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Monday, 24 February 2014

A Few Bad Men (and Beasts and Daemons)

So here, as promised, are a few pics of the rushed minis I did for last year's Oldhammer day day at the Foundry. The Slaaneshi stuff never made light of day as I failed to take part in the Warband bash. I must stress these were rushed and now as I look at them I think they need lot more work if they're going to join up with my Dark Elf ally contingent (which will hopefully soon be progressing nicely) to form the staring blocks of a larger Slaanesh army.

The Plaguebearers however saw action against Gaj as summoned generic lesser Daemons and along with the Jezzailachis pretty much won the game for me, so I apologise to Gaj if he doesn't particularly want to see these again.


  1. First I've seen of some of these too. Wouldn't take much to make them presentable.

    1. I left off the ones that looked really bad that suffered from too many layers of spray paint!