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Monday, 20 June 2022

A Gathering of Mighty Painters Month 6

"Five shinies on da Wyvern" said Gladruk.

"Nah, da Spider is clevera" bleated Grotslik.

"Shaddup bowf ov ya" shouted Gorfang.

They'd come across the Greenskin Shamen rather unexpectedly. The two were locked in combat, a crazed Goblin riding a Gigantic Spider and an Orc riding a mighty Wyvern that made the arachnid look like a mouse.

There should be no contest but the Goblin just wouldn't give up. Even as they watched on the Spider climbed a rock spire and scuttled along under an overhang. The Wyvern flew under the overhang searching for it prey. All of a sudden the Spider leapt down onto the Wyvern's head and held it's mouth shut with some of it's legs whilst the rest legs wrapped a web around it's mighty jaws. The Goblin, clinging on for dear life, looked up at the Orc and cackled maniacally.

The Orc made a guttural raw and tried smacking the diminutive greenskin with a grinning marotte and the Wyvern shock it's neck side to side trying to lose the Spider. Then, with a violent jerk, the Wyvern sent the Spider and it's gibbering rider flying off towards where Gorfang and his Boyz sat on the ridge of the valley.

Shortly after landing in a crumpled pile the Goblin stood up, the Spider limped away behind him. He started to twitch and then he started to convulse and green lightning shot out of his nose. He looked up, and saw Gorfang's growing horde, and smiled.

He started to chant something, turned around and beckoned to the sky. Green clouds materialised above the Orc on his Wyvern and a great green foot descended.

The Goblin held up his hand and the foot stopped.

"Ad enuff yet Wazgob?" he shouted.

"I'm gonna zoggin' kill ya Narflung" screamed the Orc.

"I gave ya a chanz" Narflung replied.

He pulled back his arm and flung it forward and with that the giant green foot pulled itself back and then kicked forward, booting the Wyvern out of the sky.

The Orc got up from where he and the Wyvern had landed. He put his hands on his knees and breathed in and out heavily.

"Old up ya Snotlin' Fiddla, me an Skreacha needz a breeva".

From behind the Golblin Gorfang began clapping.

"Ow yeaz" Gorfang said."Ave I got an oppatoonity for youz two"..............................................

The penultimate month of the inaugural GOMP (Gathering of Mighty Painters) called for Characters to be painted and as I've already painted Gorfang (My General) I painted two of my three Shamen from the list I typed up before the challenge began.

It's not the first time I've painted this Wyvern rider but I've always felt I could do better and as I had a second on lurking in the lead pile I thought this was a great opportunity to have another go whilst still having one painted should I need one for gaming (as it was I didn't, but if I hadn't of I would of). I think it shows a marked improvement in my painting, brighter colour use, highlighting (yup, historically I didn't because I don't see the whole "where the light would be shining thing", yes it sounds daft but I simply don't see it) and being a bit bolder

Next up is a 3rd Ed Marauder Spider Rider that was still available in 4th. I have the Hero to paint up too and am very excited at the prospect. These are two of the stand out cool minis from a truly awesome line of Orc and Goblin models. I'm excited to finally be putting paint on these guys, starting with the Shamen. I'm intrigued to know if he was based on Keith Richards.

So, onto the last month's painting before I jump into BOYL Prep.

Monday, 6 June 2022

The 333pt 3rd Ed Painting Challenge - Month 9 - The Final Installment

 "Where iz e?" bellowed Gargrim "Where is Da Proffit?"

"Nah idea Boss" replied Lurg.

"E's da wun wot sed wez culd do dis an nah e's zogged off" 

"Nah I ain't" said a voice from behind Gargrim.

The Warlord spun on his feet to see the Shamen astride a warboar.

"Where da zog ave ya bin ya daft old koot?" demanded Gargrim.

"Ere an dere, bildin yer power" said the Shamen as he got down off his boar.

"WHAT?" screamed the Orc Warlord "Ya sed we wuz ready wiv da Ladz from da East"

"Nah, I sed wez needed dem, not dat yous would be ready ta take Karak Izor" replied the Shamen.

"FAEGIT!" The Warlord exploded "WAT CHU TAWKIN BOUT?"

"I went to find dez ladz" the Shamen explained.

From out of the trees a bunch of Orc Arrer Boyz stepped forth.

"Dey iz from da Bonekraka tribe, dey will lead uz Sauff, across da mountains to da rest a dere tribe, dere youz will join wiv da Bonekrakaz an tugeva wez will strike at Karak Izor".

"An ow long iz dat gonna tayke?" asked Gargrim.

"It wiwl tayke az lon az it taykz" answered Faegit "Wez ready ta go wen youz iz"

"At last" said Gargrim "Da Horde goes sauff togeva - MOVE OWT!"

Faegit da Proffit

Faegit da Proffit: Orc Level 15 Shamen armed with a sword and riding a war boar (179 pts)

Faegit is an odddball. He often dances around flapping his cloak whilst whooping, hollering and making whistling noises before making audacious claims about the future. The truth is he's a charlatan, more lucky with generic comments than accurately predicting the future.

He's risen to power within the Grimskullz tribe by massaging the Chieftan's ego and promising him that he'll crush the legendary Dwarf fortress of Karak Izor but always he maintains they need more troops.......................

Da Bushwaka Boyz & Da Humie Huntaz

Da Bushwaka Boyz: 10 Arrer Boyz armed with bows and hand weapons, They wear light armour and carry shields (105 pts)

Da Humie Huntaz: 10 Arrer Boyz armed with bows and hand weapons, They wear light armour and carry shields (105 pts)

These Orc Skirmishers are members of the Bonekraka tribe who originate from southern Bretonnia but since have migrated south west through the mountains and ended up in the northern Border Princes where they came across the Grimskullz shamen Faegit. The Shamen was beaten down and was about to be killed when he mentioned their plan to attack Karak Izor. The Bonekraka's leadership saw the wisdom in an alliance and so Faegit was spared. He returned to the Grimskullz tribe and convinced his Chieftan, Gargrim, to take the tribe North to find more add extra muscle to the tribe. In reality this was a stalling tactic on Faegit's part. He didn't actually want the attack to happen , the promise of the attack was how he kept himself alive. The Bonekraka leadership sent Da Bushwaka Boyz and Da Humie Huntaz to track the Grimskullz and bring Faegit back. The stealthy Orcs came on the Shamen whilst he was out picking fungus and "convinced" him to bring the Grimskullz back down south.

Time is drawing near for Faegit to deliver......................

It's the final instalment of the 333pt 3rd Ed Painting Challenge and it's been tough as I've also taken on the Gathering of Mighty Painters Challenge too at the same time. It was brave but I've achieved a great result I feel on the 333 and almost there on the Gathering (two months to go).

This month I wanted to add a Shamen and some Orc skirmishers. I've been banging on about "Da Proffit" for a few months now so I felt I couldn't close without him making an appearance. I always had this model in mind and I've always known I wanted to mount him on a boar since I saw the very same idea on the back of a 3rd Ed era White Dwarf (it could of been the Orc Hoard of either Rick Priestley or Kev Adams, not sure). I'm really pleased with how he's turned out but he may need some extra symbols on his cloak. The boar however is temporary.

The boar he will end up on is a barded one that I've got coming on a Kick Starter from OSM. The boar he's on is from the same Ewal Dvergar range from Clam. I got a handful from Clam a few years ago to see if they would fit the Orcs I planned putting on them but Brexit and the Covid outbreak shot that plan down. Then it got resurrected when Clam and OSM struck a deal to bring the range back to the masses. I'm excited for my vision to come to fruition.

So, here's the finished army.

Gargrim Grimskull - Da Gitsmasha!: Orc Level 25 General (196 pts)
Magical double-handed flail (Fire), crossbow, hand weapon, heavy armour, Protective Symbols.
Bardrog Bigtoof: Orc Level 5 Army Battle Standard Bearer (86 pts)
Hand weapon, light armour, shield.
Faegit Da Profit: Orc Level 15 Shamen (179 pts)
Hand weapon, war boar.
Toad Wart: Level 10 Goblin Shamen (58 pts)
Hand weapon.
Grubgut ZZzzzapp: Goblin Level 10 Shamen (58 pts)
Hand weapon.
Gork's Stompaz: 19 Big'uns with Standard Bearer (215 pts)
Hand weapons, light armour, shields, Warbanner.
Dragnatz: Orc Level 5 Champion of Gork's Stompaz (36 pts)
Sword, light armour, shield.
Da 'Ed Taykaz: 19 Orc Boyz with Standard Bearer (210 pts)
Double-handed axes, hand weapons, light armour, shields.
Ugluk Da Choppa: Orc Level 10 Champion of Da' Ed Taykaz (66 pts)
Double-handed axe, hand weapon, light armnour, shield.
Lagruk's Maraudaz: 19 Orc Boyz with Standard Bearer (170 pts)
Hand weapons, light armour, shields.
Lagruk: Orc Level 10 Champion of Lagruk's Maraudaz (64 pts)
Hand weapon, light armour, shield.
Da Ded Shootie Firin' Skwad: 19 Arrer Boyz with Standard Bearer (230 pts)
Crossbows, hand weapons, light armour.
Lurg: Orc Level 5 Champion of Da Ded Shootie Firin' Squad (39 pts)
Crossbow, two hand weapons, light armour.
Da Bushwaka Boyz: 10 Orc Arrer Boyz (105 pts)
Bows, hand weapons, light armour, shields.
Da Humie Huntaz: 10 Orc Arrer Boyz (105 pts)
Bows, hand weapons, light armour, shields.
Da Grinnin Moonz: 19 Stikkas with Standard Bearer (80 pts)
Shortbows, hand weapons, shields.
Jango Bob: Goblin Level 10 Champion of Da Grinnin Moonz (30 pts)
Shortbow, hand weapon, shield.
Skagrat's Stoopendus Stunntie Stabbaz: 24 Gobbos with Standard Bearer (125 pts)
Spears, javelins, hand weapons, light armour, shields.
Skagrat: Goblin Level 15 Hero (46 pts)
Double-handed weapon, hand weapon, javelins, heavy armour.
Da Loonies: 3 Goblin Fanatics (90 pts)
Ball & Chain.
Da Dung Ones: 4 Trolls (260 pts)
Big clubs.
Da Skewara: Bolt Thrower with 3 Orc Crew (46.5 pts)
Hand weapons.
Da Spitta: Bolt Thrower with 3 Orc Crew (46.5 pts)
Hand weapons.
Da Krumpa: Stone Thrower with 4 Orc Crew (62 pts)
Hand weapons.
Da Krusha: Stone Thrower with 4 Orc Crew (62 pts)
Hand weapons.
Da Skwasha: Stone Thrower with 3 Orc Crew (42.5 pts)
Hand weapons, light armour.
Da Skwisha: Stone Thrower with 3 Orc Crew (42.5 pts)
Hand weapons, light armour.
Grumblebert Rumpystink: Giant (250 pts)
Huge Club.
Army Total = 3000 pts

After painting 6000 points of Greenies in nine months I need a rest from Army Painting...................... which will happen after BOYL. That doesn't mean there won't be a painting challenge next year though, oh no no no, myself and Mr Legg have the spark of a different idea.........................

Tuesday, 31 May 2022

The 333pt 3rd Edition Painting Challenge - Month 8

Ugluk sniggered.

He was having fun.

His Boyz were having fun.

They were doing what they were good at, lopping off heads.

Gargrim had ordered them to execute the remaining prisoners from the attack on the Dwarf settlement of Stonebridge and they were carrying out their orders with glee.

Many Dwarf corpses and chopped off heads were strewn all over the ground.

"UGLUK!" he heard Grimblebert bellow "TIME TO GO".

It wasn't uncommon, Gargrim often used the Giant to bellow out his orders.

The last Dwarf has held in front of him by his Boyz, head held back by his hair.

"Da ya fink yous is lucky?" he asked the Dwarf.

The Dwarf spat in his face and screamed "KILL ME FILTH".

Ugluk licked the Dwarf's spit from his face, leaned forward and whispered into the Dwarfs ear "oh no stuntie scum, I have a much worse fate planned for you".

At his nod one of his Boyz brought his axe shaft down on the Dwarf's head, knocking him unconscious.

When Durik Brokson awoke he screamed with pain, he was staked to the ground with heavy metal nails through his arms and legs. The Orcs had stripped him naked and shaven his hair and beard off. He lay there, surrounded by the heads and bodies of his Clan.................. he sobbed.................... and screamed with pain and rage and swore vengeance on those that had killed his Clan, ravaged his home and brought eternal shame on him.

Ugluk Da Choppa and Da 'Ead Takaz

Ugluk Da Choppa is a nasty piece of work. He's not the tallest of Orcs but he's cunning and vicious and other Orcs respect him because of it (a rare commodity amongst Orcs). Gargrim has placed the fighting Orcs of his tribe under Ugluk's command - Da 'Ead Takaz

Da 'Ead Takaz are so named because they delight in beheading their opponents with the big two handed Orc axes they are armed with. Not only do they enjoy cutting necks but they also love to chop down trees, especially when they know it'll upset Elves.

Da 'Ead Takaz - 19 Orc Boyz armed with double-handed axes and hand weapons. They wear light armour and carry shields. The unit includes a Standard Bearer (210 pts).

Ugluk Da Choppa - Orc Level 10 Hero armed with a double-handed axe and a hand weapon. He wears light armour and carries a shield (66 pts).

I almost stripped and repainted my set of Ruglud's Armoured Orcs but instead decided to go with something a little different. I've continued the contentious blue colour scheme of my Grimskullz Clan on these guys and I'm still of the opinion it looks snazzy. I also suspect the choice to mostly use just two models for the majority of the unit will raise a few eyebrows and draw some disapproval but I hope the majority will look on them favourably.

This is the penultimate instalment for my challenge and I decided I needed to add more Orc Boyz to bulk the army out. The double-handed weapons help to "swing" the odds in their favour.

Next month the challenge wraps up with..................... well, you'll just have to wait and see won't you?

Sunday, 22 May 2022

A Gathering of Mighty Painters Month 5

Gorfang Rotgut glared at the Goblin.

"What makes ya fink I wantz yer elp?" He growled.

"Well Boss, I can call you Boss right?" said the Gobbo "We is dead aard n dere's lots ov me ladz n wez can elps ya beat dat git wot youz iz gunna crump".

"Haw haw haw haw" laughed Gorfang "Yer puny and yer scared ov yer own shada."

Grotslik Wartnibble looked up into the big Orc's face and said "Tell ya what, we'ze'll be da furst wave, we can go and qipes dem owt n den all youz ave ta do iz mop up wat's left."

"You wantz ta be da furst attak?" smiled Gorfang. "Against Night Gobbos?".

"Yes" Grotslik nodded.

"You eva scrap wiv Night Gobbos before?" enquired Gorfang.

"No" said Grotslik."Just one question"

"Wat?" asked Gorfang.

"Wat's da difference between Goboz n Night Goboz?"

"Ummmmm, dey wear dresses" replied Gorfang.

"Oh well" said Grotslik confidently, "We'll 'ave a smashing time!"

"U can say dat again" thought Gorfang smiling to himself. 

 Grotslik's Gibbering Jabbers.

The requirement for Month 5 of "A Gathering of Mighty Painters" was for a Regiment and as I was lacking any Gobbo regiments I went for my pledged Gobbo Spears. This unit may not be exciting but it certainly is nostalgic of 4th Ed.

Often as I paint a unit I try to come up with a name and even a background if I'm feeling particularly inspired. The name for these little chaps fell into place when I settled upon the shields they would be using. For aesthetic reasons I had to use the shields these symbols of 4th Ed came with and as my brain likes painting in repetition I decided to use a single design.

When I sorted through my shields I found two designs I had the most of. One was a wolf head and the other was a goblins head. Originally I had planned to use the wolf head designs for my 4th Ed Wolf Riders but I really wasn't keen on the goblin head shield, however, as I started to paint the unit I started thinking of the Green Goblin of Spiderman fame and I started cackling maniacally and then my brain went to the DC's Joker and I realised that the grinning goblin motif worked.

Grotslik's Gibbering Jabbers were born.

Next month is Characters and I can't wait to see what my fellow painters have planned.

Tuesday, 3 May 2022

A Gathering of Mighty Painters Month 4

Grumblebert Rumpystink had been walking for days. He'd left Gorgrim's Boyz behind because he was bored of attacking Karak Izor and getting nowhere. He needed a new challenge.

On the otherside of the big hill Gorfang Rotgut led his slowly growing band of followers ever onwards. He was desperate to find more strength to attack Skarsnik. Sadly, he felt he was running out of time.

Just then Rumpystink lumbered around the hill.

Gorfang looked up........................................ and up................................ and up............................ and then up some more.

Oh yer!" exclaimed Gorfang "You'll do nicely!".

Month 4 of the "Gathering of Mighty Painters Challenge" was to paint a Monster. Now strictly speaking a Giant isn't a Monsterbut he does fulfil much the same function and I cleared it with the "powers that be" who ruled that a Giant was fine to substitute in.

Luckily he's also been a good gap bridger between my two current projects, saving me a little painting time as I could reasonably use him for both.

As I'm sure people are getting bored of my spamming them with my Giant by now I'll keep the pics to a minimum.

Below is the full 4th Ed Army being painted for the "Gathering" so far.

A Gathering of Mighty Painters Month 3

Badruk was getting annoyed. He couldn't get into that old Dwarf Fort, those runty Gobbos were stopping him, the walls were just too thick and they did nothing if you hit them with a good axe.

Someone coughed behind him.

Badruk spun around, axe raised. A tall Orc stood there. He looked tough, but he was still only an Orc thought the old Black Orc.

"I can 'elp you gets in dere" said the Orc.

"What's in it fer yous?" asked Badruk, "I ain't sharin what's in dere".

"I is Gorfang Rotgut" said the Orc, "I is da Chieftan of Da Red Fang, an if I get's you in dere den you owe me your axes and da axes ov yer Boyz in a scrap".

"Oh well" said Badruk "Why didnt's ya say dat, we loves a good scrap, wez in".

Gorfang grinned and turned to walk away screaming "Bring up da Doom Divaz".

As he watched the Orc walk away Badruk considered the title "Badruk, Chieftan of Da Redfang" and thought it had a nice ring to it.

The challenge for Month 3 of "A Gathering of Mighty Painters" was to paint up a unit. I selected a unit of Black Orcs armed with double-handed weapons. Not all of my models had double-handed weapons but I ensured that at least 50% did to comply with the rules, if I paint up a couple more with additional hand weapons then I can tailor the unit to use either by switching a couple of models to ensure the right balance needed.

It's not a big unit (lord knows these metal Black Orcs cost a fortune these days) but should still hit like a sledgehammer.  I can see these guys maybe being a flank charge unit once a big unit is engaged with some Boyz.

Monday, 2 May 2022

The 333pt 3rd Ed Painting Challenge - Month 7

 "Grumblebert!" shouted Bardrog Bigtoof, Banner Bearer of Da Gitsmasha, "GRUMBLEBERT!!!"

The Giant continued to snore.

"GRUMBLEBERT YA DUNG EATER, WAKE UP!" shouted Bardrog and prodded the Giant's knackers with his cleaver.

The Giant turned over and broke wind.

Bardrog was blown over by the foul gust that made even this vile excuse for an Orc's eyes water. By the Great Green Gods that stunk worse than Madrug did when he'd been sleeping with his boars thought Bardrog. He got himself up and shuffled around the Giant to his nose, where upon he grabbed some snot encrusted nostril hair and pulled with all his might.

"ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Grumblebert, sitting up a start. "WHO DID THAT?" he bellowed.

"Down ere" exclaimed Bardrog, waving his banner to get Grumblebert's attention. "Boss says weez on da move back daan sauff to smash da Stunties".


OK, the banner is crude and simple but I'm not great with banners so for now it'll do, I can always replace it further down the line. I hadn't planned an Army Banner Bearer but with basic equipment a level 5 Orc with and Army Standard fits nicely with a Giant's 250 points to come to just over 333 points, perfect!

Bardrog Bigtoof

Bardrog Bigtoof: Orc level 5 Hero armed with a hand weapon, wearing light armour and carrying a shield and an Army Standard (86 pts).

Bardrog is a wretch of an Orc, he's mishappen and bitter, Gargrim sees him as a servant and a toady bootlicker that he doesn't trust to lead any Boyz. He lets him carry the Army Banner and feels he should be grateful for that. To Gargrim's face Bardrog is subservient and fawning, very un-orc like. Behind his back Bardrog hates Gargrim but is far to frightened of his master to disobey him. That is not to say Bardrog is weak and feeble, far from it, many a foe has underestimated him and ended up on the receiving end of his cleaver.

One of the reasons no one else has taken out Bardrog so far is his "friendship" with Grumblebert Rumpystink. In truth Bardrog hates the Giant too but he's far too cunning and manipulative to let that get in the way of letting Grumblebert protect him.

Grumblebert Rumpystink

Grumblebert Rumpystink: Giant armed with a tree trunk (250 pts).

Grumblebert Rumpystink is well named. The flatulent Giant is never happy. He feels Bardrog Bigtoof as a kindred spirit. Both are visibly "different" to the other Ladz and have to deal with bullies. Luckily Grumblebert can squish or eat anyone that abuses him and he won't let anyone bully Bardrog either. The closest Grumblebert comes to happiness is when he gets inebriated, but even this doesn't help much as he's a terribly morose drunk.