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Wednesday 1 March 2023

The Odds & Sods Oldhammer Painting Challenge - Month 6 - "Humble"

For February's "Humble" theme I've returned to my true WFB love - Skaven.

Yes I know it's obvious but Giant Rats on 20mm bases have been on my "get it done" list for a while now. All my previous Giant Rats were on 25mm bases as that's what they go on in 3rd Ed.

The extra Slaves were just because I could and as any Skaven Warlord will tell you, you can NEVER have too many Slaves!

Here's the blurb:

Pack Master Skweek looked contemptuously at his pets. He had bred these Giant Rats to be vicious and hungry. They were always ready for their next meal. They were also expendable, there were many more where they came from. It was what made them useful in battle. He knew they grew restless. A crack of his whip settled them down but he knew he must find them a meal soon or they would turn on him and his fellow Pack Masters. There were still several hours before they intended to strike the Dwarf-Things in battle and they would need to be fed before that.

His eyes settled upon a pack of Skavenslaves. He could smell the urine and faeces that covered their bodies, it was common among all Skavenslaves, they lived an existence of terror, knowing they were the lowest of the low in all Ratman Society. Knowing that made Skweek swell with pride, he was superior, they were inferior.

These Slaves had been sent to Clan Moulder by Clan Snickit to pay for their services, it barely covered the effort of leaving their burrow let alone fighting alongside Warlord Snickit in his war against the Dwarf-Things. The casket of Warpstone they delivered had done that. It was simply cheaper to leave the Slaves to Clan Moulder than to have them returned.

He turned to the Slaves and spoke:

“A glorious day-day has come for you filth-scum, today-day you find your greater purpose……………...”

He cracked the whip over his pets and they rushed at the Slaves, jumping on them, tearing them apart with teeth and claws and devouring them in a blur.
“Good-good” he thought “I’m safe-safe for now-now”.

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