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Sunday, 8 March 2015

The OGRE Sector Campaign Kicks Off

Saturday saw some of the members of OGRE meet up at Erny's Place for the start of the OGRE Sector Necromunda Campaign. We were joined by a couple of others, namely my old school friend Al (now having taken the online name "Quick Ben") and Peter - Erny's old gaming pal from his old war gaming club in Cambridge.

We're keeping track of our gangs on YAK Tribe, hopefully the link below will work.......................

The participant gangs are:
  • Ebronah's Redemption  - Peter's Cawdor Gang
  • Pap Erny's Death Street Boys - Erny's Orlocks
  • Luthor's Peacock Co - Rab's Guilders
  • Apsalar's Talon - Quick Ben's Escher
  • The Bottom Feeders - Whiskey Priest's Scavvies
  • The Cleaning Crew - My own Escher Gang.
The benefits of Yak Tribe are that hopefully we'll not lose our rosters so gangs can go on indefinitely and also the fact that it's public means that a lot like a Realms of Chaos Warband there's no reason you can't play any other gang for anyone, even if they aren't part of the campaign and the gang rating system means that it shouldn't unbalance things too much. Anyhow, enough admin waffle.

I managed to squeeze in two games. The first one I lost to Quick Ben after he changed his mind on bottling out and played on for one more turn - D'OH!!!!!! It was a re-learning experience and a lot of fun except for the fact that two of the Cleaning Crew died at the end of the game, yes, I rolled up both as being dead on the injuries table. I've decided that means I have a score to settle with Apsalar's Talon (not least helped by the fact they're a rival Escher gang!).

Here's some pics of The Cleaning Crew in action:

My second game was a four way battle against Dearest Brother Erny, Whiskey Priest and Rab.

There's a pretty decent write up of this game on Whiskey Priest's blog:

and on Rab's blog:

I can't really add much more to these write ups as after I did the major amount of damage to Whiskey's Bottom Feeders (Rab took out the final Scavvie that forced the his bottle test but I took out the other three of them including the two wound behemoth Mungo) I had little else to do except manoeuvre into position to mop up after Erny and Rab battled it out, which I duly did thereby coming out on top - not bad going considering all of my guns kept running out of ammo on the first shot!

This is the only photo I took of this big game but there's plenty more on Rab and Whiskey Priest's write ups, and quite a few of my gang too showing that they're looking rather spiffing now that I've done a bit more work on them after my WIP post.

The Cleaning Crew pap themselves as Mungo strides towards them brandishing his big pipe..............................
I'll be doing a post about the Cleaning Crew later in the week hopefully (if not, then next weekend).

Thanks for staying with it, catch you next time.


  1. All good fun, you gang fits in well with the red ground and blue structures. Sorry I had to sell your juve.

    1. She had a gamy left arm anyway............................

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Where's my comment gone!?!

      This lies! I did not remove it!!!

      Well, I'm not writing it all again. So to summarise:
      Game looks great, very jealous, tediously long threatening comment about the arrival of Ash Waste Nomads in the next round.

      Teach me for trying to post in character!

    2. All I will say is "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"

  3. Awesome. Getting to play this game again is just awesome!

    1. Aye, dig it out, round up some mates and "Getcher Gang On!"

  4. I hate an odd number of comments