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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Snickit's Road to BOYL 2019 - A Tale of Four Gamers Part 1 - September

So, my first 500pts of Undead was finished with about 30 minutes to spare on the deadline of midnight on the 30th of September. I posted images up to Facebook but didn't post to my blog as it was late. the next couple of days I had work commitments to attend to so this is the first chance I've had to post about my efforts.

My Army list for this little lot is as follows

Lothar The Blackhearted - Morbidus - Level 10 Necromancer95pts
Sword, Protective Runes.
14 Skeleton Warriors with Standard Bearer165pts
Hand weapons, shields.

1 Charnel Warrior - Level 5 Hero34pts
Scythe (double-handed weapon), light armour.
11 Grim Reapers with Standard Bearer144pts
Scythes (double-handed weapons).
1 Stone Thrower with 3 Crew60pts
Hand weapons
Total = 498pts

As you'll see from the photo's, I've actually painted up a few more skellies than I've paid the points for, this is the beginning of my summoning bank (i.e. Skeletons I can summon up during the battle in various editions) and I've also added a Champion to my hand weapon armed Warriors that isn't in the list. My plan is to summon up their Champion at the beginning of the game and by taking a level 10 Necromancer I know I'll get correct spell as there are only 5 Necromantic spells for level 1 and Lothar gets 6 1st level spells, bingo, I defo get the right spell.

The only two regrets I have here are as follows:
  1. My Standards are, whilst being unquestionably Oldhammer minis, just not quite Oldhammer in that they don't have big unruly banners. I plan to replace these guys in the future when I'm painted up some decent banners. Incidentally, the two Standards i have painted up look a little plain, that's intentional, I wanted them to look like flayed skin, not sure if it comes across.
  2. No points for Screaming Skull Ammunition for the Catapult. Definitely a situation to be corrected in my next 500pts.

Righteo, am off to plan my next month's batch.



  1. That's a great 500 points! Looking forward to their reinforcements next month. ;)

    1. Too kind.
      I've just finished planning my next 500 points, it should round them out a little.

  2. Beautiful work. I like how the purples turned out on the shields.

    1. The shields were actually easy as pie, black spray on the back, army painter alien purple stay on the front, army painter plate Mail on the metal areas, a swipe of gw liche purple swipe along the bottom of the inside rim and then ink the lot in army painter strong tone ink.

  3. Looking good, same colour as mine too.

    1. Thanks Brother dearest, that was part of my thinking along with Amethyst being the colour of magic that Necromantic Magic came from in later editions.