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Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Snorta & Grunta

Here are my recently finished Boar Boyz, my offering for Orctober along with Faegit, my Orc Shamen, on his new Boar.

In 3rd Ed one unit will be Snortaz and the other will be Gruntaz, in 4th and 6th they'll both be Boar Boyz.

A Gathering of Mighty Painters - Month 7 - The Final Month

Running-Nose looked at Squatting-Troll the Shamen.

"You sure?" he asked.

"Yes Boss" replied Squatting-Troll, "Outside Big Boss come, he lead us to big battle, we kill many Gobbos".

Running-Nose smiled, the Blue Man Goop Tribe had been itching for a good scrap for ages. He watched as the large Orc army shambled into their Village.

The large Orc at it's head stoped and bellowed.

"I iz Gorfang Rotgut, Chieftan of da Redfang Orcs an I iz lukin fer Boyz wot iz up fer a scrap"

"Me iz Running-Nose, Chief of da Blue Man Goop, meez Boyz iz gud fytaz, mee seez da lotta Boyz yu av, meez boyz joinz youz so youz don't krump uz."

"Gud!" exclaimed Gorfang.

"Meez got Petz too" said Running-Nose, pointing towards the river beyond the village.

Gorfang was intrigued and walked with Running-Nose (and a large number of Orc Bodyguards) to the banks of the river.

Running-Nose stopped and, beating his chest" let out a loud call:


Gorfang watched as bubbles appeared on the surface of the river, three large heads broke the surface and gurgled at Running-Nose.

"Weez go huntin' now" said Running-Nose.

Three monsterous River Trolls emerged from the water, drippng with putrid slime.

"Oh yez" gleamed Gorfang, "dese will do nicely" rubbing his hand together.

Oh heck, I never did finish this post, I found it unposted on my blog admin page - D'oh!

Well here it is.

I should really have my thoughts about the challenge,

But it's so far past the end of the challenge now,

That it seems a bit pointless,

Or rather,

I can't be arsed, so,

I'll let you look at the "pretty" pictures instead,

and if you don't think they're pretty,

the you're probably right.

And here's the final army:

At some point I need to play out the final outcome of this - Gorfang Vs Skarsnick and when I do report back on the battle.

So this was heaps of fun to do and I will do another, but maybe not a full army painting challenge for a yea as I'm pretty burned out painting two such armies in a year.

Tuesday, 25 October 2022

The Odds & Sods Oldhammer Painting Challenge Month 2 - Heroes.

I have to be honest, Richard threw a curve ball in here by choosing Heroes. I was expecting another unit to paint AND I was planning to do something for Orctober. As a point of note, I'm not complaining at Richard's choice, it was a perfectly good one, but my painting doesn't really focus on individuals, I'm a believer in "everything counts in large amounts" so paint for mass impact through knocking out table top standard armies at an alarming rate.

My initial plan was to paint up Morglum Necksnapper on a Wyvern. I've wanted to "convert" this model up for years and had mixed emotions when Harry Howells beat me to it. I'd love him to show off his conversion at some point. It's an awesome sight but I was disappointed he beat me to it.

I have a spare Wyvern but got lazy and decided against it for now.

When I first envisaged this challenge it was about finishing off abandoned projects (which ironically Morglum on a Wyvern now is for me) so I decided to finish off an older project I'd already started a couple of years ago.

So here they are - Gotrek & Felix (and Gotrek & Felix).

I can't think of a more Heroic pair in GW history. These two don't lead a massive army and they aren't from epic origins. There's a disgraced Dwarf who happened upon a mighty runic axe and a merchant's son. They're outlaws who fight to defend the world that rejects them. Thanks to Bill King for creating favourite characters in GW History.

Now, the elephant in the room - why are there two sets?

I have two Dwarf Armies painted up, one is an Imperial Dwarf Army made up of Perry Imperial Dwarfs and Bood War Mini models that is my "main" Dwarf Army. I also have a second one, that's more 4th Ed made up of late 3rd Ed Marauder sculpts that were the models used for 4th Ed and Black Tree Design Dwarfs that...... ahem "more than typed a nod of the hat" to the Marauder Dwarf Range. These Dwarfs have more of a "Clan" feel to them. I decided to distinguish them by painting the Marauder/Black Tree army with Goblin Green base rims in the 4th Ed style. The Imperial Dwarfs had brown base rims in honour of Wayne England's Longbeards. Obviously this meant I HAD to paint up a pair for both armies to complement the base rims.

This also means I'm trying to get get consistency across both pairs (apart from the base rims) and that's how I circle back to being an "Army Painter" rather than an individual figure painter. I may not have painted up fantastic individual models but this pair of pairs should be, on the whole, consistent between both pairs.

Now a bit of fluff that I hope Mr. King will not be offended by, as he's the only author I accept penning tales of these two:

“Keep up Manling” the Slayer boomed, “We have to get to Karak Eight Peaks before that cursed Snotling fondler does”.

Felix breathed deeply, he really struggled with the mountain terrain but he knew the Slayer was right. It had been two days since they’d come across the Goblin Wolf Riders. Gotrek had fallen upon them and torn them apart. During the melee one of the Goblins had let slip that the local Night Goblin Warlord was amassing Greenskin mercenaries to bolster his following with a view to make an attack on Belegar and his defenders.

Knowing King Belegar’s numbers were low the Slayer and his human ally were rushing to their aid, praying they weren’t too late to bolster the defence and inform the King that he needed to be ready for the green tide to descend.

Having been to Eight Peaks before they knew the defenders had occupied one of the many outlying keeps to the main city and they raced against time to arrive before the siege began.

“If there’s one thing I hate more than Night Goblins it’s Night Goblin Warlords who shave off Dwarf beards to humiliate them” bellowed Gotrek, “and I will not let that damned spawn of the thrice accursed Green Gods wipe out my Kin”.

The Odds & Sods Oldhammer Painting Challenge Month 1 - The Humble Infantry.

Presenting the Fredericksburg Militia - the Seahawks. Erzatsolder in 3rd Ed, Spearmen in later editions.

This particular Fredericksburg (a popular settlement name in the Empire) is situated a short distance inland from the Nordland coast. The local Count, Albrecht Von Frederick is an aged man who, whilst he maintains a Knightly Bodyguard, uses a Militia to guard the town to save his coin. The town is a typical Empire frontier town, protected by a wooden stockade rather than a proper stone wall.

The Seahawks guard the town, and the coast, from invaders from the North and the dark woods to the south. Whilst not exceptionally skilled fighting men the Old Count does insist on the Sergeant, Heinze Nuln, ensuring there are plenty of bodies within Nuln's spearmen's ranks.

Monday, 20 June 2022

A Gathering of Mighty Painters Month 6

"Five shinies on da Wyvern" said Gladruk.

"Nah, da Spider is clevera" bleated Grotslik.

"Shaddup bowf ov ya" shouted Gorfang.

They'd come across the Greenskin Shamen rather unexpectedly. The two were locked in combat, a crazed Goblin riding a Gigantic Spider and an Orc riding a mighty Wyvern that made the arachnid look like a mouse.

There should be no contest but the Goblin just wouldn't give up. Even as they watched on the Spider climbed a rock spire and scuttled along under an overhang. The Wyvern flew under the overhang searching for it prey. All of a sudden the Spider leapt down onto the Wyvern's head and held it's mouth shut with some of it's legs whilst the rest legs wrapped a web around it's mighty jaws. The Goblin, clinging on for dear life, looked up at the Orc and cackled maniacally.

The Orc made a guttural raw and tried smacking the diminutive greenskin with a grinning marotte and the Wyvern shock it's neck side to side trying to lose the Spider. Then, with a violent jerk, the Wyvern sent the Spider and it's gibbering rider flying off towards where Gorfang and his Boyz sat on the ridge of the valley.

Shortly after landing in a crumpled pile the Goblin stood up, the Spider limped away behind him. He started to twitch and then he started to convulse and green lightning shot out of his nose. He looked up, and saw Gorfang's growing horde, and smiled.

He started to chant something, turned around and beckoned to the sky. Green clouds materialised above the Orc on his Wyvern and a great green foot descended.

The Goblin held up his hand and the foot stopped.

"Ad enuff yet Wazgob?" he shouted.

"I'm gonna zoggin' kill ya Narflung" screamed the Orc.

"I gave ya a chanz" Narflung replied.

He pulled back his arm and flung it forward and with that the giant green foot pulled itself back and then kicked forward, booting the Wyvern out of the sky.

The Orc got up from where he and the Wyvern had landed. He put his hands on his knees and breathed in and out heavily.

"Old up ya Snotlin' Fiddla, me an Skreacha needz a breeva".

From behind the Golblin Gorfang began clapping.

"Ow yeaz" Gorfang said."Ave I got an oppatoonity for youz two"..............................................

The penultimate month of the inaugural GOMP (Gathering of Mighty Painters) called for Characters to be painted and as I've already painted Gorfang (My General) I painted two of my three Shamen from the list I typed up before the challenge began.

It's not the first time I've painted this Wyvern rider but I've always felt I could do better and as I had a second on lurking in the lead pile I thought this was a great opportunity to have another go whilst still having one painted should I need one for gaming (as it was I didn't, but if I hadn't of I would of). I think it shows a marked improvement in my painting, brighter colour use, highlighting (yup, historically I didn't because I don't see the whole "where the light would be shining thing", yes it sounds daft but I simply don't see it) and being a bit bolder

Next up is a 3rd Ed Marauder Spider Rider that was still available in 4th. I have the Hero to paint up too and am very excited at the prospect. These are two of the stand out cool minis from a truly awesome line of Orc and Goblin models. I'm excited to finally be putting paint on these guys, starting with the Shamen. I'm intrigued to know if he was based on Keith Richards.

So, onto the last month's painting before I jump into BOYL Prep.

Monday, 6 June 2022

The 333pt 3rd Ed Painting Challenge - Month 9 - The Final Installment

 "Where iz e?" bellowed Gargrim "Where is Da Proffit?"

"Nah idea Boss" replied Lurg.

"E's da wun wot sed wez culd do dis an nah e's zogged off" 

"Nah I ain't" said a voice from behind Gargrim.

The Warlord spun on his feet to see the Shamen astride a warboar.

"Where da zog ave ya bin ya daft old koot?" demanded Gargrim.

"Ere an dere, bildin yer power" said the Shamen as he got down off his boar.

"WHAT?" screamed the Orc Warlord "Ya sed we wuz ready wiv da Ladz from da East"

"Nah, I sed wez needed dem, not dat yous would be ready ta take Karak Izor" replied the Shamen.

"FAEGIT!" The Warlord exploded "WAT CHU TAWKIN BOUT?"

"I went to find dez ladz" the Shamen explained.

From out of the trees a bunch of Orc Arrer Boyz stepped forth.

"Dey iz from da Bonekraka tribe, dey will lead uz Sauff, across da mountains to da rest a dere tribe, dere youz will join wiv da Bonekrakaz an tugeva wez will strike at Karak Izor".

"An ow long iz dat gonna tayke?" asked Gargrim.

"It wiwl tayke az lon az it taykz" answered Faegit "Wez ready ta go wen youz iz"

"At last" said Gargrim "Da Horde goes sauff togeva - MOVE OWT!"

Faegit da Proffit

Faegit da Proffit: Orc Level 15 Shamen armed with a sword and riding a war boar (179 pts)

Faegit is an odddball. He often dances around flapping his cloak whilst whooping, hollering and making whistling noises before making audacious claims about the future. The truth is he's a charlatan, more lucky with generic comments than accurately predicting the future.

He's risen to power within the Grimskullz tribe by massaging the Chieftan's ego and promising him that he'll crush the legendary Dwarf fortress of Karak Izor but always he maintains they need more troops.......................

Da Bushwaka Boyz & Da Humie Huntaz

Da Bushwaka Boyz: 10 Arrer Boyz armed with bows and hand weapons, They wear light armour and carry shields (105 pts)

Da Humie Huntaz: 10 Arrer Boyz armed with bows and hand weapons, They wear light armour and carry shields (105 pts)

These Orc Skirmishers are members of the Bonekraka tribe who originate from southern Bretonnia but since have migrated south west through the mountains and ended up in the northern Border Princes where they came across the Grimskullz shamen Faegit. The Shamen was beaten down and was about to be killed when he mentioned their plan to attack Karak Izor. The Bonekraka's leadership saw the wisdom in an alliance and so Faegit was spared. He returned to the Grimskullz tribe and convinced his Chieftan, Gargrim, to take the tribe North to find more add extra muscle to the tribe. In reality this was a stalling tactic on Faegit's part. He didn't actually want the attack to happen , the promise of the attack was how he kept himself alive. The Bonekraka leadership sent Da Bushwaka Boyz and Da Humie Huntaz to track the Grimskullz and bring Faegit back. The stealthy Orcs came on the Shamen whilst he was out picking fungus and "convinced" him to bring the Grimskullz back down south.

Time is drawing near for Faegit to deliver......................

It's the final instalment of the 333pt 3rd Ed Painting Challenge and it's been tough as I've also taken on the Gathering of Mighty Painters Challenge too at the same time. It was brave but I've achieved a great result I feel on the 333 and almost there on the Gathering (two months to go).

This month I wanted to add a Shamen and some Orc skirmishers. I've been banging on about "Da Proffit" for a few months now so I felt I couldn't close without him making an appearance. I always had this model in mind and I've always known I wanted to mount him on a boar since I saw the very same idea on the back of a 3rd Ed era White Dwarf (it could of been the Orc Hoard of either Rick Priestley or Kev Adams, not sure). I'm really pleased with how he's turned out but he may need some extra symbols on his cloak. The boar however is temporary.

The boar he will end up on is a barded one that I've got coming on a Kick Starter from OSM. The boar he's on is from the same Ewal Dvergar range from Clam. I got a handful from Clam a few years ago to see if they would fit the Orcs I planned putting on them but Brexit and the Covid outbreak shot that plan down. Then it got resurrected when Clam and OSM struck a deal to bring the range back to the masses. I'm excited for my vision to come to fruition.

So, here's the finished army.

Gargrim Grimskull - Da Gitsmasha!: Orc Level 25 General (196 pts)
Magical double-handed flail (Fire), crossbow, hand weapon, heavy armour, Protective Symbols.
Bardrog Bigtoof: Orc Level 5 Army Battle Standard Bearer (86 pts)
Hand weapon, light armour, shield.
Faegit Da Profit: Orc Level 15 Shamen (179 pts)
Hand weapon, war boar.
Toad Wart: Level 10 Goblin Shamen (58 pts)
Hand weapon.
Grubgut ZZzzzapp: Goblin Level 10 Shamen (58 pts)
Hand weapon.
Gork's Stompaz: 19 Big'uns with Standard Bearer (215 pts)
Hand weapons, light armour, shields, Warbanner.
Dragnatz: Orc Level 5 Champion of Gork's Stompaz (36 pts)
Sword, light armour, shield.
Da 'Ed Taykaz: 19 Orc Boyz with Standard Bearer (210 pts)
Double-handed axes, hand weapons, light armour, shields.
Ugluk Da Choppa: Orc Level 10 Champion of Da' Ed Taykaz (66 pts)
Double-handed axe, hand weapon, light armnour, shield.
Lagruk's Maraudaz: 19 Orc Boyz with Standard Bearer (170 pts)
Hand weapons, light armour, shields.
Lagruk: Orc Level 10 Champion of Lagruk's Maraudaz (64 pts)
Hand weapon, light armour, shield.
Da Ded Shootie Firin' Skwad: 19 Arrer Boyz with Standard Bearer (230 pts)
Crossbows, hand weapons, light armour.
Lurg: Orc Level 5 Champion of Da Ded Shootie Firin' Squad (39 pts)
Crossbow, two hand weapons, light armour.
Da Bushwaka Boyz: 10 Orc Arrer Boyz (105 pts)
Bows, hand weapons, light armour, shields.
Da Humie Huntaz: 10 Orc Arrer Boyz (105 pts)
Bows, hand weapons, light armour, shields.
Da Grinnin Moonz: 19 Stikkas with Standard Bearer (80 pts)
Shortbows, hand weapons, shields.
Jango Bob: Goblin Level 10 Champion of Da Grinnin Moonz (30 pts)
Shortbow, hand weapon, shield.
Skagrat's Stoopendus Stunntie Stabbaz: 24 Gobbos with Standard Bearer (125 pts)
Spears, javelins, hand weapons, light armour, shields.
Skagrat: Goblin Level 15 Hero (46 pts)
Double-handed weapon, hand weapon, javelins, heavy armour.
Da Loonies: 3 Goblin Fanatics (90 pts)
Ball & Chain.
Da Dung Ones: 4 Trolls (260 pts)
Big clubs.
Da Skewara: Bolt Thrower with 3 Orc Crew (46.5 pts)
Hand weapons.
Da Spitta: Bolt Thrower with 3 Orc Crew (46.5 pts)
Hand weapons.
Da Krumpa: Stone Thrower with 4 Orc Crew (62 pts)
Hand weapons.
Da Krusha: Stone Thrower with 4 Orc Crew (62 pts)
Hand weapons.
Da Skwasha: Stone Thrower with 3 Orc Crew (42.5 pts)
Hand weapons, light armour.
Da Skwisha: Stone Thrower with 3 Orc Crew (42.5 pts)
Hand weapons, light armour.
Grumblebert Rumpystink: Giant (250 pts)
Huge Club.
Army Total = 3000 pts

After painting 6000 points of Greenies in nine months I need a rest from Army Painting...................... which will happen after BOYL. That doesn't mean there won't be a painting challenge next year though, oh no no no, myself and Mr Legg have the spark of a different idea.........................