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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Here come the little B*st*rds...........................

Ok, so a little later than planned here's my first 10 Dwarfs, the starting point for my 1st unit of Warriors.

Now I'm pretty sure there will be a whole bunch of people out there wondering why they're all in the same outfit. Simple, these warriors are part of a hold army, they're proper soldiers, not just clansmen banding together. I plan on having a number of units painted up in a similar way to show them as an Imperial Dwarf army. There will then be a couple of units painted up slightly differently to show that whilst they owe their allegiance to their King, and will fight for him, they aren't part of his standing army.

Some people will disagree with my interpretation of a Dwarf army but I'm not fussed, I think they look snazy in their yellow uniforms.

These guys have been painted over a yellow base coat spray from "Army Painter" and they've been given a light ink wash to shade. I know it's a basic paint job but I'm not out to win no "Golden Gobbo" or "Daemon". This is what I class as a fair to middling war gamming standard - also known as acceptable and passable!

There'll be some more to follow over the coming weeks, along with the rest of this unit.


  1. Nice to see you postin again! I love those dwarf figures they take me back to when I was 12. I think all mine got assaulted by miliput and warped by chaos in the end!

  2. Ahhhhhhhh, these were part of a recent ebay purchase - I got a full box, mostly on sprues, just missing a few bases so I'll be doing all of the other races as well at some point!

    My next unit for the Stunties will be the one the made me want to paint them all yellow in the first place................................

  3. Glad to see you back Sir,
    Your dwarfs look great; I'm a big fan of the army painter spray primer. I used their demon yellow on my bad moon space Orks, I liked the results. I used them as well on most of my skaven and it worked well enough for me.
    The AP washes are fine right out the bottle but, IMHO if u mix it 2-1 with water or whatever fancy flow agent you may use it turns out much smoother especially over metallics.
    I like the backstory you've come up with.
    I hope one day to see them in person, on the end of a spear!
    Looking forward to more

  4. Thanks for the advice, will give it a go on my next unit.

    These guys will never replace my beloved Skaven but it makes a nice change

  5. nice dwarfs, I like the different approach to them.

    1. Ta muchly, I need to get back to them at some point!