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Monday, 30 April 2018

A Quick Royal Visit

So, the count down to BOYL2018 has gotten more intense and with it my need to"get my paint on" has kicked in.

To an extent.

So far I've only finished my new Dwarven King. I actually showed him off on Facebook first but decided I needed to get my Blogger head on again as well as my painting one.

King Borin - once he's had a few games I'll give him a heroic Nickname.

He'll be replacing my former General in my Hammerers (i.e. the Dude with the Sword in this unit).

As the observant amongst you will of noticed there are more of Bood Wargame's awesome Imperial Dwarves in the background that should be finished soon that will fulfill my 40 model 3000 point minimum requirement for warriors.

So, as a quick recap before we begin the new painting season the units I have so far are the above Hammerers.

The below Ironbreakers:



more Crossbowmen (who are currently undergoing a repaint......... again):

Helga the Howler - 3 "man" Cannon:

and a Dwarf Wizard:

My target is for a full 3000 point army along with baggage train. Finding time to paint is my biggest enemy so, I'd best stop typing and get some rest so I can crack on when I get home from work tomorrow.

Fingers crossed for a longer and better update soon.