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Monday, 17 January 2022

Battle on the Border

This game was put together and played in about two hours yesterday evening when Mrs. Snickit and Little Snickit had both gone off to bed. I considered doing some painting but decided to play a solo game instead. Please excuse the very poor photography, the lighting was poor and I'm not the best cameraman, sorry.

I decided to use my newly painted Orc army against my Imperial Dwarfs and used 4th for speed as I know the rules the best, reducing time wasted looking up rules (and yes I know I need to play a similar game using the rules for 3rd).

The game is supposed to represent a small Orc raiding party being challenged by a Dwarf border guard in the foothills of Kellok in the lands that lead to Karak Izor.

Here are the armies:


Dwarf Deployment.

The Bolt Throwers take to the high ground.

The Goblin Hunters form up alongside the Boar Spears to pour as many crossbow bolts into the Greenies as they can.

Bron and his Boar Spears rank up for combat.

Dugman and his Rangers also line up, there wasn't room to make a single line. I had planned to move them forward to make a long line but that plan fell apart for reasons you will see.

Orc and Goblin Deployment.

Gork's Stompaz deployed on the right to attack the "weaker" flank that just had Dugman's Rangers on it.

Further over Lagruk and his Maraudaz deployed to make their way forward to go toe to toe with the Boar Spears.

Skagrat's Stoopendus Stuntie Stabbaz were on the ledge to their left to head towards the Goblin Hunters to avenge their kind.

Da Squisha and Grubgut (with Ny'Jal) take up a good vantage point.

Gosh, I really need to sort that Dudes eyes out..............

The Orcs & Goblins got first turn.

Orc & Goblin Turn 1

The Orc turn began with an outbreak of animosity. Both Gork's Stompaz and Skagrat's Stoopendus Stunntie Stabbers suffered internal squabbling and didn't budge, Lagruk's Marauderz moved forward.

Grubgut ZZzzzapp started to tingle so he and his Power Familiar stepped backwards behind the Stone Thrower to reduce the quieten the noise building up in his brain (I realised I'd deployed him close to two units that would add to his Waaagh test, by moving him away from the Orcs that were moving forwards he reduced the jeopardy involved).

The whizzing lights and flashes starting to come out of Grubgut's facial openings only marginally distracted the crew of Da Squisha who landed a rock just in front of Bron's Boarspears, killing two.

Grubgut managed to control the power of the Waaagh and with a summoned Gork himself, a great big green hand reached down from on high and picked up his Stompaz. The massive Orcs stopped their infighting and started to cheer and gesticulate rudely at Dugman's Rangers as the great green hand of their deity placed them within charging distance of the crossbowmen. The Dwarfs failed their dispel but were relieved that they had received "Total Power" nullifying it's threat for at least a few turns.

Dwarf Turn 1.

The Dwarf line held position. Dugman's Rangers loaded their crossbows and let fly at Gork's Stompaz hoping to panic them but not a single Big'un fell. Noticing this disaster Bron Flaik ordered the Bolt Throwers to fire on the Big'uns also, but they only felled one. Dom Brikson, seasoned leader of the Goblin Hunters, lent his lads support too, felling another three Big'uns, but alas, this was not enough to force a panic test.

The Winds of Magic gifted 4 cards, the Dwarfs got two Power cards but the Orcs and Goblins only got two Dispel cards.

Orc and Goblin Turn 2

The the Stunntie Stabbers failed their animosity and promptly charged Lagruk's Marauders from behind. Skagrat, weilding his Sword of Might, killed one Orc, and the Stabbaz killed another two suggesting exactly how much the diminutive Greenskins disliked their oppresive cousins. The rather surprised Orcs fought back killing one Goblin.

Gork's Stompaz charged Dugman's Rangers screaming their battle cry of "stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp" (not very imaginative) losing one to crossbow fire as they closed in.

The Rock Lobber was off target.

In the combat between the Big'uns and the Rangers, Dugman issues a challenge to Dragnatz. The Orc strikes first but misses his attacks, in return Dugman parts Dragnatz' head from his shoulders, winning the challenge. The Bigun's all hit but caused no wounds. The Rangers bring down three Big'uns winning the combat but the Orc's hold.

Dwarf Turn 2

The Dwarf line holds firm again and let fly with their missiles.

The Goblin Hunters and Bolt Throwers kill five of Lagruk's Maraudaz who, beset from all sides, have had enough and panic past the jeering Stoopendus Stunntie Stabbaz.

Dugman and his Rangers kill three Big'uns for no loss, breaking them and even catching them and slaughtering them to an Orc. This proves even a basic Dwarf with a very big axe is a dangerous opponent as they were too much for the elite Orcs.

Grubgut tries to rescue a bad situation and summoned Gork once more to carry the Stoopendus Stunntie Stabbaz towards their foes.

Orc & Goblin Turn 3

Lagruk bashed heads and brought his Boyz back in line in time to see Skagrat and his Ladz charge the Boarspears in the front and a rock crash down onto a bolt thrower but doing no damage to either the warmachine nor the crew.

Lagruk knew the game was up well before the Goblins swung a weapon. Bron issues a challenge and strikes first due to the Master Rune of Swiftness. Skagrat didn't stand a chance, Bron's hand flail making a mess of Skagrat's head. Surprisingly the Goblins kill a single Dwarf but lose five in return and promptly turn tail only to be run down.

Grubgut fails to summon enough Waaagh energy to do anything.

Dwarf Turn 3

The Boarspears about face and head back to their starting position in disciplined ranks. The combined fire of the rest of the Dwarf army fells another four Orcs who, for their credit stand their ground but now there are no longer any units strong enough to power up Grubgutz.

A note is made in the Book of Grudges of Karak Izor for the deaths of three Dwarfs and a a veil is drawn over the debacle of the Orc and Goblin raid.

I'm going to give this game a second running in the next few weeks but I'll tweek the Orcs and Goblins. I'll swap the common Goblins for Night Goblins to benefit from hatred, add in a Fanatic and swap the Power Familiar for a 1st level Shamen. My biggest mistake was wanting to stick to my freshly painted models so went with common Goblins, I think Night Goblins would be a better bet. I may also swap the Big'uns for Trolls.

I think if the Orcs had been able to move on the turn they were charged by the Gobbos then the battle may of gone differently.

What do you think Dear Reader? Yes I know the Dwarfs massively benefit from hatred of the Orcs and Goblins but to be honest I forgot to re-roll missed attacks at least once and they never had to make a break test so it may not have played as big a part on the game as I thought. The other interesting flip could be to make the scenario a Break Through and make the Dwarfs the attackers.......................

Sunday, 9 January 2022

The 333pt 3rd Ed Painting Challenge - Month 3


December's offerings are complete, so now I'm back on track!

This month has a marginal cheat involved, the Stone Throwers were actually painted up earlier in year 2021 but I'm taking leaf of of Richard Legg's book here and including something pre-painted, in his case a unit of Chaos Warriors worth nearly 900 points, in my case two small Rock Throwers worth 85 points, I think mine may just marginally be the lesser crime. To be fair to me I had always intended on those Rock Lobbers being a part of this army, I just didn't get around to the rest of the army until now!

Anyhow, here's my December lot:

Gitsmasha's Little Smashas

Two Small Orc Lobbers with 3 Crew each with hand weapons and light armour (42.5 x 2 = 85pts)

These little beauties were used in the sacking of Stonebridge, the Dwarf settlement on the boarders of Hochland. Lagruk was impressed by them when he was led passed them by on his way to meet "Da Boss" but couldn't help thinking "could be bigger".

Gork's Stompaz

Gork's Stompas: 19 Big'Uns armed with hand weapons, wearing light armour and carrying shields. The unit has a Standard Bearer carrying a War Banner. (215pts)

Dragnatz: Orc Level 5 Hero with hand weapon, light armour and shield.

When Lagruk entered the remians of Stonebridge, led by Skagrat, they were challenged by an old Orc at the head of several bruisers. Many others of there type were marching through the streets, killing off any survivors of the attack. Skagrat took the scared old veteran side and had a brief chat with him.

Upon returning the Old Orc laughed and let The Maraudaz and the Grinnin' Moonz pass Skagrat lead them on towards the town centre.

Gork's Stompaz are members of the Grimskullz tribe, they're big, mean and very very green. Like all Grimskullz they're both superstitious and religious. They decorate their war gear blue (in Orcish circles blue is a lucky colour) and the Stompaz also depict the Green Moon (known as Morrslieb in the Empire) that they believe is a manifestation of the Great Green Gods. By depicting the Green Moon the Stompaz believe they are empowered by Gork himself.

The Stompaz leader is an old orc of many battles named Dragnatz. Dragnatz was once a high ranking leader in the Grimskullz tride but age has robbed him of some of his strength but he's still a wily old fighter, more than a match for the average Human. He as been afforded a place of honour, leading the Bosses own Guards.

Here's how the army stands now:

Phew! That's all caught up now.

Time to make a start on my "Gathering of Mighty Painters" pledge for the month before returning to the 333pt Painting Challenge for January's instalment for my final compulsory Rank & File selections that will make this a legal Orc & Goblin army under the rules of Warhammer Armies.

Thursday, 6 January 2022

The 333pt 3rd Ed Painting Challenge - Month 2

Here, finally, is my very late November offering for the 333pt 3rd Ed Painting Challenge (December should be posted up tomorrow, Monday at the latest..................)

Not gonna waste anytime and delve straight in, if you want outght explained then ask a question in the comments and I'll answer it but I think it's a fairly straight forward "block" of troops.

Grubgut ZZZZZaaaap!

Grubgut: Goblin Level 10 Shamen with a mace (58 pts)

Grubgut ZZZZZaaaap! is the Grinnin' Moonz hyperactive Shamen with a nervous twitch, often found making "herbal teas" to sooth his mood or alternative brews that have the total opposite effect.

The funny little fellow makes these brews from all manner of twigs, roots, herbs, fungi, small animals and bodily fluids/waste. They all get popped into a boiling cauldron, get stired with his mace handle and served up in a small clay drinking bowel produces from his furry little pants after sticking his hands into them and having a bit of rumage around. Never, under any circumstances, should you ever faccept a drink from Grubgut.

Grinnin Moonz and Jango Bob Update

Grinnin Moonz: + shields (11pts)

The idiots left their shields at home last time!


NB: I didn't have the points for these shields last month but have painted them up this month so I'm adding them in now as an "upgrade". Sadly I only have 11 of these shields but the "minimum of 50% armed with" rule means they can all count as having them so I've paid the points foir all 20 inclduing Jango Bob to have them.


Skagrats's Stoopendus Stunntie Stabbaz

Skagrat: Goblin Level 15 Hero with a double-handed weapon, hand weapon, javelins and heavy armour. (46pts)

Skagrats's Stoopendus Stunntie Stabbaz: 24 Goblins with spears, hand weapons, javelins, light armour and shields. The unit has a Standard Bearer & Musician. (125pts)

Da Loonies: 3 Goblin Fanatics with Ball & Chains. (90pts)

Shortly after meeting Grubgut at the Grinnin' Moonz Maraudaz camp, Lagruk noticed a plume of smoke rising in the distance.

"Wats Dat?" he asked.

"Ooooooo" said Jango Bob "Dats cumin from da Stunntie town".

"Stunties?" roared Lagruk, "lets go take a look".

As the fledgling Warband neared what was the Dwarf settlement of "Stone Bridge", near the Western borders of  Hochland, the way was bared by a rabble of Goblins on the outskirts of the now ruined town.

"Ooo're yooz?" asked one Goblin wearing far too much armour and holding a big sword.

"Ooo wants to kna?" replied Lagruk.

"We got ordaz from Da Boss, dis is our pickings, no trespassas" replied the Goblin.

"You what" bellowed Lagruk "I've had anuff of dis, chaaaaaarrrrggggeeeeee!"

"Let 'em have it" cried the Goblin (later identified to Lagruk as Skagrat).

Out of the rabbble span two crazed Gobbos, swinging ball & chains. They careened towards Lagruk and his Boyz but then, at the last minute veered off in different directions directions. They span this way and that until one went tottering back into the Goblins, another into the Maraudaz, spalttering brains and body parts everywhere, Skagrat bearly avoiding one of the a whirling balls of death himself.

They carried on spinning wildly span around until they creashed into each other, ending in a big sticky mess.

"You's got anymore of dem?" inquired Lagruk?

"Maybe" answered said Skagrat with little enthusiasm after his narrow escape from becoming a gooey pulp, "Wanna meet da Boss?".

Lagruk looked down at what used to be two of his Boyz, now just a green and black mush.

"Ummmmm, yeah gowon en" he replied.................................