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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

An Elfy Dose of Archers

Finally got back to painting again after a few interruptions and I've managed to get my High Elf Archers for the Battle for Maugthrond Pass for BOYL2016 finished off.

Queue dodgy photos that actually looks a little bit cinematic..................................

On closer inspection I think they may need more shading but this may be because I'm up close. My painting aim is that from 4 ft away they look like a good looking army as a whole, not for individual brilliance.

They're split into 4 units of 5 to comply with the scenario, with each unit rather imaginatively entitled one of the North, South, East and West Archers (named after their Watchtowers, luckily only one of these is on the battlefield).

I've modeled them on the extremes of their bases so that they'll rank up into units of ten in normla games.

Here the East and North Archers are facing off against "The Claw", a unit of Gobbo Stikkas that I have used "Iron Claw" Goblins to represent.

Righteo, I'm off to plough my way through the painting of a shed load of High Elf Spearmen cause I'm not just doing the 20 I need for the scenario oh no, not me (because I'm an idiot).


  1. My money is always on the Elves :)

    1. With only those few Gobbos I think it's a no brainer but that said one should NEVER underestimate a Goblin with a bow and arrows......................................

  2. Last WFB game I played, a massive unit of skirmishing goblin archers was one of my best performers.

    1. Most definitely. Anyone who doesn't know their stuff about t5he Orc and Goblin army will usually ignore them so they survive unscathed but the sheer number of shots you get off with them can bring down anything with T4 or lower in very quick order. In Forrenrend's Last Stand from the 3rd edition rulebook the Gobbo bows are one of the most effective units in the game and they usually get overlooked for the Wolf Riders, units of Orcs or the Fanatics. When Erny ran it at the Foundry at the first BOYL I took the O&G's and decimated the Elven Cavalry within two turns.

      I'm interested to see if they're as useful in this scenario because their effectiveness should hold true in any edition (until you get to 8th, the fact most units are 50+ to benefit from the "Horde" rules could well negate their usefulness).