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Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Sewers of Cambridge

The Gutter Runners are mustering the horde in the sewers below Cambridge ready for the Oldhammer stylie gathering at the Cambridge Wargaming Club.

I've given my shields a hasty new coat after the Oldhammer weekender rush job that I wasn't happy with. I'd experimented with a few brighter colours but they didn't really work so they've been muted. I had meant to paint on some iconography but I left it to last minute so they're just a drab flat colour (which to be fair suits my painting style anyway). They'll do for tomorrow but someone needs to remind me when I get back to get to do the finishing touches.

Everything is packed and I just need to amend/tweak my army list from the one that I used for the Weekender. Let's hope I can a) get a game and b) continue my winning streak with the ratsies if I do. If I have time when I get back I'll do a quick report on the whole day.

Oh and if any one that reads my inane musings is attending then please come and introduce yourself, either to myself of Erny, always glad to meet like minded gamers.


  1. Go forth and conquer.
    For the council of 13!

  2. Let's hope Dude, let's hope..................................