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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Painting Progress in 2015

I've never been the most productive painter going, I tended to manage a new army/project every two to three years.

Then I started having a game probably two or three times a year at most which got my painting concentrated. The build up to a game got me into the painting groove and in the two weeks before I got myself into a painting frenzy. I painted an entire Chaos Army of over 3000pts for the Storm of Chaos where I got a few games in with Erny's Cambridge gaming club culminating in a huge siege game. This was the way my painting continued for a good few years, the promise of a game finally getting me motivated to paint something new but games were few and far between.

Two years ago Erny got me involved in the Oldhammer movement. The first BOYL event in 2013 was my baptism with the movement and since then I've made some great friends through attending gatherings and in recent months I've averaged a game of some sort closer to every one to two months. This is also helped by dragging my best mate Alan back into the hobby. For those of you who game once or twice a week that may not sound a lot of games but for me this is the most regularly I've gamed for over 15 years!

This increase in games has helped my painting productivity too.

So far this year I've painted this lot (minus the Spearmen who were started at the end of 2014)

I've added this lot to begin some Empire stuff, I posted photos of my Crossbowmen and Grey Wizard before but I've also done 5 Norland Pistoliers and 8 Reiksguard.

The Crossbowmen were speed painted to add some extra troops to Al's Talabheim army.

These Pistoliers were painted as Nordland to be part of my eventual Nordland army (if I ever get around to it)

The banner and horn pennant need work, at present they're just a blank canvases.

I then had a game of Rogue Trader with Erny and Whiskey Priest which got the sci-fi juices flowing helped out by watching the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, it's classic sci-fi in a 70's/80's stylie. This led to Erny calling a Necromunda Campaign which resulted in my painting up two gangs, firstly my Cawdor

and then my Escher Gang

Al is also using Escher in the Ogre Sump Sector Campaign, he painted his very similar to the GW Studio ones on the box but he said it was nice to see I'd gone with something different, I think it was meant as a compliment =)

and finished off with some hired guns.

At some point I also painted 8 more Clan Pestilens Plague Monks that are somewhere in the loft so I'm not going hunting for them to take photo's but here's an old picture of my Plague Monks from BOYL 2014, they stood at 20 then, now they clock in at 28 strong!

So that means in 2015 I've painted:

1 High Elf General
1 High Elf Wizard
1 High Elf Champion (for the Spearmen)
13 Sword Masters
6 Silverhelms
10 High Elf Archers
2 Repeater Bolt Throwers
4 Repeater Bolt Thrower Crew
2 Great Eagles
10 Talabheim Crossbowmen
1 Grey Wizard
8 Reiksguard
5 Nordland Pistoliers
8 Cawdor
13 Escher
4 Hired Guns
8 Plague Monks

WOW! That's 97 mini's painted in 2015 so far, for me that's a record!

Now I have to turn my attentions to painting of a different sort. As previously mentioned on the blog there is a Lil' Snickit on the way and time is getting on, with 2 and a half months to go I really need to turn my attentions to getting work done around the house. If I don't get anything else done 97 figures painted is still going to be a great year's painting but, if I can squeeze the time in, I may just slip in a few more as 100 models painted would sound even better.......................................


  1. Best of luck chum. All of your stuff looks great. I'm of the same mind as you: I may start dragging my feet at the painting table until I KNOW there's a game coming up then all bets are off, 16hr sessions, shield painting at work, nothing can stop me!
    Your elves in particular are looking quite nice.

    1. Why thank you Sir, nought like an imminent game to get the paint flowing!

  2. Good on you mate, that's a fair bit of stuff in 3 months!
    I see you got there with the Escher too ;)

    I consider myself spoiled getting a game in once a month...

    1. Thanks Bud, it's definitely been productive few months!!!!

      I'm really pleased with the Escher, just need to get the bases done.

  3. Impressive output, that's more than I did! The trick I find is to keep painting. It's when I stop for even just a few weeks that I find its harder to start again. Lazyness breeds lazyness ;-)

    1. Oh yes, I whole heartedly agree, hence why I fear this may be the sum total of my output for 2015 lol!

  4. Crikey, nice work dude! I'm up to 27 now, and I didn't think that was too bad :S

    1. Cheers Bud, 27 is still good going, i just went over the top!

  5. 97 is quite alot, more than 3 a day! I really how you made the Mighty Battles crossbowmen look like good models.

    1. I think you flatter me Sir, I think I managed a passable paint job of the BM Xbows but won't turn down a compliment!

      Thank you =)

    2. Are the BMX bows like the BMX bandits?

  6. I love medieval/fantasy projects ... nice work on yours btw.