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Thursday, 30 July 2015


So here's the extra High Elves I've gotten painted up for BOYL2015. I had planned to do a nice unit if Reaver Knights/Shore Riders but then, as I was digging through the many boxes of unpainted Elves, something else caught my eye........................ Phoenix Guard!

I've loved these figures for a while but never really got on with painting them, which is weird, they have awesome weapon skill, a point higher strength and can have a 5+ armour save.

I also got a second Mage painted up.

Here they are together.

Now just to finish off my extra two Escher Gangers before leaving for the Foundry in the morning.

Tick tock.


  1. Nice elves! They really do look great :)

    Perfect choice for the mage; he has just the same "horns" gesture as the BOYL miniature for this year.

    1. Cheers Dude, praise from online friends is really great but an honest opinion from someone that's now a friend I class as being a step above. I'm really proud of these Elves, possibly my best work (speed painting maybe suits my style) so having it recognised leaves me really chuffed!

  2. Fantastic sculpts; my favourite of all the Phoenix incarnations.
    You're really on a roll; BOYL should be bimonthly you must be flying through brushes.

    1. Cheers Buddy but I don't think I would be allowed to go to it if it were bi-monthly =)