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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bad Camera Day

OK, some exceedingly blurry pics of some of my Skaven, I hold my hands up and admit they're shockingly bad photos.

The Horde

My main Clanrat block, need to add a few more to make it up to 60.............

Clanrats with spears alongside some Black Skaven/Stormvermin (depending on edition being played)

Plague Monks, Jezzailachis and my slowly growing Stormvermin (11 to date but I scour ebay for more)

Love dem Globadiers!

Gutter Runners Ahoy!

Rat Ogres led by Throt the Unclean

Plague Monks


That Dude with the big halberd and the back banner is Warlord Varl Snickit (and has been since the mid 90's).


  1. Nope not jealous.. honest ;)... Git!

  2. Ahhhhh they're passable as a wargamming standard, much better painted stuff out there, loving 24_Cigarettes work and of course Nicos. I have so much more to get painted and I've sold loads more Skaven than this (but they were plastics and metal Harlequin stuff).

  3. Humbled by your compliments. Your horde is truly impressive. Especially loving the jezzailachis and globadiers. Those little blighters go for a pretty penny on eBeast.

  4. Ah they've been collected over many many many years!

  5. Oh and I also have more of both to get painted............................

  6. That is an enviable position to be in; the more jezzailachis the better and poison wind globadiers are just cool. Nuff said.
    I find its both a blessing and a curse that the skaven were not one of the most popular armies; it grants a certain degree of prestige to play them but it makes hunting them down on eBeast a pain in the ass er... tail :)
    Keep the corruption coming.

  7. Indeed, I bought a lot of my Jezzails and Poisoned Wind Globadiers whilst they were still avaiblable through mail order and added more whilst they were quite cheap still on ebay, I think I have 3 or 4 more Jezzails to paint up and 4 or 5 Globadiers. I've laready maxed out my allowences for 3rd so they aren't a priority but for later editions the more of both the better.

  8. A very fine looking collection you have there.

  9. Thank you, I need to get back to showing them some love and adding some reinforcements to them because it's just sooooooo small

  10. sigh, now that's a true Skaven horde, doesn't matter that they are only painted to a 'gaming standard', all that matters is they're painted and are a horde!

    A Horde I always wanted to have as a teenager into 4th edition but could never afford :(