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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Snickit's Road to BOYL 2019 - A Tale Of Four Gamers

Work commitments have been heavy of late so painting and posting time has been at an absolute premium. I did manage to finish my next 500 points of Undead before the end of October and I made quick posting to Facebook in time. I wanted to do a full posting of the 1000 points so far, so here it is.

Lothar The Blackhearted - Necrosus - Level 15 Necromancer165pts
Sword, Protective Runes.
18 Skeleton Warriors with Standard Bearer209pts
Hand weapons, shields.
Klein Sniveltongue - Morbidus - Level 10 Necromancer85pts
1 Charnel Warrior - Level 5 Hero34pts
Scythe (double-handed weapon), light armour.
18 Grim Reapers with Standard Bearer228pts
Scythes (double-handed weapons).
1 Charnel Warrior - Level 5 Hero43pts
Hand weapon, light armour, shield, undead horse
5 Death Riders with Standard Bearer150pts
Lances, hand weapons, light armour, shields, undead horses.
1 Screaming Skull Catapult with 3 Crew85pts
Hand weapons, Screaming Skull Ammunition
Total = 999pts

Lothar threw the scroll to one side, this wasn't the incantation he was after either. The pile of redundant vellum was growing as fast as Lothar's patience was dwindling. His task to build an army worthy of the Master was weighing heavily on his shoulders. He knew that if he didn't deliver he would join the rotting ranks himself.

The door to his chamber creaked open and a wizened old man shuffled in.

"I have completed the summoning for the horsemen my Lord" rasped Klein.

Lothar turned and looked at the shriveled old man with disdain. He despised the sniveling wretch more than he did anyone else, partially for being in image of the fate that may await himself with the passing of time with exposure to the magic of the dead and partially because hated his toadying. Klein had been shunned for most of his life and had turned to necromancy out of desperation. Now he had found service under Lothar in the Master's vanguard but his need to rise in power and stature in the Master's eyes saw him sycophantically creep up the ladder. Lothar perceived that as weakness and it heightened his hatred all the more.

"Lead on old man, I'd best inspect our latest additions" commanded Lothar.

Klein nodded and limped out the door. Lothar followed him down the dimly lit corridor and out into the courtyard. Morrslieb shone bright in the night sky, casting an eerie green light over the abandoned keep. The Skeletons of Lothar's Fallen stood motionless and silent, statues waiting for their call to take up arms.

The mighty iron gates were guarded by Varga's Reapers. Varga stood sentinel like directly behind the portcullis, scythe in hand. Lothar knew anyone attempting to enter the gateway would be challenged by Varga and his "men".

Lothar saw movement out of the corner of his eye, he turned slightly to see the catapult crew staking skulls. He made a mental note to order Klein to enact the ritual of remembrance on the pile of heads, he wanted them to remember the horrific way they were harvested so that their death screams would sound as they flew through the air towards the enemy.

Klein stopped in front of a line of skeletal horses. Lothar looked along the line at the riders, his eyes fixing upon their leader. The purple light burning in his eye sockets flared as he looked back at Lother, who heard the Skeleton Captain's words in his mind.

"I, Krom, lead the Doomriders in the name of the Master, under your leadership" 

"Your servitude is accepted" Lothar replied.

Now thought Lothar, where was that scroll.........................................

As I set this all up my Son's curiosity was peaked and so I let him have a go first, so, if you will allow it I will digress a little into the indulgence of photo's of "Dadhammer". This is what all parents want to see, their offspring taking an interest in their own hobby.

Freddie's set up, a blurry picture but still, I thought I'd show it

A terribly cheesy smile on my face but words can't describe how happy and proud this made me.


  1. A wonderful work. Also love the story background. Blog followed. :)

  2. Love the "Dadhammer" pix! Thanks for sharing those. Besides the great father/son moment, I appreciate seeing your photo set up.

    Great project. I never considered purple for the Undead as you have used it. Nice work!

    1. Many thanks, "Dadhammer" is all important to me now, getting to play games is rare for me at the moment but in a few years, if he wants to, then maybe I can teach the boy.

      A more recent update is needed as I added November's undead but didn't get an update done. December saw my project stall but should be back on track for January.