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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Man Down Ma.......... oh wait.................. Orc Down! Orc Down!

'E's not pinin'! 'E's passed on! This Orctober is no more! He has ceased to be! 'E's expired and gone to meet 'is maker! (which would be Earnie I guess)

'E's a stiff! Bereft of life, 'e rests in peace! If you hadn't nailed 'im to the blog 'e'd be pushing up the daisies!

'Is metabolic processes are now 'istory! 'E's off the twig!

'E's kicked the bucket, 'e's shuffled off 'is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!!



Orctober has ground to halt for me as the Gutter Runners employed by Clan Snickit have been busied hunting for a new burrow.

I'm pleased to say that they successfully found one and Clan Snickit should be moved into its new dwelling before Christmas. In the meantime the Council of Thirteen have sent one of their best Slave Masters (aka: my other half) to crack the whip and ensure that spare time is mostly spent packing everything into boxes.

This rather frustrating state of affairs means that my posts will dry up for a little while...................

Or will they?

After all, some of the packing will also be repacking my wargamming collections.

So, my plan is that before I pack it all away I'll take photos as I go along. Some of it will be painted but sadly most of it won't be because, just like most wargammers I know, the majority has yet to see a brush.

I'm aiming to have my first posts on my collection up within the week. Please bare with me gentle reader and please do not judge me too harshly should this not be the case, finding the time away from my overseer's gaze may prove difficult.

I hope some of it will be of interest and maybe, just maybe, gods willing, a small amount may just cause a smidgen of jealousy..........................................


  1. Good luck with the move. Christ knows it's hard enough just moving normal stuff like clothes and kids but Mini's need special care an attention!

  2. Absolutely, luckily we're not going too far but it is rented into ownership so it should be a more permanent home for them to decamp in!

  3. No worries, I think just getting us all thinking about our orcs was the main thing. Keeping SWMBO happy is almost as important as pleasing the Horned Rat.

  4. Exactly and she has more dastardly ways of keeping me in check! My reward is a garage so mass undercoatings &/or base coatings can ensue! Whoop whoop! I hope I've helped me brothers Orctober along a bit and that it's inspired you to do your own little bits too :)