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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Packing Chronicles Part Two

Next up is my 6th Edition Lizardmen. This Army was collected mainly because it was one of the few Armies that Erny didn't have!

As per usual there's far too much of it unfinished, unpainted and worst of all, a chunk that's unmade!

I hope your enjoyment of these photos isn't spoilt by my fairly basic photography skills.


  1. Wtf ratboy?! Seriously starting to question your allegiance to the council!
    All kidding aside I think they look good. Loved back a few years ago when you could take the army with skirmishing skink archers and 6 hero wizards!
    I mean... No! down with Sotek!

  2. Dude, "Know Thy Enemy" and the best way to know thy enemy is to be thy enemy!

  3. well to a Skaven Warlord, they are potential Slaves :D

  4. Too true, plus it was a case of a change is as good as a rest.