Gobbo mages on bound giant spiders can be very nasty. Looking forward to this month being over and u getting back to the chosen of the horned rat!

  2. Ha ha, plenty of Skaven to be packed up too!

  3. Fantastic looking Waagh. (How many A's are ther in that?) Any way great to see the boyz out. I too have a largely unpainted army. When I get the time I'll conduct my own grand roll out.

  4. Ah but this is just the O&G's! I think the next post will be my 5th edition Lizards

    1. That should be 6th edition Lizards, not 5th, opps!

  5. good grief, now THAT is a Horde, damn table must be creaking under the wieght of all that lead.....