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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Oldhammer Weekender Part 2

Day 2 saw Erny GM "Forenrond’s Last Stand". I use GM in the loosest possible application of the term as he kept wandering off to other tables, but then with such amazing games and minis on show who can really blame him?

Shame on those of you who haven't instantly recognised the name of the scenario at the back of the 3rd edition rule book. I was eager to take part as I've only ever played this game with the card counters from the back of the book or a mixture of minis and card counters.

One of the big draws for playing this game was the chance to make use of some of my Brothers beautifully painted minis. I am more than willing to admit that his painting skills put my own to shame and all of the onlookers agreed that his Elven Cavalry were drooltastic!

My opponent for this game was Jeff. Sorry Jeff, I am unaware of your online self so I extend my heart felt apologies. Jeff plumped for commanding the Elven Host so I took command of the Orc & Goblin Horde, please excuse the lack of photos, in the heat of the moment I forgot to take any! Fool of a Took!

Imagine a wibbly screen effect…………………………………………

Mandraks the Murderer watched the Elven columns as they crossed the river that split the battlefield in two, his Boyz taking up position as he did so. On the north side of the river he’d hidden two units of Gobbo Arrers, Gruesome Jobbo’s mob hid themselves in the Western Wood and the larger mob, Neo’s Nasties, hunkered down beneath the hedgerow to the east.

To the very North, in the Village, the Open Sore Boyz Scabby Shootas were, surprisingly quietly, taking aim at the Elf column from a handy line of shrubs, east of them, concealed from view by a hill, a large mob of Goblins, the fearsome and renowned Nobbla Ghenkins and the spear armed Pigstickers, struggled to keep two lunatic fanatics, ball and chain wielding nut jobs, from decimating their own unit. Mandraks and his Big’Uns, the Mad Molesters, took up position to the south of the hill.

To the south of the river Mandraks’ chief henchman, Pepps “The Real Fang” Sawtooth with his Gobsmackin’ Stunty Crumpin’ Legbreakin’ Eyegougin’ Killers lay in wait between the twin peaks, flanked on either side by the two units of Wolf Boyz – Erny’s Roamers and Drilla’s Killers. Both of the Wolf Rider Mobs were a bit unpredictable and by Gork they best not mess up!

The last member of the horde was Gratnak Nakk, the Half Orc. Gratnakk was supposed to be leading the pointy ears into Mandraks’ ambush but Mandraks didn’t trust Gratnak, he wasn’t even a proper Orc! Mandraks watched as the Elves continued to cross the river. At their head Gratnak was leading the Elven leader, Forenrond Breezenimble, towards the Open Sore’s village. Behind them two units of Elven Knights, a lone rider and a unit of Archers had crossed the ford. On the south side of the river a second unit of Archers and some Mounted Archers guarded the rear of the column.

Mandraks gave the Neo Nutcracker the signal. Neo was busy picking a large green wart off of the end of his nose. Mandraks snarled and Neo took notice, popping the newly plucked wart into his mouth and chewing it noisily.  His Nasties opened fire on Forenrond. With a bit of luck they’d take out that git Gratnak too. It wasn’t to be, three red fletched arrows thudded into Forenrond and he toppled from his horse. Gratnak screamed and legged it towards Mandraks and the safety of the Molesters. The leader of one of the units of Knights, Corma Lightmantle, followed the run of Gratnak and spied Mandraks and his Boyz. Corma immediately took command of the situation, barking orders, desperate to evade the ambush.

The Orc and Goblin Army began the attack in the north. The Nasties, Gruesome Jobbos Gobbo Bows and the Open Sores opened fire on the two units of Knights, cutting down several of their number. The Pigstikkas lurched forward and, unable to contain them any longer, released their Fanatics at the lead unit of Knights, their leader, Philander, reacted quickly, halting his charges where they stood. Gratnak joined Mandraks in his Molesters much to Mandraks’ annoyance. He smelt funny and it wouldn’t take much for Mandraks to gut him but for now he had more important matters to attend to.

In the south Drilla’s Killas took up firing positions behind a large hedge and opened up with their short bows on the Mounted Archers, barely making a mark. Erny’s Roamers succumbed to animosity and like some sort of annoying family member who delighted in causing mayhem in an otherwise functioning family unit charged into the rear of Pepps Killers, killing the Orc slowest to react, they struck back but didn’t cause any wounds. The two units of Elves looked at each other in puzzled disbelief at this odd course of events and shot at Drillers Killas, only felling one between them.

To the North both units of Knights repositioned themselves to try and avoid the fanatics whilst the Archers felled several members of Neo’s Nasties. The mounted figure at the centre of the column moved forward and started to chant. His name was Atlanta and he was an Elven wizard, and he knew he had to prevent the fanatics from connecting with his brothers. With a gesture of his hand a hail of stones thudded into one of fanatics, smashing him to a pulp of green mush.

Mandraks knew the Knights were the biggest threat to his army and with the remaining fanatic whirling about between the Knights and his unit he held firm, ordering his archers to soften them up. All three greenskin archer units in the North opened fire upon the Knights and Atlanta. More Knights fell but Atlanta emerged unscathed. The Pigstikkas couldn’t decide what to do so remained put.

Erny’s Roamers continued to fight with Pepp’s Killers leaving the Orcs exposed to a charge from the Mounted Archers. Seeing the danger (and not wanting to share Erny’s fate when Pepp finally got hold of him) Drilla ordered his boyz to open fire upon the Horse Archers, killing three of them. The Mounted Archers panicked and ran for the safety of the western side of the field where no enemy lurked. In response the Elves of Galadralla, the Archers guarding the Ford on the Southern side of the River, fired upon Drillas Killas, killing enough to send them fleeing from the field of battle.

In the North Corma led his Knights in an uphill charge into the flank of the Pigstikkas. The Pigstikkas lost many boyz but held even if they were pushed back from the crest of the hill. The second unit of Knights, joined by Atalanta who felt exposed out in the open, moved back away from the Fanatic. The Elves of Ialanth, led by Sola Brighthelm, fired once again upon Neo’s Nasties killing yet more but still not enough to send them running.

With a loud crash the remaining Fanatic crashed into Philander’s Knights, killing three and spinning on towards the river. With the survivors of the Fanatic attack outside their charge range the Molesters formed an Orcy shield wall to receive the expected charge in their next turn. A combination of Neo’s Nasties and the Open Sores bow fire brought Philanders unit down to the leader, the Mage and the unit Standard Bearer, still the unit held firm. Their bow fire was not joined this turn by Gruesome Jobbo’s Bows who decided that it would be more fun to try and kill the Open Sores and shot one of them down before Jobbo could bash a few heads together to restore order to his mob.

In an amazing feat of Gobbo arms the Pigstikkers managed to beat Corma’s Knights back and once again gained the summit of the hill. In the distance their Fanatic span into the river and was drowned under the weight of his ball and chain.

Erny’s Roamers foolishly continued their scrap with Pepp’s Killers. Pepp himself was seething and swore all kinds of obscenities at Erny leaving him in no way wondering what was going to happen to him if the ridiculous infighting didn’t cease. Confused beyond all belief by the greenskin behaviour, Labriele’s Elves of Galadralla reformed and scratched their heads. To the west of them the Mounted Archers rallied.

Corma’s Knights killed more Gobbos and pushed the Pigstikkas back again, but still they refused to rout, especially given that Mandraks was bellowing at them to hold the Elves back. Philander, his Standard Bearer and Atlanta moved westward, making for the Open Sores, if they were to die on this field of battle then they would take some Orcish scum with them and Mandraks’ unit was now too tough a proposition. More Gobbos of Neo’s Nasties fell to the Elves of Ialanth’s arrows.

Mandraks urged his Molesters forward to find someone to fight but there were no Elves within charge range. Gruesome Jobbo and his Bows moved out of the wood to gain a better shot and they, the Open Sores and Neo’s Nasties all loosed off arrows at the survivors of Philander’s unit who disappeared in a cloud of red and black flecked arrows. When the dust settled only Philander remained.

On the hill Nobbla Ghenkins pushed his way through the Pigstikkas to confront Corma Lightmantle who issued a challenge to the diminutive Gobbo champion. Nobbla was fearsome indeed (for a Goblin), but he was no match for the Elf and before he could raise his weapon Knobbla was beheaded with ease. The rest of the Knights felled yet more Gobbos. One Knight was laid low but the combat was the Elves yet still the Goblins refused to run from Mandraks’ grim gaze.

With Pepp’s death threats ringing in his ears, Erny finally managed to stop his Boyz attacking Pepp's Killers and both units marched forward towards the Elven Archers at the southern end of the Ford who opened fire upon the Orcs, killing a handful whilst The Mounted Archers moved up alongside them also felling an Orc or two.

Philander charged into the Open Sores where his battle lust wrecked terrible vengeance for the death of his brothers, slaughtering three Orcs who wavered but held firm. Corma’s Knights too reaped a high tally of kills and finally the Goblins fled, pursued by the victorious horsemen. Neo’s Nasties suffered more losses to the Elves of Ialanth but held their defended position.

Now free to attack, Pepp’s Killers charged headlong into the Mounted Archers supported by Erny’s Roamers, no doubt trying to gain the favour of the Orcs after their earlier bout of animosity. The Mounted Archers decided there was no point in facing so many opponents but a simple manoeuvre soon became confused and disorganised in a very un-Elven mess and the flee reaction carried them from the field of battle as they scattered into the wilderness.

With the hill top free of combat Mandraks led his Big’uns to the summit to survey the scene. He’d not had a chance to crump anything yet and he wanted to see what had happened to the Elven Commander and his unit, he wanted that Elf’s head! He looked back towards the river and watched as the two units of Goblin Archers turned their attentions to the Elves of Ialanth, slaying half of their number in a flurry of arrows. He also watched as Philander slaughtered more Open Sore Orcs and sent them fleeing. Philander chased after them, desperate to avenge the Elves that had fallen that day.

Corma’s Knights pulled and turned to see The Molesters on the top of the hill and, preparing themselves to receive a charge. If he could slay the Orc Warlord then Corma felt he may yet carry the day. Neo’s Nasties, after suffering horrendous losses to the Elves of Ialanth’s arrows turned tail and ran for the hills, they’d done their job, surely Mandraks wouldn’t care now?

The elite Elves of Galadralla tried to kill enough Orcs to cause a similar reaction in Pepps Killers but Orcs are sturdy beasts and not one fell. Instead they turned around and prepared to charge as Erny’s Roamers positioned themselves to deliver a flank charge.

Knowing he would benefit from high ground Mandraks ordered the Molesters not charge and to instead form a shield wall atop the crest of the hill. Down by the river Gruesome Jobbo and his Bows caused a panic in the Elves of Ialanth who fled across the Ford.

Philander halted his pursuit of the Orc Archers as they scattered to the four winds and turned in the saddle to watch Corma’s Knights crash into the Molesters. The Elven Commander fought to a stalemate with Mandraks who seemed to lash out with a mighty strike of his huge axe, luckily for Corma he was too quick for Mandraks and the attack failed to hit home.  The Big’Uns and Gratnak butchered many Elven Knights and they pushed back the flower of Elven cavalry.

As the fighting continued Corma and Mandraks still couldn’t get the better of each other but the Elven Knights were simply not able to hold back the tide of angry green muscle and they broke and fled. The remaining Elves gave their lives so that Corma could escape and ensure that the truth of Forrenrond would be known, that this folly of his own making was Forrenrond’s Last Stand.


  1. Excellent after action review Snickit! I really want to play this scenario next time we are all at the Foundry, I've haven't played it in many, many years.

  2. I hate an odd number of comments lol