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Saturday, 2 November 2013

High Elves Up

My High Elves, yet again, mostly unpainted - D'OH!!!!!

The best High Elf Elites - because they're dead hard!

You c an tell how long these guys have been awaiting a paint job, they're undercoated white!!!!

Swordmasters 1

Swordmaster 2

Crew done, Bolt Thrower 0

I have loads of these somewhere, think they're in storage........................

Lots of work to be done on the Griffon

A boxed up mint condition Dragon Princes box? Don't mind if I do............................

And an Imrik???? Yes Please!!!!

My High Elf Tower - lush

and some Elven pillars

that are rather nice

A few others

and more again, such as a another unit of Silverhelms (the two un-opened blisters are the Champion and Standard Bearer)


  1. Wow u make me want to befriend you, gain your confidence, enter your will, and then cut your brake lines:)
    Lol just kidding
    High elves are my first love and your collection kicks ass.
    I would say get er painted but I would HATE to see that across the table from me at the next Oldhammer day.

  2. Ha ha, I have far too much to get painted, methinks I nerd to stop buying and concentrate on painting!

  3. I should probably mention this is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to Snickit's high elves. I assume the rest are safely stashed somewhere already.

  4. I sold a fair chunk back in the day. The Reavers you got me are in one of the many boxes of assorted stuff in my storage unit.

    Erny is the one that would probably get all of my stuff if I popped my clogs - no planning for mishaps Bro!